Summoners War Tier List

Let’s move our steps towards a role-playing action game that was released back in 2014. It’s the summoners war, and today we will look at the Summoners War tier list. For a role-playing action game, it is important to know who your character will be so that you have to hold a brief understanding of the heroes in the game.

Summoners War

Talking about the game, here you are in a fantasy world, and there is a role to play as a monster on you. Players are required to fight for survival, and you have to collect your most needed items for this survival. There are presenting other monsters in here, and you are required to battle against them as well.

There will be thousands of monsters in Summoners War, and you have to pick the best to create a team. each of the monsters has a unique skill set, and those can be used to fight against those other monsters. Players are having a strategic battle, so they have to complete the strategies with their teams. So players need the best team with the Summoners War tier list.

Summoners War Tier List Characters

Summoners War tier list is divided into five different categories as follows.

Tier S

These are the leading characters in the game, and they have the most unmatched moves than the other players.

Tier A

These heroes are prominent characters, and they have very close skills to the S tier heroes. The skills and their utilities show so many similarities to the S tier.

Tier B

Tier B heroes can have a good performance in the game, and for that, players have to handle them very carefully.

Tier C

Tier C heroes don’t hold more capabilities than the above, and most of the world players are hesitating to pick these heroes. Overall, they will be only good for a beginner phase.

Tier D

These heroes are the weakest ones on the game, and don’t ever think to choose them for your gameplay.

Summoners War Tier List S

  • Yeonhong
  • Vachel
  • Verdehile
  • Vanessa
  • Shi Hou
  • Ragdoll
  • Ganymede
  • Pater
  • Josephine
  • Hathor
  • Giana
  • Fran
  • Artamiel
  • Tiana
  • Antares
Summoners War Tier List S

Summoners War Tier List A

  • Noosa
  • Velajuel
  • Triana
  • Tian Lang
  • Taranis
  • Seara
  • Perna
  • Odin
  • Oberon
  • Nicki
  • Nephthys
  • Okeanos
  • Leo
  • Juno
  • Julianne
  • Jamire
  • Isis
  • Acres
  • Garo
  • Ethna
  • Elenoa
  • Diana
  • Daphnis
  • Celia
  • Bolverk
  • Mo Long
  • Bastet
  • Amelia
  • Akroma
  • Aegir
Summoners War Tier List A

Summoners War Tier List B

  • Zeratul
  • Xing Zhe
  • Wedjat
  • Read
  • Valantis
  • Tetra
  • Tarion
  • Tablo
  • Rica
  • Raki
  • Rahul
  • Racing
  • Triton
  • Qiang Dasheng
  • Psamathe
  • Lydia
  • Jeanne
  • Helena
  • Gemini
  • Frigate
  • Feng Yan
  • Eleanor
  • Craka
  • China
  • Sekhmet
  • Chilling
  • Betta
  • Amduat
Summoners War Tier List B

Summoners War Tier List C

  • Mihyang
  • Young
  • Trinity
  • Rakan
  • Orion
  • Ophelia
  • Mi Ying
  • Mei Hou Wang
  • Lushen
  • Leona
  • Laima
  • Lagmaron
  • Jager
  • Azaria
  • Iris
  • Imesety
  • Haddam
  • Harmonia
  • Fermion
  • Copper
  • Chow
  • Bulldozer
  • Bernard
  • Avaris
  • Anavel
  • Amarna
Summoners War Tier List C

Summoners War Tier List D

  • Zaiross
  • Woods
  • Thomas
  • Pontos
  • Nifong
  • Manannan
  • Louise
  • Laika
  • Kabila
  • Jaara
  • Han
  • Galleon
  • Pungbaek
  • Eladriel
  • Chloe
  • Chasun
  • Camilla
  • Beth
  • Poseidon
  • Alicia
Summoners War Tier List D

Summoners War Tier List Best Heroes


This is an attack character who got the ability on increasing the critical chance of his team. He will raise his allies’ critical chance by 40%, and Antares also summon a soul of the dead on attacking his enemies. This will deal with severe damage to opponents while decreasing their speed of attacking.

There is a skill called SinkHole with Antares, and it is providing this hero with damage along with a hole. It will hit all the enemies, and it has a great damage output. Since Antares has some great combos with him, he is identified as a popular attacker from Summoners War.



Atramiel is playing a support role in the game, and she is holding a Heavenly Sword called a lethal weapon. This hero can hit her enemies with some lethal slashes, and the damage output on it will depend on the player’s defence percentage. If any of the opponents are attacking you or your team member, Artamiel reacts quickly and performs counterattacks. The defence of this hero is also roses in those situations.

Artamiel also has some increasing 25% of the resistance. This hero’s blessing skill will help her heal the damaged team members, and for that, this hero plays an important role as a supporting character.



This female character is playing a role through the game support, and she is increasing the attack power on her allies and will immune them all. She is healing her team members after they took heavy damage from enemies, and those are helping her restore health. Farn has also got some skills on attacking enemies with a storm light help. This storm light has severe damage, and it is reducing the attack speed of the enemies. A purifying skill allows Farn to remove damages from her allies, and she then will restore the health. In addition to these, Farn also can increase the speed of attack on all her monster allies.


So that is all for the Summoners War tier list 2021, and make sure to choose the best one that fits your occasion. To gain the maximum features and skills of the game, you can use LDPlayer to play this amazing Summoners War, and it will help you earn the best possible heroes quickly.

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