Watcher of Realms Beginner’s Guide – The Best Tips

The mythical continent Tya is full of chaos at the moment. To save it, you must be a commander with unique heroes as your battle companions and battle to the death, putting your life on the line. So, are you ready to step onto this mythical continent in the Watcher of Realms gameplay and give it a try to save it from all the chaos that has arisen recently? If not, this is your ultimate helper to prepare yourself for chaos. 

Watcher of Realms

There are dozens of unique heroes with different factions, types, and star tiers with unique skills. You can summon them to your gameplay and use them well to battle against evil. Since the Watcher of Realms global release date is set to 13th July, you should prepare for the best gaming experience here. And for that, we guarantee you that this Watcher of Realms beginner guide is your first and best choice. 

Campaign Mode to Clear

In this game, you need to prioritize completing the campaign mode. The campaign mode is the main mode you should complete as much as possible in your beginner phase. When completing the campaign mode, you can unlock most of the features in the gameplay. So you must complete as many chapter stages as possible. 

At the beginning of the game, you have no authority to access any other feature, such as summoning, but when you go through the campaign modes, you can unlock all these features gradually. Therefore prioritize the campaign mode in your early game stage. 

Campaign Mode to Clear

Before you enter a chapter stage, there are some things you should consider, such as the recommended battle power, the goal you should acquire, and the rewards you will receive after the battle. After considering all these factors, you can enter the stage and start the fight. 

And also, in this campaign mode, there are progress rewards. These progress rewards can be obtained according to the number of stars you have acquired within a chapter. For every chapter stage you complete, you can earn up to three stars according to your performance on the stage. 

So accumulating a certain number of stars in a chapter performing the best in all the stages lets you open different chests full of treasure. Remember to try to get all three stars from all the stages by performing the best and earning more chests full of rewards. 

Summon Characters

How can you obtain the heroes in this Watcher of Realms gameplay? Through the summoning system given here. When you enter the summoning system, you can see banners, and using any of the banners, you can summon any of the Watcher of Realms characters you need. 

Summon Characters

But the summoning system proceeds as a gacha element, so obtaining a higher star-tier character will not be easy. Every banner comes with a pity system that guarantees to give you a higher star tier. If you have the currencies to summon Watcher of Realms characters, you can summon them using this system. Summon more characters and get more powerful heroes for your gameplay. 

Types of Heroes

All the heroes have a specific type that determines how they will perform during battles and where they should be positioned in the battle formation. There are six types of heroes, and let us see an explanation of each hero in this guide. 

  • Fighters – these heroes are the best warriors in this gameplay and excel in close combat. So they are good for the front row in the battle formation. Fighters are the top damage dealers in this game. 
  • Marksmen – these heroes are the distant killers of the battle team that can deal with distant enemies as they have an extended range compared to the other hero types. Marksmen deal with physical attacks on distant enemies. 
  • Rangers – these are like the wanderers obsessed with attacking, and they are good at gaining extra cost. 
  • Defenders – these are the characters who are the best at positioning in the front row of the battle squad. These heroes have great strength with strong physiques. Defenders act like tanks in the gameplay.
  • Healers – if you want supporters in your gameplay, you should go with these healers. Healers are good at healing the ally units in the team. 
  • Mages – these characters are known as masters of magic and have the skills to destroy their enemies with mysterious spells. 

Enhance the Heroes

In this Watcher of Realms gameplay, you need to enhance the power of your heroes to let them function more perfectly during the battles. Enhancing can be done in many ways here. But each method requires you to spend many resources, and the resources you need will be changed according to the methods you use to enhance the heroes. When enhancing, don’t try to enhance Watcher of Realms all characters; try only to improve the characters that are useful for you throughout the whole gameplay. 

Enhance the Heroes

The first method to enhance the heroes is upgrading the level. Upgrading the level increases not only the level of the character, but you can also increase the battle power of the characters. Each character has a maximum level cap; make sure to upgrade the characters to their maximum levels. 

Once you upgrade the character’s level to its max level, you can promote the star tier of the character. For example, if your character’s star tier is three, you can promote it to a four-star tier after the character is leveled up to the max. 

And then, you can upgrade the skills of the characters. Upgrading skills improve the effectiveness of each skill. Therefore, you should upgrade your skills and strengthen your character. Equipping gear is also another method you should use to enhance your heroes. When equipping your heroes with the best gear, they will get additional stats that make them stronger. 

Play the Storyline

Playing the storyline of this game is very important for a beginner like you. Because at the end of it, you will get a legendary hero for yourself. Therefore, you must complete the storyline and obtain the legendary heroes they offer. In this storyline, you are given specific goals to acquire. When you complete them, you will complete the storyline, and then you will get the end reward: a legendary hero. 


Here are the best tips and tricks you should follow when playing this Watcher of Realms gameplay. You can succeed in this game with the right set of tips and tricks. As this is mainly a tactical role-playing game, apply these strategies to your gameplay and do your best. 

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