Zold Out Global Guide and Tips for All Beginners

Welcome to the thrilling world of Zold Out global, a hybrid of tactical role-playing games and deck-building that rewards players for their strategic thinking and imaginative flair. You play as a team leader of clerks who must defend the planet from evil forces. The fate of the conflict is entirely up to you, thanks to a novel action system that makes use of both action points and weapon cards. All of your action points can be spent at once for huge damage, or you can store some for more diverse action.

Zold Out global

In the Zold Out global, you can build your own decks from a range of different weapon cards, each of which has its own special abilities. The ability to construct your own decks expands the game’s depth and flexibility, making it feel unique. More and more weapon cards can be forged, and decks can be fine-tuned as you play, allowing you to find the optimal mix of cards and characters for victory. So grab your weapon deck, and let’s dive into the Zold Out global.

Zold Out Global Gameplay

As we discussed in the beginning, there are many things to think about when playing Zold Out global, and you need to understand them well if you want to play the game. So let’s break them down and get to know them.

Creating Teams in Zold Out Global

Creating Teams in Zold Out Global

Instead of picking high-rarity units just for their damage potential, it is crucial to create a team of characters that has a good balance in Zold Out global. A well-balanced squad will feature a variety of DPS specialists, as well as a healer, a tank, and a secondary DPS. 

As with most games, it is not enough to own solely high rarity damage units in order to win; if you do that, you will be sacrificing your survivability for DPS. The game requires that you have at least one healer, what the rarity of the healer does not matter in this scenario because even units of lower rarity can provide exclusive auras and buffs to surrounding teammates if they are in close proximity.

Picking Weapons for Your Characters

Picking Weapons for Your Characters

It is possible to acquire weapons by completing regular, hard, or nightmare missions; however, doing so involves a significant amount of grinding because only ten auto-clears are made available each day. The weapons you win from gacha are guaranteed to be of great quality, and they can deliver a large boost to your DPS. 

The use of various powers, such as priests increasing movement points, swordsmen sprinting, archers dragging enemy ability, and mages having significant AOE effects, is one of the reasons why weapons play such an important part in the game. 

While choosing the weapons, there is no limit to how much of one type of weapon you include in one deck; if you find a very powerful weapon you like using, the best way to increase the chance of getting to use that weapon at the start of each turn is including as many of the same weapon type into your deck. 

Weapon Forging in Zold Out Global

Weapon Forging in Zold Out Global

Weapons are a key part of your gameplay; each class has its own weapon type archers: bow, warriors sword, clerics: books, mages, staff. The free and easy way is to fight in the campaign for each level you clear; you will get weapons, enchanted thorium, coins, and more things. Then the next place you can acquire weapons is through the gacha system. The weapon drops from gacha are mostly very well made and come with a few rarity levels.

If you want to forge more powerful weapons, first you have to acquire them by any means, then you have to level up your forging skills and blueprint. If you want to craft higher-quality gear, then you have to level up your foreign skills. Because of this reason, from early on, you should forget about the price and start forging new items. 

As you level up, your forging skills will increase and unlock new weapons for you to craft. If you don’t have the material needed to forge a weapon, click on the missing item to know where you can get them. To acquire a blueprint, you have to go through the main story. 

Combat Overview and Tips for Fighting

Combat Overview and Tips for Fighting

In the Zold Out global gameplay, each mission’s first step is to form a formation. Each player character has their own set of movement points (MPs) and weapon cards that correspond to their class, and they take turns to move and attack. A cleric, for instance, has access to only a book and not a sword for use in combat. As each weapon has its own unique range, the range is another aspect that comes into play in this game. 

Once all of your MPs have been used up or if you make the decision to stop the turn, the turn is over. When all of the units have resolved their turn, the amount of MP that each unit, including enemy units, has will decide the turn order.

For instance, if a massive wall shields your enemies, your melee fighters won’t be able to directly assault them. Still, your spell casters will be able to do damage because they ignore the barrier and focus their attacks on the foes. 

In such a situation, you have few options to resolve this. The first way is to start following the alternative route to reduce the gap with your melee fighters. If you choose to go this route, you have to use any buff weapons and activate them, so you have attacking weapons out when you are there. 

But you should not waste the MP because how fast you will go in the next round will determine when you will use your turn. If you want to attack before the enemies, you have to save some. The second way is you should keep your melee fighters and offer shields to the casters and range units so that they can stay longer in combat and do more damage.

When it comes to boss battles, the order in which you end your turns is important. If the boss’s attention is drawn away from your tank, he will begin attacking the character in your back row. Therefore, you need to keep the boss’s attention on your tank at all times. At the same time, you need to move your other units out of the range of the boss’s attacks to avoid taking damage. These kinds of actively shifting strategies are a key aspect that contributes to the outcome of the fight that was being fought.

Since the game really does not have a defense class, most consider them as the tank unit in the game, but you may not realize that they take the highest damage. If you want to use them as a tank, always keep them under the aura of a healing class. 

Join a Guild and Add Some Friends

If you are interested in testing a certain build but are unsure how to do so? The simplest method to accomplish this goal is to either join an existing guide or create your own. You will need to travel to the shop and purchase a “guild creation scroll” in order to create a guild. 

Join a Guild and Add Some Friends

When you join a guild in Zold Out global, in addition to participating in combat, you will also be given a new set of goals and objectives to perform every day in order to earn experience points. After joining a guild, you should make sure to add all the active members to your friend list. 

You should know that when it comes to adding friends, adding people with higher-level characters is always favorable. This is because if you get stuck, you can borrow one of their characters to help you advance, and there is no penalty for doing so. 


This Zold Out global beginner tips guide has shown you how to play the game by its bare bones, with an emphasis on the most crucial aspects. While the game’s combat system is both the most engaging and challenging aspect of the experience, mastering it will make the rest of the game a breeze. It is our genuine hope that you find the information we’ve provided to be informative and helpful. We appreciate you reading thus far into our Zold Out global beginners tips guide, but we must now conclude it.

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