Code Geass: Lost Stories Tier List – The Best Selections in January 2024

With the Code Geass: Lost Stories tier list provided here, you can now learn about the best pilots, which are the strongest ones that give you a chance to win any battle, along with the pilots that are not suitable for your gameplay. But before getting into the tier list, let us explain about this game. It is a strategy game that is about rebellions against an empire. The game is full of battles that are hard to conquer, but with the right use of the strongest pilots, you will be victorious all the time. So hop into this Code Geass: Lost Stories tier list and earn massive victories. 

Code Geass: Lost Stories tier list

A Code Geass: Lost Stories beginner like you do not know how important it is to have the best pilots. But hear us out; when you know to choose the best pilots in your gameplay, you can defeat the foes within just a short time. As we brought you a Code Geass: Lost Stories tier list, including the best to worst pilots; use this Code Geass: Lost Stories tier list and enhance your gameplay by choosing the best selections. 

Code Geass: Lost Stories Tier List

Okay, now it is your time to get into the Code Geass: Lost Stories tier list. In this tier list, you can see four tiers, including different kinds of pilots. According to the tier they are in, you can assume how powerful they are. So let us begin the tier list, but first, let us explain the tiers you see in this Code Geass: Lost Stories tier list

  • Tier S – you only see the top selections for any game phase under this tier. These pilots are very strong and likely to be the best pilots you will ever meet in this game. Another thing is these pilots have the top skills so that no enemy can beat them off during battles. 
  • Tier A – the pilots you can see in this tier are the best alternatives for the tier S pilots when you can’t afford them. After the tier S pilots, these pilots will be the best selection for your gameplay.
  • Tier B – these are the pilots you can see in this game with less power than the S and A tier pilots. As you are in your Code Geass: Lost Stories beginner game phase, you can use these pilots in your gameplay, but remember they become invalid when you get into tougher battles. 
  • Tier C – and the final tier mentioned in this Code Geass: Lost Stories tier list is tier C, which includes the pilots unsuitable for your gameplay. These pilots have no even useful skills. Therefore, we recommend not to use these pilots in your gameplay. 
TierNamePilot TypeStar TierSkills
SLelouchStrategistFour StarIncreases the attack power of all allies by 20% for a specific time limit while dealing 40% HP damage to the enemies within the attack range. When the battle begins, the charge of the KMF skill gauge is 50%. Has the ability to reduce the time it takes to redeploy. 
AnyaExterminator Four StarIncreases the hit count of normal attacks while turning off the enemies’ stealth status. Has the best KMF skill boost.
KallenGuardFour StarBoosts up attack power by 20% while boosting the charging speed of the KMF skill gauge by 30%.Cannot get retired from the battles until twenty seconds later when HP falls below 50%.
C.CExterminatorFour StarAt the beginning of all the battles, the KMF skill gauge charge is 50%.Increases the attack power and attack count. 
CorneliaExterminatorFour StarIncreases own attack and the attack of the deployed allies by 20%. Boosts the charge speed of KMF skill gauge by 30%. 
JeramiahAssaultThree StarDecreases the redeployment time by a certain percentage. When deployed, this pilot provides a certain number of cost points. 
ALloydStrategistFour StarIncreases the KMF skill gauge charge by 50% of all allies within the range. Reduces own and the allies’ time of redeployment. 
GuilfordGuardFour StarIncreases own attack power by 40%.Reduces its own cost by 2.
EuphemiaRepairFour StarRestores the HP of all allies within a certain range whenever Euphemia receives or deals damage. Decreases the cost of itself during the battles. 
VilettaRepair Four StarIncreases its own attack count and attack speed. Starts the battle with a 50% charge in the KMF skill gauge. 
GinoAssaultFour StarIncreases the KMF skill gauge by 50%Reduces the own cost during battles by 2. 
ShirleySpecialistFour StarRecover the HP of allies within range by 20%. The redeployment time of allies and Shirley will be reduced by a certain percentage.
SuzakuSpecialistFour StarKMF skill gauge charge will be boosted up to 100% while getting a shield to itself. Increase the damage received by the enemies by 70%. 
BKiriharaStrategistThree StarDecreases the time it takes to redeploy by a certain percentage. Boosts the attack speed of all allies within range. 
MonicaSpecialistThree StarReceives stealth skills for a specific time limit. Reduces the time it takes to redeploy by a certain percentage. 
LucianoExterminatorThree StarBoosts the charging speed of the KMF skill gauge by 30%.Boosts the attack power and restores the HP when all the enemies are defeated. 
MillyRepairThree StarIncreases the attack of allies every time it takes or deals damage.
ToudouGuardThree StarWhenever Toudou receives or deals damage, it receives additional defense while increasing the attack and defense of the front-line allies. 
KewellExterminatorTwo StarDeal additional 30% damage to the airborne type enemies first. Increases Kewell’s attack rate every time it takes or deals damage. 
NagisaAssaultTwo StarRecovers the cost of Nagisa in battles by providing six cost points. 
KousetsuExterminatorTwo StarIncreases the attack rate every time it takes or deals damage.Increases the attack of the allies deployed in the front. 
CDorotheaStrategistThree StarBoosts the charge of the KMF skill gauge of one ally by a specific percentage. 
DarltonExterminatorThree StarBoosts its own attack whenever Darlton takes or deals damage. Increases the charge speed of the KMF skill gauge by a specific percentage. 
SchneizelStrategistThree StarIncreases the attack of military allies. 
NonnetteExterminatorThree StarBoosts the speed of attacks of one ally within the range. 
NunallyRepairTwo StarIncreases own recovery power whenever Nunally takes or deals damage while recovering the HP of one ally. 


Here we will conclude our Code Geass: Lost Stories tier list. As you can see, there are pilots we can name as the best, and some pilots are not even good enough to be used in the game. To have victories in all the battles, we recommend you go for the best tier pilots mentioned in this Code Geass: Lost Stories tier list.

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