Roblox Project New World – Guide and Tips to Become a Master

Roblox Project New World is one of the best games to try if you are obsessed with One Piece anime. It is because this game was created with the idea inspired by the One Piece anime. In this game, you will travel through a series of islands, fighting against various bosses. As an aid to fight against the boss enemies in those islands, you can obtain devil fruits. These devil fruits power you with supernatural abilities. In this beginner guide, you can find the best Roblox Project New World tips to become a master. 

Roblox Project New World

Every island in this Roblox Project New World game needs a specific level requirement to step on them. For that, you have to level up in this game and make yourself stronger, and later, you can try the islands one by one, progressing little by little. The tips and tricks in this beginner guide are going to be helpful to level up faster in this game and unlock new islands. So follow the tips and tricks in this Roblox Project New World beginner guide and become a master in this amazing game. 

Roblox Project New World Islands to Travel

You start the game from the Starter Island, but after completing all the quests and level up higher by farming on the quests repeatedly, you can get to the other islands. Check the list of islands you can travel in this game from this beginner guide. 

Roblox Project New World Islands to Travel
  • Starter Island – this is the first island you will spawn in this game. This is where you get your first Katana to battle against enemies. Thieves and bandits are the enemies you meet in this game. 
  • Clown Island – the pirate clowns are the enemies you must fight against in this game, and the clown boss is somewhat annoying here. Other than the clown boss, this island is easy to go with. When you fight with the clown boss, use your sword abilities and devil fruits to damage the boss because other attacks are useless against the boss. 
  • Shark Park – once you reach level ninety, you can get on this shark park island where you must fight against fishermen and shark bosses. And when you fight the shark boss here, there is a probability that you get a shark blade. 
  • Desert Ruins – desert thieves and bomb bosses are the major enemies in this game. The minimum level required to enter this island is one hundred and sixty. The boss in this game is pretty tricky, so you must be careful in the battles against this boss. 
  • Sea Restaurant – Krieg pirates and the Krieg boss are the enemies on this island. Before you step on this island, you should consume a devil fruit that gives you flight abilities; otherwise, battling here will be challenging. 
  • Logue City – once you reach level three hundred and fifty, you will have permission to reach this island. Although the island looks easy, Tashii will be a tough opponent for you to deal with. 
  • Tall Woods – gorillas and monkeys are the opponents you fight on this island. You will meet monkeys on this island first, and when you go deeper, you will meet gorillas, which are tougher. 

Besides these main islands mentioned above in this Roblox Project New World beginner guide, you have more other islands to travel to, such as marine base town, three islands, marine HQ, Sky Islands, impel jail, and revolutionary island. You will meet different kinds of mobs on all these islands to fight against. Prepare to face the toughest bosses when you go through all these islands. 

Set up the Spawn Point

Right after you enter a new island in this Roblox Project New World game, you must set the spawn point. In this Roblox Project New World game, setting the spawn point is very important because if you get killed in the middle of a fight, you don’t have to respawn at the starter island when you set your new spawn point at the island you are on. For example, let us think that you are on the clown island. 

Set up the Spawn Point

The first thing you should do after stepping on the clown island is to set the spawn point to the clown island. After you do it, you will respawn on the clown island if you get killed in the middle of a battle. If you do not set up the spawn point, you will respawn at the starter island, and you have to reach the clown island again to continue your gameplay from where you get killed. 

Questing is the First Thing to Do

Completing quests is one major thing you should do in this game. When you complete the quests in this game, you will get more bucks and EXP as rewards. Therefore, we can jump to the conclusion that quests help you to level up faster in this game. 

Questing is the First Thing to Do

There are many islands in this game that you can navigate through, and on each island, you have quests to complete. According to the island you are on, the quests you must complete differ from nature and difficulty. When you wander around the islands exploring every corner, you will see NPCs standing on different locations of the islands. 

When you see them, reach them, and they offer you quests. If you have the requirements to accept those quests, you can accept the quests and complete them for more rewards. Make sure to reach NPCs in all islands you go through and complete quests offered to you by them. As we said earlier, questing is the best way to level up in this game. Therefore, you can repeatedly complete the same quests until you reach higher levels in this game. 

Devil Fruits in Roblox Project New World

Devil fruits give you supernatural abilities in this game, and using the supernatural abilities of those devil fruits, you can perform much more than perfect during the combats in this game. Getting a devil fruit can be done through the fruit shop on your starter island. 

Devil Fruits in Roblox Project New World

You can buy devil fruits in the fruit shop using gems, in-game money, or Robux. Whatever your preferred method is, you can purchase devil fruits here. These devil fruits have various rarities, such as common, uncommon, rare, and legendary. 

The common fruits are always easy to get, but the uncommon, rare, and legendary fruits are tough. It is because when the rarity goes higher, the devil fruit gets stronger, so it is really hard for you to obtain a higher rarity devil fruit. 

Besides getting the devil fruits from the island fruit shop, several fruits will be spawned under different trees in different map locations. You can get them and consume them and obtain supernatural powers offered by those devil fruits. 

Every devil fruit has different abilities. The higher the rarity of the devil fruits, the better the abilities they provide to you. So, obtain the devil fruits using any of the methods mentioned above and apply some supernatural powers to yourself. 


The Roblox Project New World beginner guide finishes from this point, but the tips and guidelines you learned from this guide will always be useful when you play this game. Therefore, use them in your game, level up faster, and have an awesome experience. With the best tips and effective Roblox Project New World codes with you, you will always be victorious in all the challenging battles. 

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