Spiritle Beginner Guide with Top Gameplay Tips for All New Players

Spiritle is a strategic turn-based game where you can play against opponents or play with friends through different modes. Even though this is a board game, this is not a board game that you have seen or played before. This comes with unique techniques; only if you know the best strategies can you win the battles here. The game is competitive from the beginning; if you dream of becoming the top in leaderboards here, you should read this Spiritle beginner guide and learn the tips included here, which match all new players. 


According to the four types of elements, you can experience four seasons here in this gameplay. Besides the seasons, many characters have various abilities and equipment items. You can choose any character you have discovered within the game for the battles. In this guide, you will learn about the characters in this Spiritle game and many other details about it. So keep reading and learn about the gameplay very much. 

Characters You May Find Here

In this Spiritle strategic game, you can see many characters, each of which has specific skills which make them much more useful in the battles. So let us see the characters you may find here. 

  • Sionnach – this is one of the spirits of nature in this game. He is a valiant fighter and a good strategist.
Characters You May Find Here
  • Ollbhear – this is known as one of the spirits of the earth because its element is the earth. He is a mighty warrior and a good defender of his element, earth. 
Characters You May Find Here
  • Eilit – another character you can see in this game is Eilit. This character is also known as the spirit of water. She is a mage with great knowledge of plants, and she can control water and heal the allies with her powers. 
Characters You May Find Here
  • Laghairt – this is the spirit of fire. Even though this character seems simple and weak, don’t underestimate him, as he possesses the dragon’s power within him. 
Characters You May Find Here
  • Ulchabhan – this is another spirit of nature in this game. And she does the role of an archer here. She uses her destructive arrows that never miss the targets to pierce enemies. 
  • Toirtis – this is one of the spirits of earth in this game, and this is a master strategist and wealthy merchant. 
  • Luchog – this is another spirit of water in this game. And it is an assassin who is somewhat cunning. Luchog has the best traps that can trap the movements of enemies. 
  • Panda Rua – this is another spirit of the fire which is a fiery rider who can tame animals and their elements. 

Spiritle Game Modes

There are many modes in this Spiritle game, and each mode is different, giving you a different experience. So let this guide help you understand the different modes in this game. Here there are mainly three modes: classic, cooperative, and custom. 

The classic mode is a competitive game mode in which the game automatically matches four players to play against each other. There will be a leaderboard in the classic mode where you can rank up according to your performance. 

Spiritle Game Modes

Cooperative mode is another game mode in this gameplay; in this mode, you can see 2v2 matches. You can find a friend to battle against another pair in this game. This game is also competitive, but you can win using the best tips and tricks. 

The final mode in this game is the custom mode, which allows you to create your room to play with your friends or against them. In this custom mode, you can customize the gameplay as you wish, being bound to some limits. All these modes will be opened for you once you complete the tutorial and collect all the spirits through the practice matches. 

There is a Tree of Talent

Yes, there is a tree of talent in this game, and you can use this tree of talent to power up the abilities and attributes of your character. There are sixteen talents in this talent tree, which can be activated and powered up with the golden nuts available within your in-game inventory. All these talents are very helpful for your gameplay, so you need to upgrade and activate these talents for greater victories during any match you participate in. 

Practice with Your Characters

Since you are a beginner to this game and have no idea, you can go on practice matches with your characters. Every character has skills, and you can also equip various equipment items with them. But to achieve advanced equipment items, you need more golden nuts. 

Practice with Your Characters

Until then, you can enter the practice matches with your characters equipping different available equipment items with them. When you enter more practice matches, you can improve your skills in winning matches here. So practice more and hone your skills in the Spiritle game with the practice matches. 

Spiritle Battles

First of all, you must choose a hero for yourself before participating in a battle. A battle has different phases, the first of which is the position phase. You can position your character on the generated board during the position phase. And as you know, the battles will take place as turn-based. When it is your turn, you can move your character according to your movement points and open tiles. But besides moving, you need to attack the opponents to defeat them and earn victory. 

Spiritle Battles

So how can you attack? Simple, you just need to open and pair two similar tiles. Once you do so, you can use your attack against an opponent player. And also, during your turn, you can use the skills you have already set for your character. You can have the best advantages against the enemy players using these skills. After you finish your movement points for a turn, you should end your turn and let the other players take their turns. 


Spiritle beginner guide with tips ends now, but as you have learned many of the best tips and tricks useful for this game through this guide, you can start this strategic gameplay and have more victories using the tips you learned from here. So, have you finished setting up your mind with the above-mentioned tips and strategies? Then go and have fun in this strategic gameplay.

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