What is Voxal Voice Changer – Top 10 Voice Changer Alternatives to Voxal

Voice changers have gained popularity in the realm of digital communication. They offer a fun and creative means to modify your voice while engaging in activities such as online gaming, content recording, or receiving voice calls.One of the best voice changers in this arena is Voxal Voice Changer. Have you ever heard about it? You might not know, but some people may have good knowledge about it. In this guide, we’ll reveal Voxal Voice Changer in depth with the best  alternatives. 

Voxal Voice Changer

Different digital devices can be used to make some differences in your voice, and we can add some sound effects to remake it. And you will not believe for how many purposes we can use these voice changers.That is why we have created this comprehensive guide on voice changers. By utilizing voice changer websites, you can enhance your sounds to be more imaginative and amusing. As you check our guide, you may consider exploring alternative options for a Voxal  Changer. That is why we have included some of the best alternatives to Voxal Changer in this guide. Feel free to try out these alternatives and choose the one that best suits your needs.

What Is Voxal Voice Changer?

What Is Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice changer is a tool that has many options to make changes to your voice. By using this platform, you can quickly change your voice into the voices of boys, girls, aliens, robots, and much more. It consists of unlimited features to create voice differences in any audio-video chatting app or while playing games with your friends. And also you can use it to enjoy remaking voices for avatars and podcasts.

Features of Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal consists of different features; let’s see what are the key features that help to modify voices.

  • User-friendly – Anyone can use this platform very easily as it has a user-friendly interface, and you needn’t have advanced knowledge to start voice modifications. With a little effort, you can manage options in this platform to get high-quality output.
  • Customized voice effects – This option can be used to customize your voice with different voice effects as it consists of a huge effects collection.
  • Rich in voice effects – This tool offers a wide range of voice effects to change your voice and gender, and you can turn your voice into an alien or robot.  All these voices can be used in audio and video recording.
  • Low CPU usage – As this tool uses very low CPU space, it will not interfere with other running applications.
  • Compatibility – Easy to use with other different platforms like WhatsApp and Zoom, as well as in gaming and meetings.

How Does the Voxal Changer Work?

Now you know what a Voxal voice changer is, its features, and many other things, so let’s move on to learn the process of using this tool.

Download the Setup

Download the Setup

First, you need to download the setup. Visit the official website NCH Software and download the setup, then click on it and select the menu, and there you can see” tool.” click on it to select the recording device and playback devices.

Select Voice Effects

Select Voice Effects

Now, you are in the main interface; you can see a list with different voice effects; click on the effect you need to add. There is a ” preview ” button so you can listen to the voice before using it; additionally, you can use”Hotkey” to customize effects.

Use Voxal Voice Changer With Different Apps

You can launch other apps such as Zoom, Skype, and Discord, then choose the voice effect you need to add and speak to your microphone to detect your voice automatically by the application.

Pros and Cons of Voxal Changer

So now, let’s identify the advantages and disadvantages of using this popular voice changer.


  • You don’t need advanced knowledge to use the options of the tool.
  • It is the best tool to change your voice in real-time.
  • This tool is compatible with different apps
  • Use low CPU power.
  • It consists of options to change the noise
  • Vast effects library
  • Effects customization available 


  • Limited features in the free version.
  • No mobile app
  • It only supports the Voxal file format.
  • The user interface isn’t friendly for new beginners.

Top Voxal Changer Alternatives

Here, we will bring you the alternatives for voxal because when you go through the guide from the startup, you might think the alternative is the suitable choice for you. Because when you use the Voxal platform, you may encounter different issues. From our list, you can try new alternatives to remake your voices with high quality.

Voice Candy

Voice Candy

Voice Candy is the best alternative for a voxal voice changer that allows you to modify your voice. Just connect your microphone to your computer and use this tool, and there are lots of functions to use. During chats or recordings, you can use the effects provided by this tool to generate new voices. Additionally, it has a friendly interface so you can navigate through the platform easily, and it supports keyboard shortcuts, too. Moreover, it consists of a voice notes manager system to organize recorded voice clips into folders.

Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish voice changer is also a fantastic alternative to Voxal voice changer that offers functions to create multiple new voices. It is a real-time voice-changing tool, and you can use it when playing games, chatting, etc. It consists of different effects like clone, pitch, Atari game, playlist management, multiple audio formats, and much more. Another main feature is it allows you to record and save your voice to use in the future. Additionally, it consists of a proper pitch system in the sounds of female, baby male, etc.

All in One

All in One

If anyone needs to recreate a voice using a multi-functional tool, we recommend  All in One for you as the best voxal voice changer alternative to voxal. This tool was initially created as a Skype voice changer system, but now it is compatible with other instant messaging platforms as well. Additionally, you can use it for QQ International and Yahoo. The voice clips recorded by this tool are saved in WMA format, and you can use these remake voice clips for entertainment activities, during calls, etc. So, it is better to try out this application to modify new voices.

