Twisted Tangle Beginner Guide – Tips for the Best Puzzle Play

Twisted Tangle Beginner Guide

There are many kinds of games out there, but today we have picked a very interesting game for you: Twisted Tangle. This is like a puzzle game, but not a puzzle game you have played before. This game lets you solve knots of ropes picking the right pin and placing it in the right place to untie them. In these levels, you will face different challenges, some may be hard, and some may be easy. But regardless of whether they are hard or easy, you can use this Twisted Tangle how to play guide to learn the best tips for the best puzzle play. 

Twisted Tangle

In this Twisted Tangle how to play guide, you will learn everything a beginner player should know. Therefore make sure to read this guide and improve your gaming experience with the help of this guide. This is a brain-twisting game where you need the best tips and tricks to win it. So this Twisted Tangle help guide will be the perfect help for it. 

Overview of Gameplay

This game comes with a very exciting gameplay experience with many levels. All you have to do in each of these levels is untie the knots of ropes. The game is too easy in the beginner levels, but in the advanced levels, you will face very tough challenges. When you enter any level, you can see the colorful ropes knotted. You need to untie all the knots placing the pins of ropes in different places to solve them. 

Overview of Gameplay

This is a very stress-relieving game that you can try. And also, as it is challenging, you can train your mind to see things from different perspectives. Every level has a different number of knots to untie, and there is a specific number of moves to untie the knot. So make sure to untie the knots in the given set of movements. 

Whenever you go to the higher levels, you will see many challenging things to do other than untying the knots. When you get into those challenges, be wise enough to understand the first step to follow. 

Join Races

While you are competing levels and completing them, there are some opportunities you meet to take part in races and win massive amounts of currency. Therefore, if you encounter a chance to join a race, you must accept the challenge, get into the race, and add more challenging nature and competition to your gameplay. There are various conditions to acquire in each race, and once you acquire them, you can win the race. 

Join Races

Every race tells you to complete a certain number of levels in your gameplay, competing against other players. If you are the player to finish the race first, completing the given set of levels, you will be the race winner. The winners will be given a dozen currencies as rewards for winning the races. Therefore, whenever you get a chance to compete with other players in a race, definitely do it, as it is one of the best ways to earn more currencies. 

Claim Items and Currencies by Watching Ads

Most of you think that advertisements trouble you when playing games. Yes, we agree that the advertisements are some kind of trouble, but when it comes to completing Twisted Tangle challenges, the advertisements will be a great help for you. Through watching advertisements, you can obtain various kinds of special items which will make your gameplay more colorful and wonderful. 

Sometimes when you finish a level, you get a special offer to claim a special item, not by spending some currencies, but by watching advertisements. And also, sometimes, once you complete a level and earn some currencies after winning it, you can multiply the number of currencies you obtain through watching advertisements. Since watching advertisements gives you many benefits for your gameplay, don’t ignore it, but please have some benefits from this opportunity. 

Complete Hard and Epic Challenges

Twisted Tangle challenges are another important aspect we should explain to all the beginner players like you. Unlike in the main stage levels, challenges such as Twisted Tangle Challenge 8 are challenging, and completing them successfully is really a challenge. Unlike the stage levels, challenges give you the hardest knots to untie, which makes you a little bit confused. Therefore, you need to be more tactful and use your brain to untie those confusing rope knots correctly. There are two types of challenges in this game, hard and epic. 

Complete Hard and Epic Challenges

These challenges are locked until you reach a specific level in this gameplay. The hard challenges are, of course, hard compared to stage levels. But when hard challenges are compared with the epic challenges, you will see how easy the hard challenges are because the epic challenges will be the most challenging ones. No matter how challenging they are, look at the rewards you can obtain by completing them. Every hard and epic challenge available in the gameplay gives you better rewards than completing the game’s main levels. 

Therefore it is better to give them a try. Unlike the main levels, challenges come with a specific time limit or a specific number of moves or with both of them, such as the Twisted Tangle challenge 8 boss challenges. Within the given time limit, you must complete a challenge using the limited number of moves available. You will lose the challenge if you cannot complete them within the given time limit or are out of moves. But you can watch advertisements and earn some free moves to aid you in winning the challenges. 


These are the best tips and tricks in this Twisted Tangle how to play guide. With the help of this guide, you are now a good player since you know the best tips and tricks for the best puzzle play. You know that the game is knot-solving; therefore, you need to be more strategic to win these puzzle levels as the levels become challenging when you go to higher levels. You have learned many tips and tricks and how to play this game with this guide, so use them in your gameplay to have more fun.

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