Be the Best Sorcerer with Roblox Kaizen Tips and Tricks – A Beginner’s Guide

Being a sorcerer in Roblox Kaizen is not as easy as you think; it is because you are involved with hostile creatures known as cursed spirits. And using the powers called curses, you have to risk your own life to defeat the cursed spirits. For an ordinary person like you, you need more dedication and effort to become a sorcerer successfully, so get ready to learn some Roblox Kaizen tips and tricks from this beginner guide to ease your way to becoming the best sorcerer. 

Roblox Kaizen

Here, the first aim you should acquire in this game is to attend the Jujutsu High through the recommendation of a sorcerer you know. But for that, you should reach level fifty by completing the side quests. When you reach level fifty, you have become stronger, and here in this guide, we will provide you with all the tips and tricks you need to know to become the strongest sorcerer in this Roblox Kaizen game. 

Spin for Clans

Spinning for clans is one of the important things you should do first in this game. According to the clan you belong to, you will get special abilities or effects applied to you. So, go to the Clan Spins menu and spin for clans. The clans come with different rarities, and according to the clan rarity, the drop rates in the spinning menu will be different. But we should say that, as in every other game, the higher rarities always get the lower rates, while the lower rarities always get the highest rates in the clan spins menu. 

Spin for Clans

The common clans are Rayburn, Akiyama, Sotomura, Yoshino, Takashi, Sonoda, Hari, Leiri, Haba, Sasaki, and Eldritch. And their probability rate in this clan spins menu is 89.1%.The rare clans have a 9.72% drop rate in the clan spins menu, and the clans belong to this rarity: Ino, Hoshi, Miwa, and Nanami. 

Finally, we speak of the legendary clans with a 1.2% drop rate in this clan spins menu. The clans belonging to the legendary rarity are Kamo, Zenin, and Kugisaki. Even though it is hard for you to obtain the highest rarity of legendary clans, try to spin more and more. Then you can somehow get a legendary rarity clan for your gameplay, benefitting you hugely. 

Questing in Roblox Kaizen

The game offers you the questing option to follow to level up faster in this game. Yes, when you explore your gameplay surroundings, you can see NPCs everywhere, reach them, accept wursts from them, and complete them. When you complete more quests, you will earn more EXP, which will help you to level up faster in this game. 

Questing in Roblox Kaizen

Therefore, complete more quests and more EXP to level up faster. The first few quests are about defeating bandits and running errands. Those quests you get in your beginner game phase are always easy. Therefore, until you level up faster in the game, make sure to farm EXP on completing quests more and more, and then you will be able to level up faster in this game. 

As we said, these quests make you go here and there in this gameplay but don’t worry about the destinations you have to reach because an arrow will show you the path to the destination you should reach to complete a given quest. So, nothing will be hard for the beginners like you in this game. 

Enhance the Stats

Every time you gather enough EXP to level up in this game, you will earn stat points, and using the stat points, you can enhance your character. The stats determine the power of your character in this Roblox Kaizen game. If your character has a poor set of stats, then your character’s performance during the fights will be very low. Therefore, you need to enhance your character’s stats and power it up for an amazing performance throughout the gameplay. 

Enhance the Stats

So, every time you earn stat points, remember to invest them in different character stats. There are stats such as melee for more physical damage, stamina for more stamina, defense for more health, curse for more curse damage, and curse energy and weapon for more weapon damage. Make sure to invest your stat points on the most important stats of your character to improve your character’s performance. 

Curses in Roblox Kaizen Gameplay

According to the Roblox Kaizen game, curses are the superpowers you can use to defeat enemies. Here, you can buy the curses from Namato the Businessman in the safe zone. Once you reach him, he will show you the curses available for you to purchase now. These curses in the showcase to purchase will reset within a specific time. Here, you can purchase the curses using Yen, the in-game currency, or Robux, the well-known currency in the whole Roblox platform. The curses and their prices in both Yen and Roblox are mentioned below.  

Curses in Roblox Kaizen Gameplay
  • Devil’s Broom – this costs you 7000 Yen or 109 Robux. 
  • Construction – the cost of this curse is 20000 Yen or 149 Robux. 
  • Idle Transfiguration – this costs you 35000 yen or 250 Robux. 
  • Cyrofrost – you need 500 Robux to buy this curse. 
  • Disaster Plants – pay 175,000 Yen or 600 Robux, and then you can own this curse. 
  • Cursed Flames – you should pay at least 250,000 Yen or 600 Robux to purchase this curse
  • Cursed Speech – this costs you 649 Robux or 350,000 Yen. 
  • Straw Doll – you need 749 Robux to purchase this curse. 
  • Shock Amplification – You can purchase this curse if you have 999 Robux. 
  • Ten Shadows – 1199 Robux is the cost of this curse. 
  • Blood Manipulation – you can purchase this curse by spending 1199 Robux. 


We have mentioned all the tips and tricks you should use when you play the Roblox Kaizen game. With all of them together, you can have a successful gaming experience in becoming the best sorcerer with the strongest skills. In addition to the tips and tricks above, follow the Roblox Kaizen codes and redeem them for awesome freebies to have victorious gameplay all the time.

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