Justice Online Mobile Tips – Ultimate Beginner Guide for Getting Started

Are you in love with Chinese martial arts? Then you better play this Justice Online Mobile, an MMORPG with Chinese martial arts and mythical facts about ancient Chinese history. Here the game lets you engage in various activities throughout the gameplay; therefore, before starting to play the game, it is better to read this ultimate beginner guide to have a perfect start with the best tips and tricks. 

Justice Online Mobile

In the beginning, before you enter the game, you should choose a hero given from the starting hero list. And then, you can customize the hero as you wish because the game has given a lot of weight to character customization. After that, you can get into the gameplay, which comes with realistic graphics that make you mesmerized during the gameplay. Everything in this game looks stunning, so let us have a stunning start in this stunning gameplay with the help of this Justice Online Mobile ultimate beginner guide. 

Complete Tasks

You can see several tasks assigned to you at the top left corner of the gameplay screen. Completing the tasks shown on the screen will give you another set of tasks to complete. Complete all the visible tasks for you in this game so that you can move on to the next tasks. Tasks are the main element that decides your progression during the gameplay. 

When you enter the game as a beginner, you have no idea what to go through and what you should do. But if you look at the tasks visible to you at the top left corner of the gameplay screen, you can understand what is your next step during the gameplay. Make sure to complete the tasks assigned to you quickly so you can level up in this game and have more rewards for your gameplay. 

Defeat the Enemies with Martial Arts

Justice Online Mobile lets you take part in many battles once you engage with enemies or during your journey in completing tasks assigned to you. When you encounter some enemies, and you have to battle against them, you can use the martial arts unlocked for the character you choose. 

Defeat the Enemies with Martial Arts

With flashy martial arts, you can control enemies’ movements while attacking them. When attacking enemies, make sure to focus properly, being so accurate in targeting them. In battles, while you damage the enemies, you also will take damage from them when they launch attacks on you. But as you don’t want to get defeated in the gameplay, make sure you will surely dodge the enemies’ attacks when they launch attacks on you in battles. 

Most martial arts you use in battles come with countdown times to prevent you from spamming throughout the gameplay. Therefore be careful about the situations you use your martial arts to save for the most appropriate and needy situations. 

Get Advanced Martial Arts for Your Character

As we said above in this Justice Online Mobile guide, you will battle against the enemies you encounter with martial arts. When you first enter the gameplay, your character has a limited number of martial arts suitable for the beginner phase. But you can equip your character with advanced martial arts when you level up in the gameplay, completing tasks and more explorations. When you get more advanced martial arts unlocked for your character, don’t hesitate to swap them with the martial arts currently in use, as they are not powerful enough for later use in the gameplay. 

Additional Activities to Engage In

Besides the battles and completing tasks as the major elements in this gameplay, you can take part in other additional activities here. With those additional activities, your Justice Online Mobile gameplay will be attractive and amazing. 

Some additional activities you can engage in this gameplay are playing the flute by clicking on the notes as shown in the gameplay, trading with other NPCs, etc. The developers of the game have done a great job adding these additional activities to the gameplay so that the players like you can enjoy the game more. 

Additional Activities to Engage In

Whenever You See a Crate, Open It

Crates are everywhere around you; when you roam in the area you are in, you can see crates. Whenever you see a crate, make sure to go there and open it. Sometimes the crates will give you unexpected valuable rewards for your gameplay. 

Therefore remember to open crates to obtain precious materials for your gameplay. Don’t ignore crates because you will never know what you can obtain by opening them. Therefore when you see crates, go for them and get what is stored in them. 

Interactive NPCs

Interactive NPCs

Non-playable characters are another significant part of this game because you can interact with them in this Justice Online Mobile gameplay. Most of the games have non-playable characters, but they don’t give the players a chance to interact with them as this game allows you to do. Here, you can see many non-playable characters wherever you go; interacting with them lets you play some dialogues, and then you can proceed to the next phase of the game. 

You can interact with the non-playable characters very much when you are in between a mission to complete. So interacting with the non-playable characters in this Justice Online Mobile game is some of the important things you can engage in. 


As you can see, the tips above are the best you can have in your gameplay. Using the above tips and strategies, you can always have stunning gameplay, even from the start, as we promised at the beginning of this Justice Online Mobile guide. So, are you ready to step into the world of martial arts? Since you have read this guide thoroughly, we know you are prepared, so keep these tips and tricks in your mind to use when you play the game.

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