Uncharted Waters Origin Guide and Tips for All New Players for Power

Ahoy there, matey! Are you ready to embark on a journey filled with adventure, discovery, and commerce? Welcome to the Uncharted Waters Origin, where the world is your oyster, and the seven seas are yours to conquer. In this age where trade is only conducted from port to port, it’s time to set sail and make your mark in the world.

Uncharted Waters Origin

But this is no ordinary venture. To succeed, you must be cunning, quick-witted, and know how to drive a hard bargain. The markets are ever-changing, and it’s up to you to analyze them and make the best deals. Whether you choose to be a savvy merchant, a daring adventurer, a notorious pirate, or a skilled navy captain, the opportunities are endless.

As you navigate the treacherous waters, you will face many challenges. You’ll need to learn the basics of ship management, identify the dangers lurking in the depths of the ocean, and master the art of sea combat. Even if you are new to the game, with the information we will provide in this Uncharted Waters Origin beginner guide and learning some skills, you’ll be able to keep your crew alive and your ship in one piece. So come along, and let’s take a dive into the Uncharted Waters Origin beginner guide. 

Uncharted Waters Origin Gameplay

The gameplay of Uncharted Waters Origin is divided into a few parts; the first one is the focus. As the company, you have three main focuses to choose from. According to the focus, the game will decide what type of task and union quest should be given to you, and it changes the resources you can get by doing your daily quest. 

Uncharted Waters Origin Gameplay

Once chosen, the focus can be changed anytime you need, but there is a 24-hour cool-down period between changes. To do this, click on your avatar and go to the section called “Character Info.” Your focus will be in a circle on the top right corner of your screen. Click on that circle, choose the new focus, and click “Save.”

  • Adventure: If you select the adventure path, all of the union missions and tasks you receive will have an adventurous focus. You’ll be given tasks like discovering new stuff and rescuing sailors, and the daily objective will reward you with masts for use in constructing ships.
  • Trade: If you select the Trade path all of the union’s requests and chores will center around some form of exchange. You can gather the wood you need to construct ships just by going about your regular activities.
  • Combat:  If you select the Combat Union requests and daily duties will revolve around combat, and executing them will net you Gun Ports, which can be used to construct vessels.

So as an Uncharted Waters Origin beginner, you can pick any focus, and then if you see you need to earn materials that other focus offers, you can change the focus to that. For example, if you are focusing on an adventure but need money, then move to the trade; if you need to fight too, choose combat. There is no special focus; it is entirely situational.

Choosing the Admirals

Choosing the Admirals

The next thing to do is to pick an admiral to lead your organization. You can choose from about five admirals right now, and each one is good at something different. For example, if you pick an adventurer like Joo Franco, you will have high expertise in stats like nature, aesthetics, scouting, and supplies that help you on your adventure. 

If you choose a pirate or naval officer, you’ll be good at artillery, ramming, support, and close combat. If you choose a merchant like Ali Vegas, you’ll be good at buying, selling, navigating, and trading. Which one you should pick will depend on how you plan to play the game. 

If you want to start out with a good economy and make money in Uncharted Waters Origin, you can become a merchant. If you want to hunt down everything in the sea, you should become a naval officer. If you like exploring the world, you can become an adventurer. You don’t have to think about this a lot as you move forward. You will unlock a slot to use other admirals, and then you can choose an admiral you really need to win the game.

Navigation in the Sea

Navigation in the Sea

In order to navigate in the land, you can click on a specific spot on the screen. When you want to travel a long distance, you can pick the place you want to move through the mini map, and the character will start walking. But when you are in the seas of Uncharted Waters Origin, you have to manually control the ship and keep the ship in one direction. 

The game lets you use the fast travel option, but you have to discover it first. So if you want to play the game faster, one of the primary goals should be to discover a few points all around the map so you can fast-travel to the closest place you want to go and drive your ship from there.

But using fast travel also has a few disadvantages, like not being able to discover new places and resources, but it also helps you to avoid the dangers that you might encounter on journeys. Before you travel, you should always make sure to recruit new sailors and refill water and other rations with repair materials. You can use the quick refill option before departure to do this, or going into the supply section’s set laid ratio, you can decide the amount manually or according to the nature of your travel.

Crew Recruitment in Uncharted Waters Origin

Crew Recruitment in Uncharted Waters Origin

recruiting new crew members. You can recruit a sailor from the port before you depart, but cruises that come with special skills like language, navigation, and combat need to be recruited separately. To do that, first, you have to go into an inn and go to the recruitment section. Here you can negotiate a price for joining your crew. 

But the price you offer may be too low for them, and you have to wait a while before renegotiating. If you want to increase the chance of recruitment negotiation, one thing you can do is offer them a gift or sponsor them to increase their affection toward you. This will increase the success rate, and you will be able to save a few coins.

Uncharted Waters Origin Naval Combat

Sea clashes against human and computer-controlled opponents are available in Uncharted Waters Origin. These battles offer a wide range of rewards, including Ducats, EXP, Battle Fame, gear, and various materials and tools, all of which can be obtained by defeating enemy fleets.

Engaging in combat is easy to do. Before beginning a combat at sea, you must first choose a ship to use and then tap the “Battle” option in the middle of the display’s bottom row. Before the battle begins, you will be asked to choose your response to the enemy, with options including fight, parley, flee, or surrender. Depending on your answer, the opponent will make a choice as well.

Uncharted Waters Origin Naval Combat

Once the battle begins, the objectives will be displayed, and you will have the ability to move your ships, use skills and items, or wait during your turn. During combat, mobility and range are impacted by factors such as terrain, water conditions, and the model of vessel. If hostile ships are inside range, you can order an ally ship to launch a basic strike from a position of strength.

Each ship’s previously used skills and items will be saved in quick slots for repeated use in future turns. All quick slots reset once the battle ends. As soon as a ship has moved, you can use your cannon, ramming, duel, repairing, or other abilities such as medical to attack it.

Artillery will damage the durability of enemy ships from a distance, while ramming will damage the durability of enemy ships by colliding with them. The melee option allows you to board enemy ships and reduce the number of enemy crew members. In addition, you can challenge the enemy admiral to a one vs. one duel, which will sink the enemy flagship if won.

PvP battles allow you to engage in battles against other player admirals rather than NPCs. To participate in PvP battles, you must be in hostile waters without naval protection, which can be deactivated during a voyage by consuming 1 Naval Protection.

If a player loses a fight against an Enemy, they can choose to either try again or accept defeat. If you die in battle, you have the option of reviving at the starting location or the closest port. Instant Resurrection can be achieved by using Blue Gems, which will restore the number of crews and the durability of ships but will not refill food and water supplies.


These are the fundamentals of Uncharted Waters Origin that any new player should grasp. We’re hoping you find this material to be useful and that it helps you grasp the fundamentals of the game. With that, we thank you for reading this far and must now conclude this Uncharted Waters Origin guide.

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