Which Identity V Character are you?

Which Identity V Character are you?

Today, our discussion is all about a quiz. The name of this quiz is Identity V Personality Quiz. And here we are going to answer a question as which Identity V character are you preferred to be in the game.

This is a quiz that will be available for you from the 2nd of April 2018. From that time, the quiz had growing love from the players to the general challenges of the quiz. This quiz is also known as the Survivors. That will decode and decrypt the arduous five cipher machines. That means the players who have been named Hunters will attempt to kill the survivors in the game. They will pause them from escaping there.

This is a free online playing quiz. You will find the gameplay of one versus four as well as the multiplayer mode. The genre that you find in survival and horror is the most demanded item in the game. So, all the players are waiting to become the winner. But, it will be hard to distinguish the character that will be the exact Identity V of you. When you play, it is essential to evaluate the Character of Identity V of your resemble.

For that, you can dig the Identity V personality quiz and get an idea about the Identity V character called Survivor character, which matches with you. in the game; you will find nineteen playable vicious Hunters. There will be thirty playable survivors in as a selectable Identity V character. Some characters are required to be killed on unsatisfactory skills. Now let us see the best hunters in the Identity.

Leo Beck as an Identity V character

This is a dangerous hunter. His earlier owner was a factory. However, after the betrayal, he has burnt the factory and turn into a monster. The best skill of Leo is the puppet. With that, his puppet has located survivors just after the skill button is pressed. As the alias, you will see Hell Ember.

Jack as an Identity V character

The Alias of Jack is The Ripper, and there will be good abilities that are pretty scary. He has giant palms and fingers. That will be more like the blades which have collected fog from the surrounding. That will gather soon. He will blast at the survivors. There will be Jack who will trace the prints in the fog, hiding in shadows. It will show anywhere and completed the enemies.

Violetta as an Identity V character

This Identity V character is known as the Soul Reaper. She is trying to be the show’s star. That will look different, but her appearance is more like a spider who hates survivors. She has strong powers like webbing. That will trap enemies. However, with the long press than a webbing attack can cause considerable damages to enemies. The Cocoon Death is the most harmful because Violetta wraps will kill horrendously.

Yidhra as an Identity V character

This is the best Hunter and is the best existence before the world than all the other unique powers. She will follow anyone, and she can bewitch all the others who are surviving to kill them. There will be some survivors who have never seen when she appears in the dreams. That is called the Dream Witch. Sometimes, there will be some always and other shields.

Lucian as an Identity V character

This is a unique character who is either not a human or a ghost-like creature similar to a Reptile. That is a character that has never been seen. He has a long tongue and a horrific body, and that can make survivors Evil Reptillian. There will be a Preying Leap as the ability, and it can jump so high and hit some falling objects on the Survivors. That will harm them. Like that, there will be falling back when you press the skill button. Her intensity can decrease and kill more enemies.

As the best survivors in the identity V, you will see these characters. The specialty here is, they have to work together to survive.

Emma woods as an Identity V character

She is a gardener and veteran by job and has good abilities of mechanics. She always carries a tool kit, and she can dissipate the rocket chairs, which can destroy survivors. There will be high confidence in boosting the other mate survivors. That will happen to close survivors. With the destruction, there will be more rocket chairs in a short time.

Freddy Riley as an Identity V character

He is also a veteran and a lawyer by profession. Her abilities include some charm and administration. That will happen when he employees in rocket chairs. That will reduce the explosion speed by %. Although he is physically weak, he has accurate tools which can hold the map. It will depict some cipher machines, survivors, and the position of hunters. Sometimes, things will go wrong due to the own drawing of maps, Riley.

Kreacher Pierson as an Identity V character

This is not a veteran but a good character. Although his career history mentioned him as a Thief, he will support all the others to get free. Kreacher Pierson is easily locks and deciphering the cipher machines. That will happen to close survivors, and there will be unlocking opportunities than the double.

Servais Le Roy from the Identity V characters

This is an incredible magician who can turn himself invisible whenever he feels a threat. As a disadvantage, there will be freezing of him when someone tries to kill him when he turns invisible. That will be deadly also. As the primary tool, he will use a wand that can make Illusion. That will be bewildered Hunters.

Kurt Frank as an Identity V character

As an explorer, he will love books and has some additional abilities. That will turn her to win. He has the book Gulliver’s Travel as the tool. After reading it, he will be a body shrinks to Lilliputian’s size. There will be some surviving skills. As an explorer, he knows to deal with situations and eliminate the marks of trouble-making.

 Helena Adams as an Identity V character

She will be blind and impeccable sense. The tool named Cane will support for the Survivors to escape. There will be taps in the ground and the locations of the cipher machine, and there will be hunter sensing also. She will act as a messenger among other survivors. As her weakness, she cannot escape with other speedy hunters.


Identity V personality quiz is a fantastic game where the players can enjoy and survive and horror. You can resemble your character of Identity V. here; we have discussed the details of several characters that you can use in the game. Each of these characters has unique features which are specialized in some areas. If you have an idea to have a better gaming performance, you can choose to play it from LDPlayer as well.

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