Fake Voice

Fake voice is a great voxal voice changer alternative that helps you to make multiple changes in your voice and convert them into female or male voices. It also supports the creation of fake voices of robots, young, teen, old, etc. You can use this tool to transform your original voice; in addition, this platform is compatible with other programs and messaging apps. You can easily make it. Different changes using setting options in the tool to set frequency, pitch, noise threshold, etc., and all these creations are of high quality.



Voicemod is one of the best alternatives for Voxal voice changers, which allows you to recreate voices with real-time voice-changing effects. Without much effort, you can use this because it is a very user-friendly tool, and it works through other platforms such as Discord, Zoom, etc. You can use the free version to test these features. In addition, you can get access through Windows and remake voices to play games, prank friends, and upload YouTube. It has options to create videos by adding these modified voices, so it is better to try them at least once.

Morphvox Pro

Morphvox Pro

MorphVox Pro is an amazing voxal voice changer alternative that helps you to modify your voice by adding sound effects and background effects. Like others, this tool also can be used in chatting, gaming, and with some programs. It produced very high-quality creations by using a variety of options available. It comes with a free version, but you can access limited features only. So, to add more creativity to your voice changers, you can purchase the paid version.

Av Voice Changer

Av Voice Changer

AV Voice Changer is a versatile platform that empowers users to modify their voice notes in real time. With a vast array of sound effects and presets, it provides countless possibilities for voice modulation. Whether you need to sound like a celebrity, alien, or robot or even create unique voices for gaming or video content creation, this Voice Changer delivers. Its user-friendly interface and compatibility with various apps make it a great tool for voice transformation enthusiasts. Download this voice changer alternative to start exploring the world of altered voices. 

Hero Voicer

Hero Voicer

Hero Voicer is also an excellent alternative to Voxal Voice Changer. It is also a versatile voice-changing tool that allows you to remake voices in real-time while recording audio or during chatting. With its user-friendly interface, you can manage every option without advanced knowledge. With a wide range of voice effects, it offers a seamless experience for content creators, filmmakers, gamers, and anyone looking to spend entertaining time. Create a sound like a celebrity, alien, or robot. Hero Voicer provides numerous preset voice options to make the best changes in your voice communication or content creations.



Are you looking for a multi-functional voice changer tool? Then, the IVoice is the best option for you to recreate a digital voice by changing characteristics such as pitch, period, tone color, frequency, and much more, and it delivers in three levels. In the first level, you can only change a single voice note, and in this primary level, it has options to change the voice as an audio file. 

At the advanced level, you can modify your voice using the provided functions and features to generate a natural sound. Additionally, it is compatible with different third-party programs such as broadcasting tools, in-gaming tools, messaging platforms, etc. Finally, at the expert level, this tool allows you to change your voice in real time, make parody voices, support movie clips, etc.



MasqVox Voice changer is the last website, which is a functional alternative to the voxal voice changer that aids you with creating funny voice notes, changing voice with sound effects, and its used as an entertainment option in gaming. Its main features are making voice changers according to characters, creating and saving voices, availability of cartoon and human voices, etc. But the issue is it’s available only on the PC, and most features in this tool are free, but if you need to, you can change to a paid plan at a fixed price of $14.99.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs along with answers to  easier searching processes when you need a complete guide to voxal changers.

1. Is Voxal Voice Changer free to use?

Voxal Voice Changer provides a free version, but it consists of limited features. If you need more advanced features, you can choose the paid version. With a paid plan, you can make changes to your voice.

2. Can I use these voice changers for professional purposes?

Yes, some voice changers provide professional-grade features, so you can choose the right application to make your professional voice creations more successful with different voice effects.

3. Are these voice changers safe to download and use?

Yes, they are safe. But when you choose any platform, check whether it is legal, safe, or not before starting to use it. Because we can’t recommend that each and every site is safe.

4. Do I need any special equipment to use a voice changer?

No, you can use a voice changer with your existing headphones and microphone, But sometimes, some tools might ask for any equipment.

5. Can I revert to my original voice when using these tools?

Yes, voice changers have options to revert to your original voice, so during your process of remaking voices, you can adjust it using settings.

Is the Voice Changer Free?

It has a free version, and anyone can use it, but it consists of limited features, so if you need the full features pack, you need to go for the paid version.

Is the Voxal Changer Safe?

Yes, This tool is safe and user-friendly as well as it doesn’t use your personal files or any resources. You can remake voices with no hassle.


This is a complete guide to voxal voice changers and top alternatives. If you need to change your voice, there are different options, such as apps, websites, Ghostface voice changers, etc. Voxal voice changers have become very famous due to their features provided for modifying voices, and you can customize your own voice. It is compatible with different websites and easy to use. Additionally, you can change gender or change voices into alien or robot voices. These voice clips can be used to prank friends, in gaming, or for professional usage.

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