Tower of God: New World Tips and Tricks for All New Players

Are you ready to have an exciting experience with a Tower of God: New World? This game is a combination of strategy action and role-playing elements. Are you a beginner at this game? Then you should have the right steps to go forward through the game, as everything needs a good start, we provide you with more tricks, tips and strategies to overcome every problem during your start, and you can use these tips wisely when you play battles.

Tower of God: New World

In brief, this is a recreation of the original Korean webtoon series “Tower of God”. In this game, players are offered more challenges and transfer to a new world with towering structures, so, as a player, you have to ascend the tower by uncovering secrets to be a winner.

So, our main target is to guide newbies to enhance their knowledge about the Tower of God: New World. Follow every tip to get a better understanding of the game to be a pro. Now Let’s start our journey to go through with proper guidelines.

New characters of Tower of God: New World

If you are a newbie to the game? It’s better if you have good knowledge about the characters. In the beginning, you have to build a team, and you should include characters with different skills, proficiencies, and strengthening levels when creating a team. If you select the correct characters with unique performances, it will be an advantage in the battles to get the victory.

New characters of Tower of God: New World

You can enhance your knowledge about each character through a Tower of God: New World tier list. In that tier list, you can identify the characters who have ranked from R, SR, and SSR ranks according to their strength and skill levels. In addition, SSR tier characters show higher performance than other characters in the tier list, so pay attention to selecting the characters in the top-ranked levels.

Summoning of Characters

Summoning of characters is very simple. Firstly, find the summon system option from the control center of the Tower of God: New World. Then you can acquire new teammates by using it. Since you are a beginner to this game, you can use this opportunity to earn characters up to SSR rank. 

Summoning of Characters

And for summoning characters, you should spend summon tickets, Suspendium, extra resources or friendship coins; it depends on the method you choose to summon characters. Let’s see the three types of summoning methods. Those are as follows.

  • Welcome Summon – This summoning-type offer is available for all beginners at their first start-up, and you have one chance to use this opportunity for one account from the particular server.
  • Normal Summon – To use this type of summoning, you can use some summon tickets or spend Suspendium.
  • Friendship Summon – If you want to use this summoning type, you should use your friendship coins, and you can earn more friends coins through in-game friends.

Now you know how you can summon characters, it’s better to choose the normal summon method because you can increase bonus and friendship coins through that. Remember, after you reach the higher level of summon count, you will be offered SSR and SSR + characters. And after you earn SSR + character bonus gauge will be reset.

Types of Battles in Tower of God: New World

Now let’s go to identify and learn about the types of battles you can go through in this game, and we give you a brief introduction to all types of battles.

Types of Battles in Tower of God: New World
  • Regular Arena -In this type, you should fight with some of the other players, obtain a top rank, and you will be rewarded with Suspendium according to your rank. So you need to clear stages 2-24 of the game to get access to this battle mode.
  • Ranker Arena – In this battle mode, you must fight with another player to achieve a top rank, and it’s similar to the process of a Regular arena. After you complete 9-20- stages of Tower of God: New World, you will be offered more ranked points and coins.
  • High ranker Arena – This is for top rank players. After clearing 9-20 stages, you will offer achievement rewards and Suspendium rewards.
  • Friendly Match– Here, you should play a match against regulars and need a defense formation.

Enhance Your Characters’ Proficiency Level

As you are a newbie to Tower of God: New World, would you like to give tough battle experiences to your opponents? Then it’s better to increase the levels of proficiency of your characters.

What is meant by proficiency level? Let’s have a look. The proficiency levels of the characters can be defined as what makes players obtain more rewards and bonuses in this game; in addition, you are able to receive more benefits by increasing the proficiency levels of your characters. You can reach proficiency level 10 to activate new equipment for your characters. 

Enhance Your Characters' Proficiency Level

So players should focus on increasing the proficiency level of their characters to be more powerful in combat to defeat foes. 

The method of increasing the proficiency level of the Tower of God: New World all characters is by winning battles. You can get a chance to earn proficiency EXP by using the Arena battle mode after you have won more fights. After reaching level 10th of proficiency, any team member gains the opportunity to activate the instruction manuals.

Instruction manuals are also one method of enhancing the proficiency levels of your characters, and also you are able to increase your proficiency EXP by using instruction manuals, and you can obtain more instruction manuals through conquest mode and visiting the shop.

Enhancing the Grades

You can enhance your grades by increasing your proficiency level; for that, you need to reach the 10th proficiency level. We mentioned earlier there are three different grades of characters, SSR, R and SR, so you can upgrade R characters into SSR with the grade enhancement.

Increasing Rewards With Administrator Trials

Another very essential tip you should follow is to take part in administrator trials because it offers rewards, so it’s better to achieve high scores from these trials to receive exclusive rewards, and if you make it daily, the overall game progress will be enhanced.

Best Combat Experience With Equipment

Since you are a beginner to this game, it is essential to use equipment in combat. In this game, you can use several types of equipment to be more powerful in combat. You can use both normal and exclusive equipment in this game. Normal equipment is offered from the loot, or you can purchase them from the shop.

Best Combat Experience With Equipment

Weapons, armor and some accessories include the type of normal equipment, and they are standard. The equipment helps to enhance the skills and stats of your teammates. There are many ways to rank equipment. The highest rank is S, and the lowest rank is D, and over-D-ranked equipment can be enhanced with enhancement hammers and with some other equipment.


This is a beginner guide to Tower of God: New World. In this beginner guide, we have included very important tips, tricks and strategies to use from the beginning of the gameplay. So employ every tip to enhance your teammates’ skills and win more battles to receive exclusive rewards and bonuses while leveling up through the game.

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