The Roblox Evade Beginner Guide – Top Tips for Newbies

Warning! The bots are still looking for you; hurry up and hide yourself, or run or do whatever it takes to survive. Yes, this is about the Roblox Evade game, where surviving becomes the central concept. To survive, you must do anything that helps you escape from the bots running throughout the grounds, eliminating players on the grounds. What can you do to survive, and what should you learn about this game? Read this Roblox Evade beginner guide and learn everything about the game, along with the survival tips and tricks. 

Roblox Evade

This game might have flashing lights and jumpscares while you are playing it. So, suppose you are a person who loves to have a super-exciting experience tricking the bots. In that case, you should read this guide as it includes the tips useful to successfully escape the bots while trying your best to achieve the objective in this Roblox Evade game. So, let us go ahead and learn the best tips and tricks to be used in the Evade Roblox game. 

Complete Daily Missions

Tokens or cash is what you need to purchase items from the in-game shop and to unlock new characters. Daily missions are ideal to earn in-game currencies here. The daily missions window has a certain number of missions you can complete within twenty-four hours. 

Complete Daily Missions

The daily missions are simple in the beginner phase. Following the daily missions helps all the newbie players to understand the gameplay and to progress faster in this game. Therefore, learn to complete the daily missions from the first day you play the game. 

Other Game Modes to Try On

Right after you enter this Roblox Evade game, you will see a Play option, which you will be thrown into a play round. But besides this main game, there are other modes to try. So, in this Roblox Evade beginner guide, now it is our time to check on the other game modes to try on.

Other Game Modes to Try On
  • Casual – The first game mode is the casual game mode, which is the best mode for a beginner player to understand things about the game. This game mode has infinite respawns; therefore, no revives. The time limit is four minutes. 
  • Social Space – Here, in this mode, there are no bots that try to eliminate you, and the rounds are very long. But this game does not give you any reward. 
  • Big Team – this is a game mode where you can play on larger servers. As the servers are larger, the competition must be higher here. Therefore, you need higher performance to enter this game mode. 
  • Voice Chat – in this game, you cannot send messages to the players in the gameplay. But you need to use your voice to communicate with other players. 
  • Player Nextbots – The players can take control of a bot in this game mode. If you love to become a bot and eliminate other players, you should come to this mode. 
  • Pro Servers – you must reach level fifty or more to participate in this game mode. In this game, you will play with the players of higher tier and harder maps. Taking part in this mode gives you more rewards. 
  • Team Deathmatch – in this mode, players of two teams participate, and the winning team will be the team with the most players alive. 

Purchase Useful Items from the In-game Shop

According to the time you survive in each round of the Evade Roblox gameplay, you will receive rewards such as cash. Using them, you should go to the Equipment section on the game’s main screen and go to the item shop there. 

Purchase Useful Items from the In-game Shop

In the items shop, you can see different items such as lights, utilities, and usable things. The items in all these categories are really helpful for you. With the help of these items, you can evade the bots in the Roblox Evade game. The lights include flashlights, lanterns, and night vision. The utilities include compasses, timers, radios, decoys, radars, etc. 

The usable items include floodlights, cola, barriers, landmines, etc. Each of these items has different uses. For example, the Cola increases your character’s maximum speed and acceleration in this game. The lanterns help you to check everything in a specific radius. Like that, every item in the in-game items shop has different uses. 

So, understand what is useful for your Evade Roblox game and purchase them with the cash you earn by surviving gameplay rounds or completing daily missions. After that, remember to equip them for your character to use in essential situations. 

Third Person View

When you start the game, you will have the first person view which is quite troublesome. In the first person view, your vision is limited, therefore you will never know when the bots will be chasing you in your back. Therefore we suggest you use the third person view when you play this Roblox Evade game. 

With the third person view, you can see more of your surroundings, and you will feel comfortable playing the Evade Roblox game with this third person perspective. Some occasions the first person perspective will do good for you, but mostly to get the competitive advantage, you should go with the third person view. 

Bunny Hopping for a Faster Escape

The bots wander around the maps very speedily, and with them walking around the location, the risk of you getting spotted by them is unavoidable. If some bots spot you, they will chase you until they eliminate you. When that happens, what you should do is bunny hopping. Bunny hopping is the best way to escape faster from the routes of the bots. 

Bunny Hopping for a Faster Escape

Rather than just ordinary running, you should do bunny hops to boost your speed. How to do bunny hopping? This is a really easy thing to do. All you need to do is jump multiple times, one after another while running. With the bunny hopping, you can boost your speed in the Roblox Evade game. 


As you have read this Evade Roblox beginner guide, it will not be so tough to survive and win the matches. Every match has a specific objective to achieve. Although it seems harder, follow these tips, survive through all the bots, and achieve the objective of winning the Roblox Evade gameplay. 

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