Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG Classes Tier List in January 2024

Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG is a game where you are going to build your dragon land while taming powerful dragons. You can go on different challenging adventures in this gameplay while experiencing the idle elements too. Even though there are many things we remember discussing this game with you, your concern today is about the Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG classes. So we welcome you to this guide where we explain the Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG classes

Tales of Dragon - Fantasy RPG classes

After you download the game for the first time, the first thing you need to do is to choose a character class. Once you select a character class, you can choose the gameplay. You must be wise about choosing a class because it will affect your whole gameplay. So are you ready to check on the Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG classes? Then keep digging into this guide for more details about the classes. 

Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG Classes

As we said earlier, when you first enter the game, you must choose a class for yourself. You can choose from four classes in this game, and each class gives you different play styles to follow. What are these four types of classes included in this game? They are mentioned right below. 

  • Priest
  • Archer
  • Warrior
  • Mage

The above are the available classes for your gameplay at the moment. As you are all new to this game, let this beginner guide help you understand all these Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG classes with brief explanations. 


Tales of Dragon - Fantasy RPG Classes

The Priest is the first class of heroes you can choose in this game. When seeing the word Priest, you will remember a particular person, won’t you? But the Priest you see in this game will be a whole different and a new person that you have never seen before. The Priest comes with a specific weapon that can deal damage to the enemies. Let us explain to you some class features of the priest class. 

This class is good at dealing damage to far enemies. It means they have a good range, and they can easily defeat enemies who are distant. The priest class deals magical damage to the enemies; though they can deal magic damage to the enemies, the priest class is much better for providing buffs for the allies in the team while debuffing the enemies.


Tales of Dragon - Fantasy RPG Classes

Another class of characters you may find in this game is Archer. The Archer is one of the best damage dealers in this game. These archers use a unique bow and a set of arrows to damage distant enemies because they have a higher attack range. The archers deal physical damage to the enemies, and they have excellent attacking skills. If you love using archers excelling in long-range combat during your gameplay, you can choose this character. 


Tales of Dragon - Fantasy RPG Classes

One of the best Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG classes that deal massive damage to the enemies are known as warriors. These warriors are often considered the best damage dealers in the game. Therefore, if you want to damage the enemies and always be victorious, you can use the Warrior role for yourself during this gameplay. 

The warriors excel at close-range combat, using their swords as the primary weapon, dealing physical damage to the enemies, and attacking more than defending. Warriors will be one of the best classes you can choose in this game, so will the warrior class be your choice for your gameplay? 


Tales of Dragon - Fantasy RPG Classes

The last but not the least class we will explain to you in this game is the Mage. The Mage class is also mighty in this game, where they can deal magical damage to enemies distant from the mages. And also, as the Priest class, this mage class can apply buffs to the allies in the whole team and debuffs to the enemies. Will the mage class suit you out of all the Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG classes mentioned here? 

After choosing one of the best Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG classes for your gameplay, you just need to name your character and proceed with the gameplay. 

Enhance Your Hero

Whatever character class you choose for your gameplay, you must take care of your character well by enhancing it perfectly. Enhancing your character during your gameplay makes it more powerful, and you don’t have to worry about failing in front of the enemies during the battles. You can enhance your hero in many ways, such as equipping the best gear pieces for your character, leveling up the character using the EXP gathered throughout the gameplay, unlocking the skills for your hero while leveling them up etc. 

When you use all these methods, your hero’s attributes will be powered up, boosting it in power and strength. Enhancing your hero’s power will help you deal with enemies very smoothly without being defeated at any time. Therefore when you have the necessities, you should enhance your hero to make them powerful against all the enemies you encounter during the adventurous gameplay here. Otherwise, it will be hard on you to survive in the battles when you advance in this gameplay. 


Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG tier list of classes is over now. Above, we have discussed all the classes available in the gameplay. Now that you know well about the hero classes, you can choose the best class for your gameplay to get highly advanced in Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG with the role you choose. While learning about the classes, remember to follow some Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG beginner tips and tricks. When you combine your knowledge about the classes of characters in this game along with the tips and tricks, you can have the best gameplay. 

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