Summoners War Codes July 2023

Let’s play an RPG with lots of raid battles happening with an intense arena world. It’s the Summoners War, and now it’s your time to step in for combat with powerful bosses and players. Here, you are allowed to decorate your own village with whatever things you like, and there are huge dungeons with monster training and today, it’s time to get towards the Summoners War Codes.

If you are a player urgently in need of mana, energy or additional scrolls, this Summers War Codes works for 2021 November will be the perfect help for you. These are the fresh codes that are currently working. And once these are updated, we will again come with a new list. Until that, let’s refer to the working codes for now.

Always note that these promo codes don’t have a longer working period, so you will have to be so quick to redeem them all.

New Summoners War Codes

Here are the new working codes.

Redeem codeRewardsExp date
sw2023jlj9eadded on July 1st, 2023
thenext16Redeem this promo code for Energy x100 and Mystical Scroll x1 (New)
sw2023jnf2nRedeem this promo code for Water Scroll x1, Fire Scroll x1, Wind Scroll x1Valid until June 30th, 2023) (New)

Are there Promo Codes with Summoners War?

We identify these same Summoners War Codes as the promo codes, and the name in itself does the same task for the game.

How to Redeem Summoners War Codes?

It only requires you to have a few steps. Open the game, and there you have to go for its news and the event. After that, take a scroll down to the end. And there, you have a place to enter the Promo Code. Tap on that section and then enter with the red button on redeeming your codes. You don’t have to worry about the sensitive code entering with your codes since the game automatically transfers them all to the capital letters.

You can check all Summoners War heroes from here.

Where to Enter My Codes on iOS?

Open your game and then follow the same steps as described before. Then choose a game guide and enter there with your Promo Code. You can open the gift box to have your gifts.

How to Get Free Stuff with the Game?

There are so many free items to be used and get with Summoners War. And those are included with 6 Mystical Scrolls, two from Legendary Scrolls and 2 Darkness and Light each month. All of them can be taken by clearing the Trial of Ascension 100 with the modes of hard and normal. So many other rewards can be taken with engaging by events and by having a B10 dungeon framing.


So that’s all for all Summoners War Codes, and make sure to come back in here to know the latest codes which will work finely with your game. For an additional gaming experience with the occasions like Reroll, you can use LDPlayer for Summoners War since it gives you the best gaming experience by improving advanced gameplay.

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