Tales of Yokai Tips & Tricks – The Best Gameplay Guide for Beginners

Tales of Yokai Tips & Tricks

Are you ready to dive into the fantasy world of Yokai in this Tales of Yokai gameplay, a Japanese role-playing game? Yokai belong to the underworld, but they always hide among humans waiting for a chance to doom the human world. As you have special powers to control the spirit bodies and cross two worlds without any issue, it is up to you to maintain the balance between them through fighting when necessary. So in this beginner guide, we will explain the best tips for beginners to fulfill the huge mission they are entrusted with. 

Tales of Yokai

Here in this Tales of Yokai game, you can summon legendary Yokai characters to battle for you to maintain the two worlds. Also, you can experience idle elements in fighting, such as automatic battling options, etc. While summoning Yokai characters, you can choose the best ones and build a powerful lineup for all battles, no matter how powerful the enemies are. Are you interested in learning more about the game? Then get started to read this Tales of Yokai guide first!

Summon Companions

The summoning system is the first thing we will explain to you about this gameplay. During the tutorial phase of the game, you will unlock the summoning system. Through the summoning system, you can summon characters useful for your gameplay. There are two types of summoning banners: Contract Summon and Friendship Summon. In each summon option, you can see the drop rates are different for each tier hero. 

Summon Companions

Obviously, both the summon options in this game have allocated much space to the lower-rarity heroes, making it difficult for you to obtain higher-tier heroes. In the contract summon, you need Magatama to summon up to ten companions simultaneously. But you need enough friendship points to summon companions in the friendship summon. Try to obtain the best tier companions to win all the battles. 

Possible Ways to Strengthen the Companions

After you summon the battle companions to your gameplay, it is essential to strengthen them to be even more powerful. No matter if you have the highest rarity characters, it is important to strengthen them more using the methods we mentioned here. 

  • Upgrade – leveling up the character is the first and the most common method to enhance their power. When you level up, its attack, defense, critical damage, accuracy rate, etc., will be increased, making the characters more powerful. 
Possible Ways to Strengthen the Companions
  • Add Equipment – This is also another excellent method to enhance your characters. When you add equipment items to your characters, your characters will be applied with a new set of additional attributes. 
  • Advance – with this method, you can upgrade the character’s rarity or tier. For that, you will need specific items to proceed with the process. When you have them, you can advance your characters to their next tiers or rarities. When advancing your characters, their attributes also increase by a certain percentage while unlocking skills. 

Take Part in Tales of Yokai Challenges

You can start battling with the enemies by tapping on the Challenge option. After that, you will be moved to the screen where you can adjust your battle team and their positioning on the battleground. If you are done with the preparations for the battle, you can enter the battle. Here you can only watch your battle companions battle independently, as the battles include idle elements. 

Therefore before moving into the battles, just compare the battle power of your team and the enemy team. If your team’s power exceeds the enemy team’s, then you will surely win the battles. If your team’s power is lesser than the enemy’s, you should adjust your team composition, assigning the highest rarity and most powerful ones for the gameplay.

When assigning the highest rarity companions to your battle team to increase the battle power of the whole team, remember to focus on the factions of the enemies you face in this match too. If you can assign the higher rarity units with the superior factions to the factions of enemies you face in a specific stage, you can get a faction bonus to your battles. 

Tales of Yokai Missions are Essential

Here we have come up with one of the most important elements in this Tales of Yokai game. The missions are very important as they help you understand the game well by telling you what to do. Most players try to avoid missions by taking them for granted. But hear us out, missions play an important role in this Tales of Yokai game to let all the beginners understand and level up in the game faster. 

Tales of Yokai Missions are Essential

There are different kinds of missions, daily and weekly. The daily missions needed to complete within a day, whether you complete them or not, will be refreshed daily, giving you a whole new set of daily missions to complete each day. 

And then there are weekly missions where you don’t have to rush to complete them because you have a whole week to complete them. You get bonus rewards for every mission you complete; therefore, remember to complete daily and weekly missions while playing this. 

Besides daily and weekly missions, you can complete the main story missions in the main story tab in the missions menu. These main story missions are directly connected with the main story mode of the gameplay. These missions will tell you what you should do to be good at the main story mode of the gameplay. So while completing the daily and weekly quests, complete the main story quests as well. 


Our beginner guide with the best tricks and tips for beginners is over now. But as you have learned more details about the game and the best tips and tricks you should use in your Tales of Yokai gameplay, make use of them perfectly and enjoy victory in every aspect while experiencing the fastest progression.

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