Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG Tips & Tricks – A Beginner Guide to the Adventure

In many mythical stories, we have heard about dragons; what about you? Dragons are a very powerful kind of mythical species. Even if they are fictional, you will enter a world where powerful dragons live through this Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG. In this world of dragons, you can enjoy many fascinating features such as epic adventures full of battles against different kinds of enemies, romantic weddings after finding your true love in this game etc. But to be successful in all these events, you need some additional help which is why you should read this guide. 

Tales of Dragon - Fantasy RPG

There are many dragons for you to tame and use for your benefit during the gameplay. And also as well as the gameplay comes with idle options; you can level up faster in the game achieving the best progression in no time. So are you ready to participate in this fantastic Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG choosing one of the best Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG classes? If you still doubt yourself in this game, read this guide, and boost your confidence and gameplay with the help of these tips and tricks. 

Equip Your Character with the Best Gear

When you complete the quests in this game or participate in normal and boss battles here, you can get gear items as rewards for success. All the gear pieces in the game will be stored in the bag option. When you go to the bag option, you can see all the gear items available, and then you can choose the highest rarity gear items from them to be used in your character. Equipping different gear pieces for your character will give your character additional bonus attributes, making it very powerful. 

Equip Your Character with the Best Gear

In Total, there are twelve slots to equip gear items for your character. Make sure to fill all the empty slots with gear pieces once you have enough gear. And also, don’t stick to the same gear items because you will get mighty gear items when you gradually advance in the gameplay. 

So whenever you get powerful gear items, you should apply them to your hero, removing the less powerful ones. If your bag contains less powerful gear items, you can disassemble the least powerful ones to spice up the bag and earn extra coins for your gameplay.

Dragon Growth in Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG

As the game is about dragons, most importantly, how can we forget to explain the dragons? So now let us see about the dragon growth in this game. After you hatch the dragon egg in this gameplay, you need to focus on your dragon’s growth by taking specific actions. One of the best things to do to promote the growth of the dragon is to level up the dragon. 

Dragon Growth in Tales of Dragon - Fantasy RPG

When you have enough dragon crystals, you can level up your dragon by feeding it a specific amount of dragon crystals. When you level up your dragon, you can unlock more skills for it, which will be very useful for your adventurous gameplay to be used in different battle situations. 

Once you unlock skills, you can equip them for your dragon, spending necessary items which are not easy to find here. The skills come with common, rare, exotic and epic rarities. The higher the skill tier, the harder it is to obtain the relevant consumables for the relevant skills. But don’t give up and focus on growing your pet dragon into a furious one providing the care it needs.  

Level up the Skills

According to the class you choose for your character, it receives skills. And you need to level up these skills using necessary consumables to power up your character more. Initially, your character has only basic skills, but gradually, you can unlock tier one, tier two, tier three, tier four and finally, tier five skills. 

Every skill comes with a specific effect, a cooldown time and a type which is active or passive. When you level up the skills using required materials such as skill books, their effects will be upgraded, and your character will be powered up. 

Dungeons in Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG

Dungeons are a special element in this Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG, where you can find more interesting. You will unlock the dungeon feature when you reach a certain player level in this gameplay. 

Dungeons in Tales of Dragon - Fantasy RPG

There are several types of dungeons you can take part in, such as crystal dungeons to get more dragon crystals, EXP dungeons to get more EXP for your character to level up, and Coin dungeons to obtain more coins which are valuable to the gameplay along with the divine dungeons. There is a recommended combat power for each dungeon, and you can see the obtainable rewards through the dungeon before participating. If only your battle power is higher than the recommended power given in the dungeon, you can decide to participate. 

Every dungeon has different stages, including a boss, which can only be challenged once. When you defeat the bosses in each stage of the dungeons, you can get exclusive and more significant rewards. 

The dungeons are not simple, as they include the most powerful battles. Therefore if you decide to take part in a dungeon, ensure your character is at a higher level in this Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG with the best skills unlocked. 


Here we have mentioned the best tips and tricks a beginner like you can follow for the best Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG play. As you can see, the game will be very easy with these tips. Since you have a specific understanding of what to do from the beginning of the game, thanks to this guide, start your dragon adventure now with this gameplay. 

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