War of GAMA – Guide for Beginners with Every New Detail to Know

War of GAMA is a classic MMORPG that has been adapted for mobile devices, allowing you to go on adventures regardless of where you are. In this game, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from hundreds of morphs, each with its own unique appearance and abilities. It’s possible to assume the guise of a dark elf, a mercenary armed with dual cannons, or a dark magic general who deals lethal blows to your adversaries.

War of GAMA

These morphs offer special appearances, increase your attack speed and combat power, and even turn the tide of wars. So pick the morph that best suits your playstyle and start your journey to become the strongest warrior in the land. Through this guide, we will show the basics you should know to become a great warrior.

Simply put, you can never afford to let your guard down in this vast and dangerous world. The danger is everywhere, in the wilderness, in the cemetery, and everywhere else. To stay alive, you’ll have to be a force to be reckoned with, always ready to grab your weapons and tighten your nerves. Let’s start

Choosing a Class in War of Gama

At the top of the game, you will be asked to pick a class. For now, the War of GAMA only has three classes, and they all have their own play style and things they are good at. 


Choosing a Class in War of Gama

Knights are best known for their physical strength and ability to withstand much damage in combat. As melee fighters, they are proficient with a wide array of weaponry. In addition to their strong defense, knights also have high stamina, allowing them to fight for long periods without getting tired.

Some possible playstyles for knights might include tanking, where they absorb damage for the rest of the party, or melee damage dealing, where they use their physical strength to take down enemies up close.

Elf (Archer)

Elf (Archer)

Elves are skilled at ranged combat, using bows and arrows to attack enemies from a distance. Moreover, they are nimble and swift on their feet, making them challenging to hit in battle. In addition to their physical abilities, elves are also attuned to natural magic and may be able to cast spells that enhance their combat abilities or support their allies.



Mages are powerful spellcasters who can harness the elements of nature to cast a wide range of spells. They often use staff as their primary weapon but may also be able to cast spells with just their hands or other magical objects. Mages excel at ranged combat and can unleash devastating spells from a distance. They are also highly intelligent and value mental power above all else.

Some possible playstyles for mages might include damage dealing, where they use their spells to take down enemies from afar, or support, where they use their magic to aid their allies in battle.

Questing in War of Gama

There are a few ways to progress in the War of GAMA. Luckily you will not have to search for main storyline quests, you can accept them through the quest tracker on the left side of the screen, and once you start a quest chain, you can turn them in without going back to the quest giver and accept the next quest from where you are. 

Main storyline missions are quests that follow the main storyline of the War of GAMA and provide context and background for the player’s actions. Completing these tasks is necessary to advance in the game and gain access to additional features.

Oracle Quests

Oracle quests are tasks that you can receive from a quest bulletin board of the War of GAMA. Players can receive ten random quests each day, which are divided into different levels of difficulty and offer both guaranteed and random rewards.

Oracle Quests

The quest bulletin board is refreshed once per day, or you can spend gold tokens to reroll individual quests up to ten times per day. Beyond the ten times per day limit, players can refresh the quest bulletin board by using diamonds. 

You can also obtain additional quests by killing monsters and using quest scrolls, which can be purchased in the shop using gold coins. The token store is where you can spend the oracle coins you earn from completing oracle quests.


The achievement system tracks your accomplishments in the game, such as the number of monsters killed and completed oracle quests. You can earn rewards for meeting certain achievement goals, which are tied to completing a certain number of a specific type of quest or reaching a certain level.

Daily Missions

Daily missions are tasks that are refreshed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. These missions may vary in difficulty and reward, and completing them can provide you with a range of rewards and provide you a set of goals to achieve each day.

What Are Morph Cards?

Half-blood elves in War of GAMA have the ability to transform into powerful creatures or heroic spirits using special items called morph cards. These morph cards allow you to change your appearance, boost your stats, and gain new powers for a limited time.

What Are Morph Cards

Once the time limit expires, you will revert back to the normal form. Morph cards can be either melee, ranged, magical, or a hybrid. Each card’s abilities are optimized for a specific kind of weapon, and may only be fully unleashed when used in conjunction with that weapon class. Morph cards come in five rarity tiers: white, green, blue, red, and purple, with purple being the rarest and most powerful. 

Players can reroll four morph cards of the same rarity to potentially obtain a higher rarity card, and collecting a specific combination of morph cards can grant additional bonuses through the “Morph Codex.” Red morph cards’ power can be doubled by spending diamonds within a certain time frame. You can win them by taking part in the marketplace’s card-drawing event, or you can buy them with gold coins or gift packs.

What Are Morph Cards

Gear System of War of Gama

Gears are items that characters in the game can equip to give them various benefits. Gears are divided into five different colors: green, white, red, blue, and purple. Each color is usually associated with a different rarity level, with white being the most common and purple being rare.

Each piece of gear has certain attributes that provide benefits to the character using it. Increases in strength, intelligence, agility, defense, accuracy, speed, magic defense, and HP and MP are only a few instances of these attributes. The specific attributes of a piece of gear can vary depending on the character that is using it.

In addition to character-specific gear, there are also general gears that can be used by any character and have balanced attributes. These general gears include equipment and clothing, which are not restricted by a character’s class.

Gear Enhancement

The enhancement system allows you to improve the basic attributes of your gear by consuming enhancement scrolls. Successfully enhancing a piece of gear can also unlock additional, random attributes. However, there is a risk that the enhancement will fail and potentially destroy the gear, depending on the gear’s durability. 

Gear Enhancement

Durability is a measure of how much wear and tear a piece of gear can take before it breaks. Different gears have different durability ranges, with some gear having higher maximum durability than others. If a piece of gear’s durability is within a certain range (called the “safety range”), it will not be destroyed if the enhancement fails. 

If the equipment’s durability is below the safety range, the enhancement will result in its permanent destruction. Maximum weapon enhancement safety is at 6, maximum armor safety is at 4, and maximum accessory enhancement safety is at 0.

Gear Crafting

In addition to enhancing gear, you can also craft new gear by collecting materials and spending currency. The crafting process has a chance of success and a chance of failure. If the crafting process succeeds, then you will receive either bound or unbound gear, depending on the quality of the craft. Materials will be wasted if the process does not succeed. As a general rule, the better the quality of the equipment being made, the higher the chance of failure.

Gear Crafting

Except for certain gear that cannot be disassembled, players can also break down their gear into materials by consuming an “Item Dissolver.” These materials can then be used to craft new gear. Gear can be obtained from various sources in the game, such as monster drops, crafting, in-game shops, special events, and trading with other players.


With any luck, you’ll learn all the basics of War of GAMA from this guide. If you’re just starting out in War of GAMA, your priority should be leveling up your character as quickly as possible so you can start using the materials you’ve accumulated to make your own equipment, as enhancing low-level gear is a frustrating and time-consuming process. This concludes our War of GAMA beginners guide; we appreciate your time and attention.

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