What is Character AI – Everything You Need to Know

Character AI is becoming very popular among all users worldwide because of its features, and it allows users to chat with AI-powered personalities. It is not a lie that everyone needs very personalized things in their day-to-day life, whether the vehicle they go, things they use or anything. What do you think if you have a personalized chatbot? It is similar to a friend in that you can share everything but virtually. 

Character AI

People use AI chatbots in different ways to do their day-to-day work. Because technological advancements are being made everywhere, whether it is related to social or business life, the chatting experience has come to another level as a form of Character AI. Today, we will review this platform in depth.

How would you feel if you had any chance to chat with your favorite celebrity character? Yes, you can; this total creation is using this platform, and you can make changes in backgrounds, styles, and everything; you can chat with them, or it has options to join groups to chat with different chatbots. The Character AI tool has been used by millions of people to create accounts to chat with their personalized chatbots since it started. We are here to guide you on how this platform works and the best alternatives for it.

How Does Character AI Work?

Character AI is a tool developed by Google developers Daniel De Freitas and Noam Shazeer. And it works using neural language models and knowledge graphs to design different characters that can respond by understanding your inputs. It has provided some options to chat with some characters without creating an account. But If you need to create your own Character or if you need to chat with pre-made characters, you should create an account. It offers you options to edit name, gender, voice, age, appearance, hobbies, mood and many more.

Character AI

This is a platform where you can chat with the most popular celebrity characters like Selena Gomes, Jennifer Lopoze, Harry Potter, Taylor Swift, etc., to make some enjoyable movements. Once you create an account on this website, you can receive all these benefits and can make some textual conversations. Additionally, you can have education chats with these characters that can aid you with your homework or teach you as an English teacher, Maths teacher or professor. 

Moreover, if you feel bored using textual conversations, you can speak with them using the mic provided by this tool. You can enable the microphone and click it to input some voice notes. After you finish speaking again, click the microphone, and you will get the response quickly. For everything, you can use the website or mobile app.

Is Character AI Safe?

As digital personalized usage increased and developed, people used this platform to get answers to the most prevailing questions. But you may get a question about the safety of this site. You should know that character creators can’t view your conversations. But they keep records of everything you say to develop this platform. So it is better to be careful about everything you say. It has options to keep your own characters public or private, so there is no need to worry.

In addition, the NSFW filter included in this platform always prevents you from having discussions about improper things with your AI Character. Also, you can’t make any claim about the answers they give; sometimes, answers won’t make any sense and repeat the same thing. By considering all these factors, you can agree to confirm the safety of this platform. You can take proper steps to enhance your security by logging in with a different email or using a VPN.

What Is the Process Of Creating Characters ?

Character AI allows you to design chatbot personalities to interact with. This platform provides you with different options to create your personal chatbots and make new conversations with all of them. Let’s see what steps you should take to create these characters.

How to Create an Account?

Suppose you need to create a character before all. First, go to the home page of Character AI and click the “sign up” button; then, you have to enter your email along with the password or use Google sign-in. After you create an account, you will see an icon called ” create”, then click the button. Then select “Create character “, located in the window on the left-hand side. Then again, you will get a new window; get started by entering your name, and everyone will know you by this name.

Greeting Writing

Here is the greeting section, and you have to enter a beautiful greeting to get started if someone clicks your character. For example, think that there is a character called Gerry. When we click on that character, it shows,

” Gerry: Hello, I’m Gerry; how can I help you? I could help you with your homework and all.

Like this example, Create a nice greeting for your chatbot.

How Do You Create Images?

There is another option to create images during your textual conversations. You can create a profile picture or any image that you want to keep in your picture gallery, and you can go more advanced in the image creation option.

The Final Creation of Your Chatbot

This is the final step in the character-creating process; click on the “character and chat” button to start advanced editing. In that window, you will see the ” edit details” option, do these settings here.

  • You need to give a description of your chatbot.
  • Then, select the voice tone.
  • Choose the category in which you should be included; it’s public, and anyone can search for you.
  • Then, change the visibility settings in the creation panel of your Character. 
  • Make some chat examples for your Character to get an idea of how a conversation should continue.

That’s all. Now, you have already created your personalized Character AI bot. and there are some extra options you can follow. Let’s see what they are.

Create a Character Room

In the character creation area, you will find a button to create a room. It’s provided to create a chat room, and you can add multiple chatbots you want in your room to make some group discussions. Only you can add 10 chatbots to one room, and the minimum is one. It will be an amazing experience, like you are chatting with a group of humans.

Learn a New Language

Don’t think this is just for chatting with your celebrities or fictional entities, only because you can use this to develop yourself. Here, you have a chance to learn a new language so you can use it to learn different language-based knowledge such as English, French, Japanese, etc. or choose it as a translator. Additionally, this is a good option to enhance your vocabulary. But you should be very careful about what you input, we can’t guarantee that all the output is totally correct.

Top Key Features of Character AI

This platform consists of some features. Let’s identify the top features that help to make some changes to your account.

