Tower Of Fantasy Redeem Codes to Earn You Free Rewards October 2023

Tower of Fantasy is an MMORPG game that has built an enormous fan base in such a short time without officially releasing the game. According to revives we have seen so far, it is the next big thing to reach the market after the Genshin Impact. To improve the fun much more, we created this Tower Of Fantasy redeem codes guide to earn you free rewards.

Tower Of Fantasy Redeem Codes

Players will be able to battle and interact with robots in the Tower of Fantasy realm and move about using jetpacks. It’s often said that the game is a carbon copy of Genshin Impact, but you’ll realize it’s so much more even if you just play it for 30 minutes. Let’s see the Tower Of Fantasy Redeem Codes we have for you.

What is Tower Of Fantasy Redeem Codes?

Any game that has been published up to this point has Redeem Codes. Previously, they were given out as a reward for winning PVP arenas or climbing the leaderboards of games, but developers have become so accustomed to doing so that they now give them out to players to commemorate special occasions or to celebrate reaching a milestone.

In-game cash, weapons, banner pulls, and many other items may be obtained by redeeming these Tower Of Fantasy redeem codes. Make sure to use these Tower After Fantasy redeems codes as soon as you see them since each one expires within a few days of release. Using them does not break any of the game’s regulations. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid of using them.

Working Tower Of Fantasy Redeem Codes

Redeem them as soon as possible since they only have a brief active duration, as we said previously. If you’ve never seen codes before, the ones on this page may seem strange. However, they are listed exactly as they should be entered to work properly, so make sure you write or copy them exactly as they appear on this page to prevent errors. If you misspell even one character, the code won’t function. Here is a list of working Tower of Fantasy redeem codes.

CodesRewardsExp Date
TOFDOMINOSEAearn free rewards through this codeadded on July 7th, 2023
TOFGALAXYearn free rewards through this codeadded on June 28th, 2023
TOFNEMESISTH1x Gold Nucleus and 5x Elemental ore box 
ILOVETOFearn free rewards through this code 
TOF666earn free rewards through this code 
TOF888earn free rewards through this code 

How to Redeem Tower Of Fantasy Redeem Codes?

If you don’t know how to use Tower Of Fantasy redeem codes, follow the steps listed below.

  • Tutorial completion is required before players may use the Tower of Fantasy redeem codes.
  • When you’ve finished the tutorial, search for the wrapped gift button in the upper-right area of the game screen.
  • A new tab or window will open when you click on that wrapped gift icon.
  • Make sure that you choose “redeem gift code” and input the codes mentioned in “Tower of Fantasy” redeem codes.
  • Entering the above active codes will award many items to aid you in the game.

How to Earn More Tower Of Fantasy Redeem Codes?

You can earn more Tower Of Fantasy redeem codes by following the game’s official social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit or joining the official server of Discord, but there is a slight chance you would miss some codes because these codes give out randomly so why not bookmark this page since we will be updating this page as soon as developers release new codes.

How to Play Tower Of Fantasy on PC?

The game is excellent, but it requires a high-end smartphone to play; in addition to that, the battery life is depleted in about two hours. To enjoy the game for longer on a larger screen while using a variety of features like Keyboard Macro Commands to do combos and to control the game with much greater ease using Keyboard Mapping Feature, we recommend using LDPlayer. The instructions are provided below if you’ve never used LDPlayer to play Tower of Fantasy.

  • First, download LDPlayer from the Official Website.
  • Now have it install on your PC
How to Play Tower Of Fantasy on PC?
  • After the installation is finished, open LDPlayer and go to the google play store or LDStore and search for the game by typing in Tower of Fantasy.
  • Now install the game and enjoy 
How to Play Tower Of Fantasy on PC?


With Tower Of Fantasy redeem codes to earn you free rewards in august 2022, you can get many items; otherwise, you must wait a long time to collect in the game. So make sure to redeem them as fast as you see them. You can get more codes by following the game’s social media pages or checking back here once in a while.

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