Tower of God: Great Journey Guide, Tips, Tricks and Everything You Need as a Newbie

As we bring you guides about the latest games that come to the gaming world, welcome to another guide about another exciting game known as Tower of God: Great Journey. This is a game that lots of players like you were hoping to play in the last few months after its release. Now that it has been released, you can try it for sure. But before trying, it is good for you to learn some important tips and tricks along with beginner’s guidelines about the game. Since you want to start this game with good knowledge, go ahead and find what you need. 

Tower of God: Great Journey

Tower of God: Great Journey game includes a simple combat system, many game modes, various characters with unique skills, and a summoning system to pull out characters. Having a perfect idea in all these aspects will make you a good player who can have a great start. Therefore, dive into this guide, learn more about the game, and have a great gaming experience. 

Tower of God: Great Journey Guide for Combat System

If you are expecting action-packed combat from this Tower of God: Great Journey game, you will be disappointed soon because the combat is so simple. Even the players cannot control the movements or the skills of the characters; instead, they can control where the ultimate skill of the characters will unleash after the ultimate skills are ready. When these characters battle throughout the gameplay with enemies, these characters will gather the energy necessary to unleash the ultimate skills. 

Tower of God: Great Journey Guide for Combat System

When enough energy is accumulated, you can use the ultimate skills of Tower of God: Great Journey characters to spice things up in the battles. As you know, the ultimate skills are very powerful that unleash a lot of damage at once; therefore, when you use these ultimate skills of the characters, you should calculate the perfect time for it. How do you know when these ultimate skills are ready to use? 

These ultimate skills of each character assigned for the battles will be shown in the bottom right corner of the screen, and when they are ready, their avatars are glowing. When they are glowing, you can tap on them and unleash the ultimate skill of relevant characters. 

Each battle will end when one party destroys the other; therefore, if you want to conquer the battle and move to the next phase of the game, you must kill all the enemies on the battleground at that time while protecting your team members. Killing the enemies and winning battles will be easy for you if you have the best characters in the Tower of God: Great Journey tier list. 

Complete the Main Storyline

There are different game modes here in this Tower of God: Great Journey game, such as challenge, story mode etc. regardless of how many awesome gaming modes there are, your first concern must be about completing the main storyline of the game. When the main storyline is mentioned, try not to imagine it is a sweet story you can read and enjoy. But it is a mode packed with all kinds of activities you can do here. If you love to level up your gaming account while unlocking new content, you need to clear the main storyline to some extent. 

Complete the Main Storyline

The main story mode here will be easy to complete without much advanced things to do; therefore, you must clear the main storyline to some extent. And also, by completing the main storyline, you will be able to acquire more resources that you need to proceed higher in the game without any issues. 

Tower of God: Great Journey Characters Summoning System

Did you know that this game is a hero collector game where you can gather various types of characters belonging to different tiers through a summoning system introduced here? If not, you will know about the summoning system right now, which you can use to summon different characters. 

Tower of God: Great Journey Characters Summoning System

When you go to the summoning system in the gameplay, you can summon both characters and weapons using different banners given there. Each summoning banner will allow you to pull out different characters and weapons belonging to different tiers with various pullout rates. And also, remember that you cannot obtain characters freely through these summoning banners limitlessly. You need different in-game currencies to perform summoning here. In this game, the summoning system works accordingly with the gacha system. 

As in every other gacha game, the drop rates for higher tier characters and weapons in the Tower of God: Great Journey tier list are lower. Still, the characters or weapons with lower tier have high drop rates, making it difficult for you to earn the top tier character or a weapon easily. Even though these summoning banners consume lots of your summoning currencies, the only thing that you can be happy about is thinking that there is a pity system. Having a pity system will be greatly beneficial for the players who follow the free-to-play path. 

Guide Missions to Follow

We know that you are a Tower of God: Great Journey beginner to this game, and as you are a beginner player, you lack experience in this gameplay without knowing what to do next. Therefore, you must focus more on the guide missions to achieve a good progression while leveling up faster. These guide missions are prepared especially for the players like you who are beginners and have more things to learn about the game. 

When you focus on these guide missions and work on completing them, you will be able to achieve faster progression in no time in this gameplay while gradually learning new things about the game. And also, if you want to unlock more content in the game, you need to level up, and the easiest way to level up is by completing the guide missions. The more you complete these guide missions, the faster you unlock new game features. You will also obtain different rewards for each guide mission you complete here. 

Equip and Upgrade Gear

One of the best tips you can follow here is equipping gear to the characters and upgrading them. Every character has stats, which can be increased by equipping gear. When you equip gear, your character will be more powerful also. Can you imagine what happens if you upgrade the gear equipped with the character before? The power of the gear will increase, making the character stronger and more formidable to face any opponent. 

Equip and Upgrade Gear

When you upgrade the gear, it will ask you for the materials required to complete the process. Not only can you equip gear and upgrade them for your main character, but all the other characters you use in the battles to defeat enemies can be equipped with gear and upgrade them. 

Enter Rice Pot

What about the rice pot mode here? This is also very good for beginners like you as this helps you guys to accumulate your idle reward for challenging bosses on different floors. Wait what? Are there floors? Yes, once you enter the rice pot for the first time, you will battle with the boss on the first floor, but after you successfully conquer the boss on the first floor, you can go to the next floor to challenge its boss. 

You can strengthen your characters when you challenge bosses in this Rice Pot mode. You will see how tough the enemies are when you go through higher floors here in this Rice Pot mode. As is common in every game, the higher floors are occupied by the most powerful enemies. In comparison, the lower powerful enemies will be encountered on the lower floors of the Rice Pot, which is like the training ground for your characters. 


As we described earlier, beginners need to focus more on completing guide missions and the main storyline before jumping into other gaming modes here. You have searched for the Tower of God: Great Journey release date in previous months, but now that the game has already been released, you can play it without worrying about the Tower of God: Great Journey release date. With what we have provided you above, such as the explanations about special systems, tips to be used etc., you will have great gameplay with all the more victories

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