The Era of Overman: Idle RPG Tier List in January 2024

The Era of Overman: Idle RPG is an awesome game where you can enjoy idle battles. Though the battles are idle, you can’t take this gameplay for granted, as the deeper you go, the tougher the monsters you encounter. So you have to use the best characters while optimizing their features for powerful and victorious gameplay. The game has many characters, so understanding the best ones yourself will be tough for you. Therefore, you can use The Era of Overman: Idle RPG tier list to understand useful heroes. 

The Era of Overman: Idle RPG tier list

In The Era of Overman: Idle RPG tier list, you can see many tiers, including characters. Some of these characters may be useful for the whole gameplay, but some will only be useful for the beginner phase of the game. Since you are still one of The Era of Overman: Idle RPG beginner players, you must understand which heroes you should invest in and which you should not. For that, use The Era of Overman: Idle RPG tier list and go through it carefully, learning all about the heroes in this game. 

The Era of Overman: Idle RPG Tier List

The Era of Overman: Idle RPG tier list is divided into different tiers, such as S, A, and B, and each tier includes a set of characters. When dividing all the characters in this game into different tiers, we have considered many factors such as performance, skills, combat power, difficulty in use etc. After considering many factors, we have categorized them into these tiers. In The Era of Overman: Idle RPG tier list, tier S includes the most powerful characters. These s tier heroes can be considered the best heroes you may find in this gameplay. 

Moving to the next tier, tier A, you will find powerful heroes that are better to be used in the gameplay. But these tier A heroes are not more powerful or stronger than those in tier S. These are not the best. Still, you can use these heroes in your gameplay when you have no other tier S heroes because tier A heroes are the best alternatives for the tier S ones. 

And the last tier in The Era of Overman: Idle RPG tier list is tier B which includes the characters with average power. They are not too strong or not too weak. But they are average, which means these characters will only be suitable for the beginner phase of the game, where challenges are not too tough. As you have a good idea about what these tiers mean, you can now go through this tier list to understand these tiers and all the characters included in them. 

TierName Exclusive EquipmentSkills
SMatt DionDion’s Ketchup Man GlovesRemoves random shields from Xenoterran.All team members with natural attributes’ final health increases by 10%, final damage by 5%, and critical damage by 10%. Removes 2% of the enemy’s shield when attacking. 
Maxim BasilovBasilov’s DumbbellsWhen attacked, the number of hits is accumulated up to five times. Increases own final damage by 5% and critical damage by 12%. When Maxim takes damage, a bleeding debuff is generated, and when that debuff is active, the damage stacks by 30% for each attack. 
Jane SonataJane’s Sunglasses Attack power increases by 40%. Own final health increases by 12%, and the critical damage of the team members increases by 12%. When attacking, there is a 25% chance that a burning stone will be fired to hit the enemies dealing 40% additional fire damage. 
ASaint Pearl Pearl’s Uniform Increases the attack power by 300%Own final damage increases by 7%, and the critical damage of the team members increases by 10%. When attacking, there is a 30% chance of generating a Ball of Light that attacks thrice with 80% of attack power. 
Kang LimKang Lim’s White HatAttacks the enemies with increased attack power for ten seconds. All team members’ final health and damage will be increased by 5%.When attacking Kang Lim, there is a 5% chance of adding 80% of attack power to five consecutive hits.
NankiNanki’s Black HatIncreases the attack power for a specific time and increases the damage inflicted on the enemies. Increases the final damage of fire attribute team members and increases the critical damage of all team members by a certain percentage. Whenever an enemy dies, a soul absorption buff is applied that lasts for ten seconds. 
BKirilloKirillo’s BrushProtect with a shield for sixty seconds, decreasing damage received by all team members. Final health, damage and critical damage increases of all team members by a certain percentage. Kirillo’s attack has a 30% chance of penetrating the enemy and then returning and attacking again. 
Bangwon OhBangwon Oh’s UniformHit the target twelve times with increased attack power while stunning the target. Increases the final damage of the water attribute team members and the critical damage of all the team members.When attacking, there is a 10% chance to stun the enemy for seven seconds.  
SuiSui’s TracksuitInvincible for thirty seconds, and the attack power of the team members increases by a certain percentage. All team members ‘ final health, final damage, and critical damage increase by different percentages. When attacking, there is a 5% chance to recover 5% HP of all allies. 


This is the end of The Era of Overman: Idle RPG tier list that includes all the characters available in the gameplay categorized into different tiers. Now that you know about these characters well and what characters will help you to deal with tougher opponents, make sure to take them to your gameplay and have the best gaming experience. When you complete more stages in the story mode, you can get these characters free or purchase them using diamonds from the in-game store. 

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