Roblox Blox Fruits Tier List January 2024 – Selecting the Best Fruits

Blox Fruits is one of the best Roblox games in which you can play and enjoy fighting against powerful mobs using supernatural abilities. In this game, you either rely on your sword master abilities or will be a Blox fruit user and deal with enemies using unique abilities. In this game, there are many Blox fruits with different types and spawn probabilities. As each fruit provides you with different skills, which will be the best for you? This Blox Fruits tier list will teach you the best and the worst fruits you consume in this game. 

Blox Fruits tier list

The Blox Fruits tier list comes with various tiers or rankings that help you select the best fruits of all available. Each fruit gives you different skills; therefore, it is important to have the best fruits to have the best skills. With the supernatural skills obtained from these fruits, you will always be able to defeat the opponents within a few kicks. So go through this Blox Fruits tier list and learn the best fruits to select. 

Roblox Blox Fruits Tier List Ranking

We have included mainly five tiers in this tier list we provide you. These tiers represent the power level of the Blox fruits included in them. The highest tiers always include the strongest Blox fruits. But the lower tiers always have weak fruits. Let us first check the tiers included in this tier list. 

  • Tier S – this is the tier including the Blox fruits with the most powerful abilities. These fruits are always useful, but you may have to put in much effort to get them. 
  • Tier A – tier A fruits always seem powerful and reliable most often. But they are not as reliable as the fruits in tier S. But as we said, these become a great alternative for the fruits in tier S. 
  • Tier B – the fruits which are average in power always belong to tier B. They are not as powerful as the tier S and A fruits. But at least they will help you to overcome troubles in your beginner phase of the game. 
  • Tier C – remember, the fruits in this tier are not worth spending resources on. The power of these fruits is limited, and they cannot do more for you. 
  • Tier D – you will find the weakest fruits in this tier; therefore, it is better to ignore them when you play the Roblox Blox Fruits game. 

Blox Fruits Tier List

Above, you have learned the tiers and what kind of fruits each tier includes. As you know about the tiers included in this tier list, let us go ahead and check on the tier list we have prepared to help you learn the best fruits and the fruits you must ignore in your gameplay. 

TierFruit NameType
Tier ABarrierParamecia
Magma Logia
Light Logia
Flame Logia
Tier BDiamondParamecia
Tier C FalconZoan
Tier DBombParamecia 

The Best Fruits in Blox Fruits Tier List

In this section of this guide, we will speak about some of the best fruits in the Blox Fruits tier list, and then you will understand how powerful they are. As these fruits are included in the higher tiers, try them always when you play this game on Roblox. 

  • Buddha – this is a fruit included in tier S, which is the best tier. With this fruit, you can always deal easily with the toughest bosses, as this fruit can reduce the damage your character takes during the battles. This fruit lets the user transform into a giant Buddha and then deal massive damage to the enemies. When using this fruit, your HP pool will be increased, and you will be given AoE attacking skills. 
  • Leopard – here we speak about the rarest fruit to be found in the Roblox Blox Fruits, the Leopard fruit, which is also among the top fruits in this game. After consuming this fruit, the user can transform himself into a leopard human, which is powerful. As well as this becoming the rarest fruit, it becomes the most expensive fruit in this game. Though this fruit is expensive, it helps to deal heavy damage to the opponents using its crowd control abilities, and the user gets the teleportation ability. 
  • Venom – the next best fruit we explain to you is the Venom. This is one of the deadliest fruits in this game and lets you deal with the enemies using poison. When you consume this fruit, you can easily eliminate players in PvP battles with the combos you can perform with the skills provided by this fruit. 
  • Dough – this is also one of the best fruits included in the highest tier of this tier list above. This skill has the strongest passive abilities that have caught the attention of most of the players who play the game. The speciality of this passive is it makes the user immune to all physical attacks. 


The Blox Fruits tier list has reached its end, but the information you learned from there will always be useful when you play the game all the time as a Roblox Blox Fruits beginner. Therefore, try to use the best fruits mentioned in the higher tiers in your gameplay to have the best skills for your character during the tough fights. As you know the best fruits to select in this game, you are free to go and start your Blox Fruits gameplay on the Roblox platform. But we would like to remind you to check on the Roblox Blox Fruits codes for amazing freebies.

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