Underground Blossom Walkthrough Guide & Tips for Beginners

Guide & Tips for Beginners

Are you tired of trying the same kind of games all the time? Then it is your perfect time to make a change by trying this Underground Blossom walkthrough gameplay. This is a kind of adventure puzzle gameplay where you are going through the memories and the life of Laura Vanderboom, the game’s main character. You have many things to do in this game, such as explorations, traveling, investigations, and other tasks. So in this guide, we will help you to learn more about the game, including a walkthrough and some essential tips for beginners. 

Underground Blossom

The stories here are full of mysteries, and you have to reveal all these mysteries to complete the gameplay. And also, some puzzles are very tricky to solve; you need good observation and analytical skills to solve them successfully. The game is tricky enough to confuse you because you will be confused when you start playing it without knowing the next step. But thanks to this guide, you will know what you need to know at the beginning of the game. Once you get the hang of the gameplay with the help of this guide, it will be quite easy to go with the flow. 

The Places to Go Through

According to the demo version released before the official release of the gameplay, you have to travel through a train from one station to another, reaching several destinations to complete several episodes or chapters. Each of these episodes allows you to taste different experiences and the life events of the main character of the game Laura. Here you have to go through all these experiences solving the mysteries. 

All the mysteries you will find in this game are interconnected. So you should use your brain correctly to solve them one by one. Let us see roughly what you need to do in the first two chapters of the gameplay. 

Crib Station

Crib Station

The crib station is the first destination you will reach through the train in this game. At the beginning of the game, you must enter the train by opening its door and then get off the train when the train arrives at the predestined destination. After getting off the train, you have to tap on the character you can see, Rose, to talk. The real Underground Blossom gameplay will start after the conversation with the relevant character (Rose). 

  • Open the briefcase and get what is inside (milk bottle, matchbox).
  • Afterward, go to another scenario in the same destination to open the box, get the clothing piece, and file in it. 
  • Use the file to get the notched rod, and use the notched rod to get the key. 
  • Get the safety pin on the cart, pull the blanket off from the baby, and give the bottle of milk to the baby to drink. 
  • After that, press the piece of cloth to the baby as a diaper and use a safety pin. 
  • Tap on the diaper until the baby poops, and then put the baby’s dirty diaper in the bin. 
  • Use the matchbox to ignite the trash bin, then pick up the scraper. 
  • Scrape the poster using the scraper to check what it tells. 
  • There is a symbol in the poster, and remember it properly. 
  • Go to the Rose, tap on her pendant, and select the pendant parts to create the symbol shown in the poster. 
  • You will see the time as 10.15 and then set the clock time to 10.15. 
  • The train will appear, get on the train, and then talk to the conductor. 
  • After the conversation, open the conductor’s pocket and get the coin.
  • Get off the train and go to the ticket counter and open it using the key obtained earlier. 
  • Use the rod to wake the person at the counter and buy a ticket with the coin you got from the conductor. 
  • Get on the train again and give the ticket to the conductor to punch it and then reach the next station. 

In the crib station, there are different scenarios that you can see by swiping the screen to the left or right. In each scenario, there are various objects you should collect and different Underground Blossom secrets you need to reveal. 

Child Lane

Child Lane

After you are done with completing the mysteries in the crib station, which is the previous destination, then you will reach the child lane through the train, which is your next stop in Underground Blossom. In the child lane, there are several scenarios you can swipe and check. Each scenario has different puzzles and mysteries to solve, and each scenario has different clues that need you to solve these mysteries. 

  • Get off the train and talk to Rose and the child Laura. 
  • Get the old gum using a specific tool and give it to Laura and tap on Laura until you get the chewed gum. 
  • Find the poster and paste it on the empty frame using the chewed gum. 
  • Tap on the items as instructed by the poster until you get the Surprise and the phone number 24355. 
  • Focus on the second poster and tap on the items smaller to the bigger ones in order, and after that, you will get a key. 
  • During these mysteries, you must interact and tap on Laura when you see her hiding in specific places. 
  • Get the glass tile from Laura, place it on the Mosaic, and swipe and flip the tiles until it creates a big tree. 
  • Once you flip the tiles and create a tree, you can get another tool from the box next to the mosaic. 
  • Go to the newsstand, open it using the tool obtained before, and give the newspaper to the man sitting on a bench in a specific scenario. 
  • Open the man’s pocket, get a coin, go to the phone booth, put the coin, and dial the number you retrieved earlier (24355), unlocking the phone booth first with the key you obtained before. 
  • After the conversation, set the time on the clock for seven and then get on the train to reach the next stop. 

To complete the mysteries and puzzles in this Underground Blossom Rusty Lake walkthrough game, you must check on all the scenarios in one destination without getting stuck into the same scenario in one stage. Once you complete an episode in Underground Blossom, you can go to the next one, and so on. 

Observe the Environment for Hints

As we said here in this Underground Blossom Rusty Lake walkthrough, you need to observe the environments for hints, clues, and Underground Blossom secrets to complete the mysteries. Every scenario in all the episodes has many clues and objects that you need, and you need to observe the environment to find the clues and hints you need. 

Observe the Environment for Hints

Sometimes, you will not find the clues and hints you want to solve a mystery in a specific chapter scenario in the same scenario. You must also observe all the objects in other scenarios to find the clues you need to solve a mystery or a puzzle. 

Get Along with the Gameplay

Even though there are still only two chapters of the Underground Blossom walkthrough according to the demo version of the gameplay, we hope there will be more other episodes for you to enjoy and experience unique gameplay. 

Once you get the hang of the gameplay with the first two episodes, completing the other upcoming episodes will be an easy peasy task for you. So get along with the Underground Blossom Rusty Lake walkthrough gameplay and have more fun completing all the puzzles, solving mysteries, and finding clues. 


Here is a proper explanation of the Underground Blossom walkthrough gameplay. In this guide, we have explained to you about the beginner phase of the game, and because of that, you can now start the gameplay when the game releases on the exact set Underground Blossom release date. Until the game is released on the set date, you have to wait a bit longer to enjoy it, but during that time, you can prepare yourself to face the mysteries and puzzles in this game with the help of this guide.

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