Tenkei Paradox Will Be Out on the 26th of April – Everything We Know So Far

After being postponed to the 12th of April, Tenkei Paradox now has a set date to release in Japan as an RPG game. The KMS and EXNOA will present this latest RPG game, and it will feature a lot of 3D tactics to amaze the players. It has now exceeded more than 300,000 pre-registration. We will have to go on adventures with this fantastic game, and there will be several monsters to give their companions as well.

Tenkei Paradox was launched for the PC back last week, and now it sets its steps for the iOs and Android devices. Currently, the game is only going to be available in Japan, and we expect it will have a global launch soon after this release.

Every aspect of this game is very catchy and easy, and there will be so many appearances from the cutest characters there. There will be battles, combats, the main story for going along with monsters and many other features included in this game, so for those who are eagerly waiting for a pre-registration, this is your guide for everything we know on Tenkei Paradox.

When is the Tenkei Paradox Available?

Although Tenkei Paradox has been set to release on the 13th of April, it is releasing now on the 23rd of April 2022. And both Android and iOS platforms are going to feature the game on their app store and Google Play Store.

Pre- Registration for Tenkei Paradox

Pre-registration for Tenkei Paradox has been available for us since the 1st of March 2022, and those who have already registered for the game will be rewarded with so many benefits to aid their gameplay. There are more than 300,000 pre-registrations recorded for the game. And the game has already managed to distribute over 4,200 diamonds to the users.

For each registration, the diamond rewards have been increased as follows.

  • 10,000 registrations offered 100x Diamonds
  • 30,000 registrations offered 200x Diamonds
  • 50,000 registrations offered 400x Diamonds
  • 100,000 registrations offered 600x Diamonds
  • 150,000 registrations offered 900x Diamonds
  • 200,000 registrations offered 1,000x Diamonds
  • 250,000 registrations offered 1,000x Diamonds

Tenkei Paradox Features

There are so many key features that can really be impressive for the gamers from Tenkei Paradox as follows.

3D Strategies with Adventures along with Monsters

Tenkei Paradox is a game that comes with 3D strategies on it, and it belongs to the RPG genre. We will have to go on adventures along with monsters here, and the game expects us to protect their world. There will be so many disasters that are coming towards this world to destroy it, and now you, with your monsters and friends, have to save this world.

Featuring Monsters

The Tenkei Paradox world is full of monsters, and the game’s protagonist has to travel all around its world. Then he is going to meet a girl who has already lost her memory named Macaron, and you have to travel across many countries with this Macaron with her friends. And you become the hero who carries an unknown fate to save your world.

Tenkei Paradox Gameplay Mechanisms

Fighting against Enemies

We have to move our characters from the squares we see, and that is how we can fight against our enemies. And moving and fighting with enemies can clear the quests of the game. The primary system of the game is somewhat more accessible for all the players, so even if you are a beginner to RPG tactic games, you may go at ease with the gameplay. We have to understand the current situation of the game and the ongoing battles and then move our steps strategically.

Fighting with Monsters

In the Tenkei Paradox, there are several battles that can be played to take advantage of us, and those are going along with the monsters as friends. Adding monsters to our party can make the team more powerful, and there is a variety of monsters available in Tenkei Paradox to add to your team.

Tenkei Paradox Characters

Currently, there are four female characters available in the game as

  • Sophia
  • Macaron
  • Lysa
  • Nadira

When this Tenkei Paradox releases a global version of it as we expect, you can use the best android emulator: LDPlayer, to sharpen your gameplay with Tenkei Paradox, as it has the best features to enhance an RPG game. The Multi-Instance Sync feature from it will allow you to create several instances of the game. In contrast, the features like the Keyboard Macro Commands directly influence the combat actions by setting one key to all repeating actions. So please take advantage of playing when it is out for you soon.


So that is all we have now for talking about the Tenkei Paradox and getting ready for the massive release on the 26th of April. Don’t miss out on the chance, and until then, you are entirely free to have a pre-registration for the game via its official website.

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