TenkafuMA Guide and Tips with Best Strategies for New Players

TenkafuMA, a role-playing game in the Hentai genre created by SG-arts, is now available in multiple languages via Ero-labs. The unique gameplay and ecchi humor in this game will keep you hooked for much longer than you had planned.


In TenkafuMA, you will not be the hero, as is the case with most waifu collectors, but rather the antagonist, who spends all of his time talking about ladies. You will be starting the game with a cat girl and a yes-man maid by your side, both of whom agree with whatever you say, but the cat girl is the sane one. 

While Playing the TenkafuMA, you will have the opportunity to make strong connections with them and many others. If you are new to TenkafuMA, you may quickly pick up the game by following this guide. So let’s start. 

What You Should Do First In TenkafuMA

If you’re familiar with mobile gaming, then you probably know that starting with a few high-rarity characters is always a good idea in any Gacha game. This is because each pull is highly random, and you won’t always be lucky enough to get the best characters you want on your first try. Starting with strong characters will allow you to progress in the game without wasting resources on low-level characters that you’ll have to replace later on.

What You Should Do First In TenkafuMA

Now, if you’re not sure how to reroll in the game, don’t worry; we’ll explain it to you. First, log in to the game as a guest. This will let you start over if you don’t get the characters you want. Next, complete the tutorial and then finish the story up to 1-01. After the cutscene is through, you must return to the Castle and retrieve all of the goodies from the Mailbox and Achievement List, which are located in the top right corner of the screen.

After that, return to the map of the Prologue and open the two boxes that are located at the bottom to obtain 350 Demonite. You should now have approximately 13,000 Demonite, which you can use to summon characters almost 30 times on the Summon page. 

If you do this successfully, you will receive a reward. In addition, in order to improve the effectiveness of your rerolls, you should purchase five Summon Contracts from the Mystery Shop at a cost of 300 Demonite for each one. And make sure to get some TenkafuMA codes and redeem them to get more demonite and other useful rewards before you start the summoning. 

The next problem you will face is what banner you should invest in, this change very fast as new characters will be added to the game and according to the current event banner, so it is always a good idea to check out a TenkafuMA tier list and make sure to check the discord (https://discord.gg/uVkB8k2G) get some advice on should you invest in the event banner. 

Progression in TenkafuMA

The next thing you should know is what to do to progress in the game without thinking about where you should spend your energy and time.

Boosting Your Units

Increasing the power of your units is essential to making advancement in the game. In order to accomplish this, you can level up your units by consuming EXP potions. Always remember to level up your units to the same level as you are when you have the chance to do so. By doing this, you will ensure that your units are capable of taking on more challenging missions in the future.

Clearing Missions

The successful completion of missions is another crucial component of making progress in the game. It is imperative that you complete all of the objectives contained within each map in order to get Demonite and a Soul, in addition to the much-required experience points. You will be able to advance further in the game and level up your units more quickly as a result of this.

Clearing Missions

Saving Your Demonite

In TenkafuMA, demonite is an extremely valued material. You can also use it to restock your energy with it, in addition to summoning new characters. Assuming that you rerolled for a decent starting lineup with Daphne, it is generally recommended that you preserve your Demonite for limited characters that you might be interested in using later on. You typically wait for occurrences that offer valuable prizes and then use Demonite to replenish your energy so that you can farm those rewards.

Farming Events

Farming Events

In TenkafuMA, participating in events is a fantastic method to acquire rewards. You should begin farming the event as soon as possible if it is available. You will be able to gain stuff that can come in handy later on as a result of doing this. 

There isn’t much of a compelling incentive to spend Demonite on the summons that is beyond the reroll stage at the moment. We do not advise performing more than three sets of ten pulls on the Eternal Summon if you intend to use it for summoning. Save some money aside for the occasion that a powerful limited character becomes available or for when you come across an item that catches your eye.

Progressing the Main Story

The main story is an important part of the game. Progressing through it will unlock new characters and items. Make sure to clear all the stages in each chapter to earn rewards and advance the story.

Farming Daily Quests

Daily quests are a great way to earn materials and EXP potions. Make sure to farm silver and EXP potions, as you will always need them. This will help you level up your units and progress through the game.

Things to Know About Energy in TenkafuMA

If you want to play the game, you have to have energy, so you have to understand and divide some potion to every task that you should have done. There are different ways to gain energy that you can use to play and progress in the game. In this case, the total energy that you can use in a day is 323. Your friend can give you some energy too, but they only have 35 energy available to give per day.

Things to Know About Energy in TenkafuMA

TenkafuMA also has a system where your energy regenerates over time. In this case, it takes 5 minutes for one energy to regenerate, and you can regenerate a total of 288 energy per day. You can use this energy to play the game in different ways, such as clearing story chapters with three stars or completing daily quests.

When spending energy, you should spend some of your Demonite to buy energy if you are falling behind a refreshing quest and buy a small amount just to boost your progress because it will help you to level up faster and staying at the lowest level is not the best thing to do. When you level up, you gain access to better rewards, and you get a free energy refill each time you level up. From the start of the game, hitting level 60 should be your main goal.

Save Your Silver Coins

If you have played TenkafuMA for even a short amount of time, you are aware of how essential silver coins are for advancing in the game, improving your equipment, and purchasing new stuff. Silver coins are the primary kind of cash utilized in the majority of in-game transactions; therefore, you will need millions of them in order to maintain your position as a contender. It is really difficult to acquire silver coins because of this; it is imperative that you are familiar with the most effective methods for gathering silver coins without having to spend actual money.

Save Your Silver Coins

The prospect of exchanging Demonite for silver coins is one of the most alluring aspects of the Conquest Level Store. Demonite is a premium currency that may either be purchased with real-world cash or earned in-game by achieving certain levels of success in various challenges. On the other hand, trading Demonite for silver coins is almost never a good idea. 

For instance, in the shop you can trade 80 Demonite for 14,000 silver coins or 200 Demonite for 80,000 silver coins. Both of these deals are possible. Although, at first glance, these figures could appear to be appealing, purchasing them would not be worth it. It would be more beneficial for you to use Demonite for something else, such as purchasing unique goods or unlocking premium content.

Do Daily Quests

You can also acquire silver coins by completing daily missions, particularly the Coins – Master quest, when you are at the greatest level possible. You will be rewarded with a substantial quantity of silver money in addition to other important items, such as pieces of gear and experience points if you complete this task. This quest is available for you to do on a daily basis; however, you should ensure that you have a capable party and sufficient vitality to finish it.

Participate in Events and Tournaments

Participate in Events and Tournaments

You can earn silver coins, gear, and other rewards by participating in the various special events and tournaments that are hosted in the game. These events typically include prerequisites, such as reaching a certain level or accumulating a certain amount of victories, for example. 

Taking part in these events can be difficult but ultimately rewarding, particularly if you are a great player or have a powerful squad behind you. Keep an eye on the event schedule for the TenkafuMA, and participate in the competitions that best suit your play style and personal tastes.


In conclusion, progressing in TenkafuMA can be challenging but also rewarding. By boosting your units, clearing missions, saving your Demonite, farming events, progressing the main story, and farming daily quests, you can ensure that you are making progress in the game.

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