The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail: American Shelter or the Wild West is a game where you can play with high enjoyment. This is also popular as a highly addictive game. You will find many heaps of engaging attributes to maintain your pleasure for longer hours.

The Oregon Trail

You can download and play as you want without paying any charges. So, you can see this as a free-to-play game. When you play The Oregon Trail: American Shelter, you get the chance to gather a virtual currency. There will be several types of currencies. Namely, they are Coins and rare Cash. You can get these virtual currencies; you can take care of and protect your town. If not, you can purchase in-game items, resources, and energy.

If you do not have enough virtual currencies to purchase the items as mentioned above, energy restoration, or action performance, you have an option to do. That is to earn extra currency with time. Then you can play the game as you want and buy additional virtual currency using real money. The range of in-app buying range is $1.99 to $99.9. You can block the in-app purchases. To do that, you need to adjust the User controls, which will appear in the Play Store settings.

The Oregon Trail Game Features

The Oregon Trail Game Features
  • When you play the game, you can arrange and manage your customized frontier town. You can also make Relive memorable moments with the use of The Oregon Trail. There, you can create buildings, livestock, and crops.
  • During the game, you can customize different outfits for your characters.
  • If you prefer, you can go hunting and mini-games to collect resources.  Through that, you can unlock daily rewards in the game.
  • When you are at the Wild West: Stampedes, there will be many dangers. You might face hurricanes also.
  • When you go to the neighboring villages, you can collect hearts. Then using them, you can grow your village.
  • There are some supporting languages in The Oregon Trail. English, Spanish, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, Russian, German, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, and Japanese.
  • There may incur the required MB to download and play the game without any notice. The standard amount is 50 to 150MB. But, that can be changes also.
  • During certain aspects and areas of the game, there will be a requirement of internet connection. That will apply only to selected parts.
  • During certain aspects and areas of the game, the players need to have social media networking. For example, there will be a need for social media account like Facebook. That will apply only to selected parts. But, this connection is not mandatory to play and to progress in the game.
  • There may be the appearance of third-party advertisements during the game. Those advertisements will redirect you to that particular site of the third party.

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