Don’t Starve: New Home Tier List – Guide to the Best Characters in August 2023

Don’t Starve: New Home Tier List

What do you think of a game with combined features of exploration, adventure, and sandbox? You will be so delighted to play it, right? Don’t Starve: New Home gameplay is a kind of game with all the features combined with lots of exciting things to do, such as crafting, fighting, surviving against difficult situations, etc. Though we have many significant aspects to discuss in this game, today’s thought is to guide you to choose the best characters in the Don’t Starve: New Home gameplay with the Don’t Starve: New Home tier list

Don't Starve: New Home tier list

Every character in this Don’t Starve: New Home android game has special perks, statistics, and bonuses. And all these characters have different play styles. So understanding all these characters and their usefulness to your gameplay with this Don’t Starve: New Home tier list is essential. Go on in this Don’t Starve: New Home tier list, and you will see the importance of each character you will meet in this Don’t Starve: New Home android gameplay. 

Don’t Starve: New Home Tier List

The Don’t Starve: New Home tier list is categorized into three tiers: S, A, and B. Tier S includes the best characters for your gameplay in any phase. It means the tier S characters are good for you when you advance in the gameplay, reaching higher and tougher challenges. 

Speaking of tier A in the Don’t Starve: New Home tier list, these characters are better to use in your gameplay but not as much better as the tier S characters. But these tier A characters become perfect for you to use in your gameplay when you cannot obtain tier S characters. 

Tier B is the last tier in this Don’t Starve: New Home tier list. But these tier B characters are unsuitable when you go deeper levels in the gameplay. The deeper you go, the tougher the adventure becomes, but if you use tier B characters for your deeper adventure, you have no chance of surviving because the tier B characters are the least stronger ones you can find in this Don’t Starve: New Home tier list

Tier SWandaThis is unique compared to all other characters available in this game. Wanda has no health bar, and her life span will depend on her age. She has a special ability that lets her craft seven unique items. But Wanda can’t deal much damage or carry heavy items during the gameplay, which is a disadvantage. 
WurtThis is a Merm character you will find in this game. Because of being a Merm, it can befriend merms and even summon Merm king when necessary. This character is vegetarian, and if it holds non-veg or meat food items, its sanity points start to reduce. 
WinonaThis is one of the best characters mentioned in the Don’t Starve: New Home tier list, which has the skills to craft unique items independently. And also, she can go into the dark without being hurt or taking damage. 
Tier AWarlyThis is a character with good cooking abilities, and he summons a portable crockpot with some ingredients to cook items. 
MaxwellThis is a character with the ability to spawn shadow puppets to be used in the gameplay. He has low health; therefore, try putting armor on when you use Maxwell in your gameplay. Maxwell is not a much stronger character, but he is good to use in the gameplay. 
WoodieYou will find this character in this game with an ax with higher durability and the ability to transform into a Werebeaver, Weremoose, or Weregoose. 
WigfridThis is one of the best characters with the best skills in fighting. And she has the skills of making songs that aid in battles. Every time Wigfrid kills an enemy, she obtains sanity and health points. 
WendyThis is a character with summoning abilities to summon her dead sister to combat the enemies. Even though this is not quite the strongest one in this game, she will be a better option for battles. 
Tier BWesThis character is neither a good fighter nor a good worker. But Wes practices Balloonomancy, which creates balloons to distract the enemies, which is his unique ability. With this character, it is impossible to survive much longer. His favorite food is fresh fruit crepes. You can unlock Wes when you complete several chapters in adventure mode. 
WebberThe special perk of Webber is being able to befriend spiders. This character appears as a monster in this game. Webber has infinite healing skills through different means. 
Wortox This character in this game can obtain souls and consume them for health. But Wortox’s use of more souls will lessen the healing it takes from other food items. 
WalterThis is a character with a slingshot and a cute pet. He has the skills in crafting and using various weapons and ammo types during combat. When dealing with monsters, Walter never loses his sanity points. Walter is good at cooking faster than other characters, and his hunger reduces when he sleeps. 
Wilson This is the first character you will play in this Don’t Starve: New Home beta gameplay. His only special perk is growing a large beard which is beneficial to the winter season against freezing. 
WormwoodThis character has the skills to craft four items that no other characters can. But the disadvantage is he can’t get healed by consuming food. 
WickerbottomThis is a character with crafting abilities even without using a science machine. Also, she can summon lightning strikes near her which is a good skill. 
WillowThis is a character that is immune to fire damage. Willow has a lighter that can fire up the light to increase her sanity points. Her pet, called Bernie, will help Willow to battle against monsters. 
WX-78This unique character does not appear as a human in this game. He can consume gear items to upgrade his stats massively. WX-78 is immune to freezing, but if exposed to water or rain, he will take continuous damage. 
WolfgangAs long as you can feed this character, he will be a powerful character in this game because when he gets more hungry, he gets weaker, which is a disadvantage. When he is full, he can do more damage. 


You are still a Don’t Starve: New Home beta gameplay beginner, right? So you wanted to know the best characters useful for any phase of the gameplay through this Don’t Starve: New Home tier list. Since you have reached the end of this tier list successfully, you know which characters are useful for the game and which characters you should avoid. So when you start to play the Don’t Starve: New Home beta or original version, remember to use the best characters.

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