Code Geass: Lost Stories – Guide with Tips to Play as a Beginner

Code Geass: Lost Stories global release date is rumored to be in September, but there is no exact date yet. But if you are waiting for this thrilling tower defense game set in the world of Code Geass, you may want to brush up your knowledge of the game mechanics and be better prepared for Code Geass: Lost Stories Global

Code Geass: Lost Stories

In this guide, we will walk you through the basics of playing the game, provide essential tips and strategies, and highlight key features and characters. Whether you’re new to tower defense games or a fan of the Code Geass series, this guide will help you embark on your journey as a formidable player.

Code Geass: Lost Stories Gameplay

As you know already it is an immersive tower defense game that combines the strategic elements of troop management, unit placement, and battles. Set in the world of Code Geass, you will encounter familiar characters and engage in intense battles against Britannian forces. The game offers a rich storyline, captivating visuals, and exciting gameplay mechanics.

Code Geass: Lost Stories Gameplay

To get you started on your adventure, the game gives you access to a detailed tutorial that walks you through the fundamental gameplay mechanisms and control schemes. The tutorial ensures you understand essential aspects such as troop management, unit placement, and utilizing character abilities. It is important that you pay great attention to the tutorial since it will provide the groundwork for your success in the game.

Understanding Tower Defense Mechanics

In Code Geass: Lost Stories, troop management is crucial to your success. You need to assess the number of troops at your disposal versus the incoming enemy forces. Carefully strategize and deploy your units to defend your territory effectively. Each unit has unique strengths and abilities, so understanding their attributes is essential for a balanced troop composition.

Understanding Tower Defense Mechanics

Unit Placement Strategies

Placing your units strategically on the battlefield can make a significant difference in the outcome of each battle. Consider the terrain, chokepoints, and enemy movements when positioning your units. 

Experiment with different formations and adapt your strategy based on the enemy’s approach. With well-placed units, you can maximize your defensive capabilities and repel enemy forces efficiently.

Nightmare Frame Battles

Throughout the game, you will engage in thrilling Nightmare Frame battles. These one-on-one encounters require careful tactics and quick reflexes. To win here, as always, you need to coordinate your units effectively and identify your opponents’ weaknesses to emerge victorious. But you also need to carefully use the special abilities of your supporting characters to gain an advantage in battle.

Exploring the Game World

Ashford Academy serves as a significant location in Code Geass: Lost Stories. It is a hub where you can interact with various characters, partake in school activities, and strengthen your bonds. Immerse yourself in the vibrant school life, but don’t forget your duty to protect and fight against the Britannian forces.

The Britannian Empire represents the primary antagonistic force in the game. Engage in intense battles against Britannian forces, defending your territory and liberating oppressed regions. Witness the destruction caused by their tyranny and play a vital role in the resistance movement. Your actions can shape the course of the war against Britannia.

Key Characters and Their Abilities

To succeed in battles, it is important to know what your available options are and what they can provide you during battles to better position them. So let’s get to know some of the available units in the early game. 

Key Characters and Their Abilities

Lelouch as Zero

Lelouch, also known as Zero, is a very important character in Code Geass: Lost Stories. As the main protagonist, he possesses exceptional leadership skills and tactical genius. Utilize Lelouch’s abilities to rally your troops, plan strategic maneuvers, and turn the tide of battle in your favor. With his guidance, you can lead your forces to victory against the Britannian Empire.

Player’s Character

The narrative of the game is heavily reliant on the decisions you make with regard to the character you control. As a new recruit, you possess untapped potential and determination. Unleash your skills, learn from your experiences, and evolve into a formidable force. You have the ability to make a huge difference in the result of battles if you are dedicated and persistent.

Supporting Characters and Their Roles

This game features a wide array of supporting characters, each with unique abilities and roles. For example, Colin provides animated support and healing abilities, bolstering your forces during battles. Exploit the synergy between your characters, combining their powers to achieve optimal results on the battlefield.

What is Nightmare Frames

As you progress in Code Geass: Lost Stories, you will unlock the ability to summon new Nightmare Frames. Nightmare Frames are powerful mechs piloted by characters in the game. Use your resources wisely to summon and recruit new frames, expanding your arsenal and strengthening your forces.

What is Nightmare Frames

Pairing skilled pilots with compatible Nightmare Frames can greatly enhance your combat capabilities. Experiment with different pilot-frame combinations to discover synergistic effects and powerful abilities. Because of this modification feature, you are able to customize your armies to fit your play style and conquer difficult enemies in combat.

Benefits of Engaging in Battles Non-Stop

The main story quests form the backbone of your adventure in Code Geass: Lost Stories. Follow the captivating narrative, unravel mysteries, and you will be able to witness thrilling battles. Completing story quests not only progresses the narrative of the game but also rewards you with valuable items, experience points, and currency.

Benefits of Engaging in Battles Non-Stop

Battle Strategies

Efficiently completing battles and achieving high scores will earn you various rewards. Strive to achieve the highest performances to unlock additional resources, exclusive items, and bonuses. Take on the challenge, and if you fail, refine your strategies, and reap the benefits of your victories.

Every fight in Code Geass: Lost Stories features its own one-of-a-kind set of difficulties and enemy combinations. Adapt your strategies based on the battlefield, enemy strengths and weaknesses, and the abilities of your characters and Nightmare Frames. Analyze the situation, coordinate your units effectively, and make swift decisions to outsmart your opponents.

How to Enhancing Your Gameplay

Remember to log in regularly to claim your daily bonuses and rewards. These login bonuses provide additional resources, currency, or even exclusive items. Make use of these benefits to improve the strength of your armies and advance more quickly in the game.

Customizing your Nightmare Frames allows you to optimize their performance and tailor them to your play style. A few ways that you can make them more powerful are Upgrading their abilities, equipping powerful weapons and accessories, and unlocking new skills. Take your time to experiment with different load-outs and discover the perfect setup for each frame.

How to Enhancing Your Gameplay

Code Geass: Lost Stories offers a range of additional features and functions to enhance your gameplay experience. These may include side quests, special events, cooperative modes, or competitive PvP battles. Explore all aspects of the game and take part in various activities to uncover hidden treasures and challenges.


Code Geass: Lost Stories is an exciting tower defense game that combines strategic gameplay with the immersive world of Code Geass. By following this guide, you’ve gained valuable insights into this upcoming game’s mechanics, character abilities, and tips to succeed as a beginner player. Remember to strategize, experiment with different unit compositions, and make the most of your resources. As you progress through the game, continue to refine your skills, unlock new Nightmare Frames, and uncover the captivating story. Engage in epic battles, defend against the Britannian forces, and lead your troops to victory.

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