Ultimate Beginner Guide and Tips to Tower Of God New World

Tower of God New World is a highly anticipated game that offers a unique blend of action, strategy, and role-playing elements. Inspired by the popular Korean webtoon series “Tower of God,” the game transports players to a fantastical world filled with towering structures and mysterious challenges. As a player, your goal is to ascend the tower, uncover its secrets, and become a legendary figure.

Tower of God New World

The purpose of this guide is to equip beginners with essential knowledge and tips that will enhance their understanding of the game’s mechanics. By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to make informed decisions regarding gears, weapons, and character progression, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey through the Tower of God New World.

Leveling Up Characters

When it comes to leveling up your characters, prioritize the corresponding typings or stages of Shin’s reinforcement for the characters you use most frequently. For example, if you rely on fisherman characters, focus on leveling up their corresponding stage of Shin’s reinforcement. This strategy significantly increases your chances of winning battles.

Importance of Friends and Affinity

Building a good network of friends in the Tower of God New World is crucial. Maximize your friend list capacity to take advantage of the benefits it offers. Sending and receiving gifts from friends provides valuable coins that are otherwise hard to obtain. These coins can be used to enhance the affinity of your characters, ultimately boosting their stats.

Rerolling for Legendary Characters

When starting your journey in the Tower of God New World, it’s crucial to begin with powerful characters. Rerolling allows you to restart the game until you obtain desired legendary characters like Even or Faker. However, even if you don’t pull these top-tier characters, don’t be discouraged. You can still progress efficiently without them.

Rerolling for Legendary Characters

Optimal Summoning Strategy

To make the most of your resources, it’s advisable to focus on performing multi summons instead of a single summons. By doing multi summons, you can save valuable tickets and gems. It’s essential to resist the temptation of single summons and patiently save up your resources for more advantageous multi summons.

If you want to save time and effort, you can use an emulator like LDPlayer or Bluestack to reroll faster and easier. These tools let you run multiple copies of the game and sync your actions across them. You can play once and reroll 100 times more efficiently.

Dominating in Rank Wars

To excel in Rank Wars, carefully select your opponents. Choose opponents with the least Combat Power (CP) compared to yours to increase your chances of winning. Additionally, assemble the best possible team to ensure victory. Remember, winning is crucial for maintaining your place in Rank Wars.

Maximizing Rewards with Administrator Trials

Participating in Administrator Trials yields lucrative rewards. Focus on achieving high scores in these trials to receive incredible rewards. Make it a daily routine to engage in Administrator Trials, as the rewards significantly contribute to your overall progress in the game.

Daily Missions and Progression

Completing daily missions is essential for steady progression in Tower of God New World gameplay. Ensure that you do not forget to accomplish all available missions, as the rewards contribute significantly to your overall growth. Daily login rewards, character missions, trial keys, and more should be prioritized to maximize your gameplay experience.

Skill Leveling and Strategic Upgrades

Understanding your characters’ skills is crucial for effective gameplay. Prioritize leveling up the skills that align with your preferred playstyle. For example, if you prefer healing abilities or devastating offensive skills, focus on leveling up those specific skills to maximize their effectiveness in battles.

Efficient Resource Management

The in-game shop offers various items for purchase. It is advisable to save red coins for valuable gear and other essential items. Additionally, keep an eye on family coins, which can be used to acquire materials needed for progression. Prioritize buying necessary items from the shop to optimize your resource management.

Tower Of God New World Weapons

In Tower of God New World, each character can equip one starting weapon. These weapons can be obtained through summoning or synthesizing. While it’s tempting to focus on summoning characters, it is advisable to prioritize characters over weapons. However, there are a few weapons that are worth summoning or synthesizing, especially those of high rarity.

Tower Of God New World Weapons

Synthesizing Weapons for Higher Rarity

Synthesizing weapons is a classic feature found in many gacha games, and this game is no exception. By synthesizing four weapons of the same rarity, you have a chance to obtain a new weapon with a higher rarity. 

For example, synthesizing four Hero Rarity weapons gives you a 14% chance of obtaining a weapon of Legendary Rarity. Therefore, in this game, synthesizing weapons becomes more important than summoning them, especially for free-to-play players.

Legendary Starting Weapons and Their Effects

Each legendary character in Tower of God New World possesses their own starting weapon, which grants unique effects. For instance, Bomb’s starting weapon increases attack speed by 12% for 8 seconds after using the character’s EX skill. 

These legendary weapons are primarily used to unlock the character’s starting skill or TR (Transcendental Reality) in combat. TR enhances normal attack power for 7 seconds, deals damage to all enemies in an area of effect, and can knock back multiple enemies.

Legendary Class Weapons and Their Benefits

Legendary Class weapons provide significant stat bonuses overall. These weapons offer enhanced stats and are best suited for specific character classes. It’s important to note that equipping a character with their corresponding legendary weapon allows them to utilize their character-specific TR in combat. By selecting the appropriate Legendary Class weapon, you can optimize your character’s performance and gain an edge in battles.

Choosing Weapons Based on Character Position and Damage Type

Selecting the right weapon for your character depends on their position and damage type. For example, if you have a character specializing in magic damage and acting as a wave controller, it’s recommended to equip them with a weapon that matches their role. 

The top-left weapon slot often corresponds to the preferred weapon for a specific character class. While it’s possible to choose other weapons, it’s essential to consider the potential loss in damage output.

Tower Of God New World Gears

Tower of God New World allows you to equip all your characters with the same gear. This eliminates the need to craft multiple sets of the same gear. The game provides flexibility in this aspect, allowing you to streamline the gearing process.

Tower Of God New World Gears

Armor Choices for Magic Resistance

When it comes to armor, prioritizing magic resistance is advisable. Hero-grade armor offers two sets: the green armor and the blue armor. Choosing between these two sets depends on personal preference. 

However, it’s important to follow a specific craft order when creating armor pieces. Begin by crafting the chest plate, followed by the helmet, boots, and gloves. This order ensures a systematic approach to gearing up your character.

Legendary Armor and Its Class-Specific Bonuses

Obtaining legendary armor can be challenging, but it offers significant bonuses based on character classes. For instance, there are armor sets such as Fug and Zarat armor, each providing unique benefits tailored to specific character classes. 

To decide which armor to craft first, consider the characters you frequently use. If you use multiple Fug characters, focus on crafting Fug armor. It’s recommended to follow the same craft order as for hero armors, starting with the chest plate, then the helmet, and concluding with the boots and gloves.

Crafting Gear Tailored to Specific Characters

To maximize the potential of your characters, craft gear that specifically matches their abilities and class. By choosing the right gear, you can optimize their performance and make them formidable in battles. Tower of God New World offers a variety of options for gears, allowing you to fine-tune your characters’ attributes and create unique playstyles.

Importance of Weapons and Gearing Up

To excel in Tower of God New World, it’s crucial to understand the importance of weapons and gearing up. Starting weapons serves as the key to unlocking a character’s skills and TR. Furthermore, choosing the right gear, including armor and weapons, significantly impacts your character’s overall performance. 

Gears provide substantial stat boosts and play a vital role in strategic decision-making during battles. Therefore, it’s essential to focus on crafting and equipping the most suitable gear for each character.


In this ultimate beginner guide and tips to the Tower of God New World game, we have provided a comprehensive overview of gears, weapons, and character customization. By understanding the ins and outs of equipping starting weapons, synthesizing for higher rarity, and crafting gears tailored to each character, you can enhance your gameplay experience and gain an edge in battles. As you progress through Tower of God New World, remember to prioritize character progression, focus on gearing up with suitable weapons and armor, and strategize based on each character’s role and abilities. 

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