Tales & Dragons: New Journey Tips & Tricks for All New Players

Ready to have a fantastic gaming experience with Tales & Dragons: New Journey, gameplay where you can explore the world of fairies and dragons? Everything needs a better start, so today, we will provide you with more tips and tricks to excel in this gameplay by beating different types of beasts. All players who are beginners to this game can employ each tip to make the game easier.

Tales & Dragons: New Journey

In brief, this is an idle RPG, and you can team up with players to earn different kinds of strong and powerful fairies dragons as you will encounter more fairies and dragons in the gameplay, and you are the dreamer who fights with monsters. Fairy tale heroes have specific skills and abilities, so earning high-powered fairy tale heroes and characters will be better than defeating all enemies during your game progress.

Enhance your knowledge with the tricks and tips provided through this guide, and use your best skills to make the Tales & Dragons: New Journey gameplay easier.

Master the Basics

This game can take players to a magical world with fairy tale heroes. In the beginning, players start their journey by selecting characters with highly powerful classes, customizing their appearance, and selecting the preferred playstyle. If you want to master the basics of the game, 

Master the Basics

you have to be familiar with the options in the gameplay so you can take part in more battles and practice more to get a good understanding of combat techniques, resources, events, and many more.

Character Selection

In this gameplay startup, you must choose a character with the right class. This gameplay introduces a diverse cast of characters, each with unique skills and abilities. Warriors are frontline tanks skilled in close combat and can absorb damage, while Mages cast powerful spells from a distance and deal magical damage to enemies. Rogues excel in stealth and precision strikes, and healers provide vital support on the battlefield.

Character Selection

So, choosing characters by considering the performance types and combat styles will be more advantageous. You can refer to the Tales & Dragons: New Journey tier list to enhance your knowledge about characters and all their features to build a powerful team.

Tales & Dragons: New Journey Elemental System

The Tales & Dragons: New Journey Elemental System is a very special system in this gameplay, so you have to pay attention to it. This feature affects how your hero characters battle with foes. There are six elements in this system, and each character belongs to one of them. Let’s see some important information about the elementary system.

Elemental Counter

When two hero characters get together with different elements, then an elemental counter is considered. The hero character with an advantageous element will deal a 25% additional damage as well as their hit rating increase by 20% against the hero character with a disadvantageous element, and the counter is as follows.

Tales & Dragons: New Journey Elemental System
  • Wind heroes are more advantageous against water hero characters.
  • Water hero characters are more advantageous against Piro hero characters. 
  • Piro heroes are more advantageous against Wind heroe characters.
  • Light heroe characters are more advantageous against vice versa and dark heroes.

During the battle time, you can choose hero characters with more elemental advantages, and you can avoid selecting heroes with disadvantageous elements.

Methods to Make More Power in the Gameplay

This game consists of different ways of increasing your characters’ power. You can use various methods to enhance the power of characters and resources. So let’s go through these modes to get the victory, and having powerful characters in your team is essential to face battles properly.

Level up Your Characters

Level up Your Characters

In Tales & Dragons: New Journey, there are several effective methods to enhance your power and gameplay experience. First and foremost, focusing on character progression is crucial. Regularly level up your characters by completing quests, gaining experience points, and engaging in battles. Invest time in understanding each character’s unique abilities and attributes, and allocate skill points wisely to maximize their effectiveness in combat.

Earn More Weapons, Gear and Upgrade Them

Earn More Weapons, Gear and Upgrade Them

Equipment plays a crucial role in boosting your strength and power. Continuously search for armor, powerful weapons, and accessories to improve your characters’ stats. Engage in crafting or trading systems to acquire very powerful items that can provide a significant edge in battles. Enhancing existing equipment through enchantments or upgrades can also substantially improve your overall strength.

Staying Engaged With Game Communities

Always stay engaged with gaming communities to get new essential updates of Tales & Dragons: New Journey. Developers often introduce new features and options which impact your gameplay experience. They may introduce new characters, gears, and options to enhance the experience, so if you stay in touch, you can use new features to enhance the overall progress.

Tales & Dragons: New Journey Codes

Earn a variety of free rewards by using Tales & Dragons: New Journey codes. Those codes are provided to you by official game developers. The codes offer rewards such as magic items, gems, gold, and beyond. You can earn free rewards through the special events of the game. Since you are a beginner, you should remember there is a specific time limit for redeeming these codes.

Join a Guild

This is one of the most essential tips to enhance the experience of Tales & Dragons: New Journey. Beginners should join a guild to receive more rewards and bonuses. Joining a guild can enhance your skills, and you will receive unique benefits and quests. You can share resources that help to gain more success through some battles. So after you reach the needed level, join a guild quickly to play more advanced battles.

Improve Heros Arsenal

Improve Heros Arsenal

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran player of Tales & Dragons: New Journey, you should upgrade your gear as it plays a major role in the dragon’s game. When you go through the game, you will identify good gear pieces, and clicking on those will take you to a new window. Then, you will see some options such as Promotion, Rollback, Star- up and Reforging in the gear enhancement window.

How to Improve Your Hero’s Arsenal?

If you have any problem while you navigate through all gear and equipment, you can use the toggle item button to switch between Hero Gear Lists and items. So you can save your time during gear management.

Chat With Others

Tales & Dragons: New Journey is gameplay played by many players around the world from different countries. So you have a chance to share your thoughts and ask questions regarding the game from the “world option” by chatting. As there are many pro players worldwide, you can use this chat to enhance your knowledge about the game through chatting.

In addition, there is an option to add your friends to the chat by selecting from the contact list. As you can send requests, others are also able to send them; if you receive any requests, check them and get help by chatting to improve your knowledge of the game.


This is a beginner’s guide to Tales & Dragons: New Journey, which provides more tips and tricks to excel in the game to be a legend. Beginners can use these tips from the startup and reach a good level in the game within a short period of time. Being a beginner is not a problem to succeed in the game quickly, but you need more practice.

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