  • Character development – It has provided options to create AI characters and get help from them to do your work.
  • Numerous Themes – This site supports over 19 different themes, enabling users to continue conversations about anything.
  • Quick mode– If you need to create AI characters within a minute, use this option.
  • Brainstormer – You can use the Brainstormer to generate new ideas, and it allows users to engage in illustrated conversations, which include beautiful images.
  • Language translation – Use this option to learn a new language and use it as a translator.
  • Beyond plain texts– It has options to go beyond texts during conversations and can use emojis, comments, etc.
  • Privacy Control– You can change privacy settings from this option.
  • Speech-to-text– This platform provides an option to talk with characters. So, you can talk with your chatbot without making textual conversations.

What Are the Pros and Cons?

You will be amazed by chatting with your favorite personalities through different virtual conversations on this platform, but overall, it has different advantages and disadvantages. Let’s move to understand what those are.


  • It has options to create AI characters 
  • Conversational AI
  • Amazing trained chatbots
  • It supports speech-to-text
  • User-friendly interface 
  • You can learn new languages 
  • It provides opportunities to enhance your vocabulary
  • Helpful to complete some of your tasks


  • These characters make things up
  • The updates of this platform can impact the behavior of the Character.
  • Every output of chatbots may not be correct.
  • Lack of genuine understanding.
  • Absence of creativity.


  • It is in beta, although you can use the free version.

Best Alternatives for Character AI

If anyone decides to go for a Character AI alternative, we have picked the best among all. You can use these by considering your needs to enhance the user experience.



Among very famous alternatives, our first selection is Kajiwoto, and it consists of a user-friendly interface. You can chat with popular characters as well as you can get help from this chatbot for your daily work. This consists of both free and paid plans so you can choose the better one. The paid plan gives more features than the free plan, and if you need more business ideas, it is better to go for a paid plan.



ChatFAI is another best chatbot that you can use for a better virtual chat with your favorite personalities, celebrities, heroes, and all. If you are searching for NSFW characters in chatbot, this is the best option for you because this site consists of lots of NSFW characters, but you have to confirm that you are 18 plus to get access. Poke, Vanessa, and Astolfo are some of the famous characters. This has both free and paid plans, so you can choose what plan is best for you.



EVA AI is also the best alternative for Character AI, which allows users to create an account and chat with more famous characters and heroes virtually. Here also you can give details about your age, hobbies, identities etc. This is available on mobile phones if you use Android or IOS devices. You can download this app to get a super experience that you have never gotten. You can get access through websites, so only you can use the mobile application. 

Inworld AI

Inworld AI

Inworld AI is the best alternative that you can use to get help for your daily work as a best chatbot friend. You can use this tool for free. But If you think the features in the free version are not enough to complete your work, you can get the paid version, and the paid plans start from $20. This website is designed with a user-friendly format, so you can easily use the options in this.

CrushOn AI

CrushOn AI

Crush On AI is another beat alternative for Character AI, which consists of NSFW characters. So you can create any character on this site, and you can exchange your every feeling with that personal Character. When you start chatting with chatbots on this site, you will feel that it’s a very fun and good version to keep as close friends as you like. It also consists of different features to make your conversations more advanced, but it may popup ads in the free version, so if you need more advanced features, change to the paid plan.



Replika is known as one of the most advanced tools that can be used as the best alternative to chat with AI characters. It also offers many features to edit the appearance, name, hobbies, etc., and it also provides options to create an avatar. It has a well-designed user interface, and you can select any free or paid plan to have long conversations with your favorite celebrities. Create an account and try to make a good virtual friend to share everything in your mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions along with answers to know more while you search about Character AI.

What is Character AI used for?

It is an AI chatbot web application created using artificial intelligence. In this platform, you can create AI characters and can make different conversations with them. Additionally, you can talk with your favorite celebrities, heroes etc. It supports both speech-to-text and textual conversations.

Is Character AI real or fake?

It is better to know that this is not a real person, but developers have designed this platform to simulate human-like text and speech conversations through artificial intelligence.

Is NSFW allowed in Character AI ?

No. It doesn’t allow NSFW content; it has no option to make inappropriate talk while using this chatbot. So, you should avoid discussing different NSFW topics.

Can character AI creators see your chats?

No, Chats are always private, but they keep some recordings of everything that you say for the development of the site. Other users can’t view your chat, and you can’t view their chats. If you need to share your chat, you can use sharing options.

Is Character AI safe?

It ensures that developers can’t enter your chats, or any user cannot view your chats. But they keep recording everything that you say for further enhancement of the platform. We can confirm that this is totally safe.


This article outlines Character AI, and it is a platform where you can chat with AI chatbots. In this guide, we discuss how It works, its advantages, disadvantages, and top features with different alternatives. So before you start chatting with chatbots, you better read this article from beginning to end to get a good understanding of the process. If you have any desire to chat with your favorite celebrity character, you can create an account on this site and have more fun. Additionally, you can use this site to improve yourself also. Don’t be late to create your chatbot friend.

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