Weapon Fighting Simulator Value List in October 2023

Weapon Fighting Simulator is a Roblox game where you will fight with opponents using the best weapons. Of all the weapons out there, you will need help finding the best ones to be used in the gameplay. Therefore, here we have created the top Weapon Fighting Simulator value list, including the tiers that each weapon belongs to. As you have this tier list with values, you will always find it easy to choose the right weapons to deal with foes. 

Weapon Fighting Simulator value list

Just think you are a Weapon Fighting Simulator beginner, and this is where you struggle the most to sort out the best ones useful for your gameplay. But here we say to you, with this Weapon Fighting Simulator value list with tiers, it will always be so easy to pick up the best weapons. So get ready to go through this Weapon Fighting Simulator value list and have an awesome player experience in this Roblox Weapon Fighting Simulator game. 

Weapon Fighting Simulator Value List Tiers

Before you look at the values of each weapon, here we will explain the tiers in this Weapon Fighting Simulator value list. After identifying the tiers in this Weapon Fighting Simulator value list, it will always be easy to understand which weapons are the best and which are not. So go through the explanation of the tiers and then check the value list yourself. 

  • Tier S – this is the first tier you will see in the value list, and the weapons belonging to the S tier are always overpowered. It means they are always too strong, and you have no trouble dealing with the toughest enemies if you use the weapons belonging to this tier. These are the most trusted and powerful weapons you can have in your gameplay.  
  • Tier A – the next tier you see is Tier A, and the weapons included in this tier are always powerful, but they are not overpowered compared to the Tier S weapons. As these weapons are powerful, they are better at using in your gameplay, and you will have no more troublesome situations when you use the weapons belonging to this tier. 
  • Tier B – the weapons in this tier are not very powerful but average. As their power is average, you cannot hope incredible things happen when you use the weapons in this tier in your gameplay. 
  • Tier C – when it comes to the weapons in tier C, you will see the weapons with less power here. So, you should not rely on the weapons belonging to tier C when you get advanced in the gameplay. These weapons are only good at your beginner phase of the game. Other than that, these weapons are not of much use for you. 
  • Tier D – compared to the other weapons in other tiers, the weapons here are the weakest, dealing less damage. And their attributes are also very low, which makes them weak against all other enemies. Therefore, these weapons are not very good for you to deal with enemies, even the ones you may encounter in the starting phase of the game. 

Weapon Fighting Simulator Value List

This is our tier list with the Weapon Fighting Simulator value list for all the weapons you see in this Roblox game. As you understand the rankings included in this value list, you will understand who are the best ones here. So keep going through this tier list and understand the best and the worst weapons you will ever see. 

SWitch CauldronMythicalBamboo Forest0.0425%

Acacia Bell
MythicalDemon Abyss0.0425%
Turtle ShellLegendaryAtlantis997K
Atlantis CoralUncommon Atlantis 227K

Tian Board
Atlantis SceptreUncommon Atlantis 227K

Infernal Sword
EternalInfinite Mountain298K
Bee HiveEpic Treelands 203K2.4%
Guards SpearRareAtlantis427K
Cherry Tree BranchLegendary Treelands 309K0.38%

Golden Hoop
Eternal Atlantis3.13M
Crab ClawsEpic Atlantis 655K

Dragon Trident
Eternal Treelands971K

Dragon Claws
Mythical Atlantis 1.76M
AAncient Dragon StaffUncommon Treelands70.6K43%
Treelands Guard SwordUncommon Treelands 70.6K43%
Ceremonial ScepterLegendary Infinite Mountain94.8K0.64%

Stone Elemental Fist
Mythical Infinite Mountain167K0.0278%
Flower HaloRare Treelands132K10%

Mythical Banshee Snowfield54K0.0275%

Hedgehog Lord Dagger
Eternal Dragon Desert9.97K

Infernal Ax
Epic Infinite Mountain62.3K3.5%
Icy DaggerEternal Banshee Snowfield95.9K
BBlue Dragon AxeUncommonMonster Swamp2.24K39%

Swamp Lotus
MythicalMonster Swamp17.4K0.0314%
Blue Dragon KatanaEpic Monster Swamp6.45K4%
Stone SpearUncommon Infinite Mountain21.7K41%
Blue Dragon SwordUncommon Monster Swamp2.24K39%
Stone MaceUncommon Infinite Mountain21.7K41%
Frozen BatEpicBanshee Snowfield20K3.5%
Sphere of WindRareMonster Swamp4.2K15%
GlacierLegendaryBanshee Snowfield30.5K0.64%
Sphere of EarthRareInfinite Mountain40.7K13%
Gold BagRareDragon Desert1.36K15%
Sharp SwordLegendary Dragon Desert4.38K0.72%
Gold BowlEpicDragon Desert2.09K4%
Serpent Lord DaggerEternalMonster Swamp30.8K
Phoenix FeatherMythicalMagma Valley1.82K0.0361%
Phoenix DaggerLegendaryMagma Valley1.02K0.83%
CDemon Lord AxeLegendaryDemon Abyss3360.97%
Sun ShieldUncommonDragon Desert72639%
Emperor’s UmbrellaMythicalDragon Desert13.3K0.0314%
Spider Slayer SwordEpicMagma Valley6744.6%

Firelord Dagger
EternalMagma Valley3.22K

Spider Lord Staff
RareDemon Abyss14420%
Gold PickaxeUncommonDragon Desert72639%
Ice Monster ShieldEpic Demon Abyss2205.4%
Magma ShearsRareMagma Valley43917%
Lava Big SwordUncommon Magma Valley23538%
IcicleRareBanshee Snowfield13.1K13%
DBashee SwordUncommon Banshee Snowfield7K41%
YinYang ShieldMythicalMartial World620.0516%
Big SwordUncommon Bamboo Forest2836%
Toxic ShurikenRareBamboo Forest4620%

Blood Slicer
Uncommon Demon Abyss7636%

Tai-Chi Brush
LegendaryMartial World351.18%
Cursed TomahawkUncommonBamboo Forest2836%
Serpent King SwordEpicBamboo Forest715.4%
Dragon AshesLegendaryMonster Swamp9.8K0.72%

Icicle Hammer
RareMartial World1525%

Fridgid King Slicer
Uncommon Martial World833%
Ice WhipUncommonBanshee Snowfield7K41%

Frozen Kunai
Uncommon Demon Abyss7636%

Ice Shovel
EpicMartial World236.6%

Green Emperor Ring
LegendaryBamboo Forest1080.97%

Frozen Sword
Uncommon Martial World833%


All the weapons with their tiers are perfectly explained above in this Weapon Fighting Simulator value list. So because of it, you have learned not only their probability chances and damage values but also how powerful they are and which tiers those weapons deserve. Therefore, now you can freely start playing the game using the best weapons included in the higher tiers of this Weapon Fighting Simulator value list. Also, don’t forget to use the Weapon Fighting Simulator codes to get more valuables free of cost. 

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