Roblox King Legacy Fruits Tier List for the Best in January 2024

We believe many of you have heard of and even played the King Legacy game which you can find through the Roblox platform. As this game is developed by being inspired by the popular One Piece anime, you may wonder whether you can find fruits that give the consumer superpowers. Yes, there are many fruits in this game, and we made this Roblox King Legacy Fruits tier list making it easy for you to understand which fruits are the best for your gameplay and which are the least useful. So keep reading this Roblox King Legacy Fruits tier list and identify the best fruits. 

Roblox King Legacy Fruits tier list

These fruits come with different rarities and types, and when you consume these fruits, you get various superpowers for yourself which are very beneficial in this game. As this Roblox King Legacy Fruits tier list includes the best and least powerful fruits categorized into various tiers, you can now easily pick which fruits you should invest your in-game valuable resources in this game. The better the fruit, the harder it is to obtain, but if it is worth obtaining, you can try your best. Check our Roblox King Legacy Fruits tier list for the best fruits. 

Roblox King Legacy Fruits Tier List

This tier list is categorized into three tiers according to the performance and the special effects that can be gained by consuming each fruit. Let us first explain these tiers so that you can easily understand which tiers include which type of fruits. 

  • Tier S – this is the tier that includes the best fruits. Of all the devil fruits available in this gameplay, this tier consists of the top ones unmatched by any other tier. These fruits have the most useful effects for you during the game. They are strong, and also, they are very hard to obtain. 
  • Tier A – compared to the above tier, fruits in this tier are less powerful. But they are the best alternatives instead of the fruits in the tier S of our Roblox King Legacy Fruits tier list
  • Tier B – the fruits of this tier are relatively less powerful if you compare them with those of tier S and tier A. Therefore, it is better not to invest your in-game resources to purchase these fruits. 
TierFruit NameTypeRaritySpecial Effect
Tier SLoveParameciaUncommonForms projectiles that can turn any target a stone. 
DoughParameciaLegendaryIf you want to become a mochi, use this fruit for it. 
GumParameciaRareIncredible abilities of stretching. 
DarkLogiaRareYou become pure darkness. 
StringParameciaUncommonConverts you into a string human with the skills of manipulation. 
QuakeParameciaEpicCreate quakes with this fruit. 
SpiritParameciaEpicYou can take control over the souls of humans. 
SnowLogiaEpicConverts yourself into snow. 
VenomParameciaRareGrants you the ability to unleash different types of venom. 
DragonZoanLegendaryYou can be a dragon with this fruit. 
MagmaLogiaEpicConverts your body into Magma. 
GravityParameciaRareHas the ability to control the gravity. 
LightLogiaEpicYou can convert your body into light with this fruit. 
Tier AFlameLogiaEpicYour body will be converted to fire. 
SpinosaurusZoanRareYou can become a Spinosaurus with this fruit.
GasLogiaEpicYou can have flying skills with this fruit. 
RumbleLogiaEpicYou become a human with the prowess of lightning. 
IceLogiaEpicYou can transform yourself into ice or you can create and control ice related things. 
Phoenix ZoanLegendaryYou can transform yourself into a phoenix. 
MammothZoanRareConverts yourself into a mammoth. 
Tier BBarrierParameciaUncommonGrants you the skill to summon barriers useful for defending and attacking. 
WolfZoanCommonLets you transform yourself into a wolf. 
SmokeLogiaUncommonHas the ability to form smoky clouds. 
AllosaurusZoanRareYou can become an Allosaurus. 
ShadowParameciaUncommonGives you the ability to take control over the shadows. 
BombParameciaCommonHas the ability to explode any body part of your character. 
SandLogiaRareConverts yourself into sand. 
BrachiosaurusZoanRareYou can become a Brachiosaurus with this fruit. 
BuddhaZoanRareTransform yourself into a giant buddha. 
LeopardZoanCommonThis fruit turns yourself into a leopard. 
OpeParameciaRareYou can make a room and control whatsoever in it by consuming this fruit. 
SpinParameciaCommonWith this fruit, your arms can spin really fast so that you can fly with their aid. 
GiraffeZoanCommonYou can turn yourself into a giraffe upon consuming this fruit. 
PawParameciaUncommonGrants you paws with repelling skills. 
HumanZoanCommonYou can become a human with this fruit. 

Above all of the tiers in this Roblox King Legacy Fruits tier list, you know already that the S tier includes the most effective fruits that grant you many awesome superpowers. So now let us further explain the best fruits you can have in your gameplay according to this Roblox King Legacy Fruits tier list

  • Venom – if you have two gems and 1,950,000 bucks, you can purchase this fruit from the black market. You can awaken this fruit using 230 gems in total. 
  • Snow – in order to purchase this fruit from the black market, you have to spend five gems and 2,700,000 bucks. With this fruit, your body can be turned into snow. This is a perfect fruit for the PvP aspects of the game. 


Every Roblox King Legacy beginner player like you needs assistance when choosing which fruits are better to invest in. Since we have given you this Roblox King Legacy Fruits tier list and you have already finished going through it, you now know which fruits are the best in investing. But do you know knowing about the Roblox King Legacy codes is very important, as well as learning about the best fruits because the active codes are very generous to give you more rewards. So, unleash superpowers with these skills and perfect your gameplay. 

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