Speed Run 4 Roblox – Guide and Tips to the Victory

Speed Run 4 Roblox

Roblox Speed Run 4 is a challenging and fun game where you have to run through obstacles. In the beginner phase of it, you have a virtual joystick to move your character ahead and an icon to perform jumping to dodge the challenges successfully without falling for them. Even though the levels are harder from the beginning, knowing about the game will surely solve everything for you. So read this beginner guide with tips, and you will see the secret to victory here. 

Roblox Speed Run 4

In this beginner guide, we will explain to you the essential tips and guidance you need as a beginner before starting to play this game. With these guidelines provided, you will never be a failure, but you will win the levels regardless of their difficulty. Every level comes with different songs which you can enjoy. Out of Speed Run 4 all songs, what will be your favorite? You must keep going through all the levels to unlock more songs for you. Since you came to this guide, you will survive, go through all the levels, and reach the final one successfully. 

Speed Run 4 Game Modes

In this game, you can see different game modes to take part in besides the normal mode. But all those modes have different entry conditions. Unless you complete all of them, you won’t be able to enter these modes. Let us see what these modes are. 

Speed Run 4 Game Modes
  • Normal Mode – This mode is open for you in this game from the beginning. This has no entry conditions. There are many Roblox Speed Run 4 levels in this mode. Completing them will let you earn stars. You can make a total number of thirty stars from this mode. 
  • Zombie Mode – this is the next mode you can take part in here and you need thirty stars to unlock this mode. Once you complete the normal mode, totally acquiring thirty stars, you can enter this mode. In this mode, you will be given a gun to shoot the zombies, which can be considered the hardest mode you ever compete in. 
  • Mirror Mode- you need sixty stars to unlock this mode. Once you have, you can try it. This mirror mode is the easiest to play in this game. 
  • Ragequit Mode – this mode needs ninety stars to unlock it. And in this mode, you only have one life, so if you lose even one chance, you have to start over. 
  • Impossible Mode – you need one hundred and twenty stars to unlock this game mode, and when you play this game, you will see the screen is flipped, which is why this is called the impossible mode. This is a good mode for the players who love unique challenges. 
  • Ridiculous Mode – in this mode, you will experience a continuously rotating screen, making it ridiculous to play. Because of it, this mode is hard to complete. You need one hundred and eighty stars to unlock this mode. 

You can successfully go through all these modes while starting your journey from the normal mode. Be patient and conquer all the challenges successfully with courage. 

Speed Run 4 All Dimensions

There are various dimensions in this game where you can start your gameplay. According to the dimensions you unlock, you will see differences in the difficulties of levels of the gameplay you go through. And also, each dimension takes a different appearance. You can have more challenging fun through all these dimensions. Let us see what dimensions are available for you in this game. 

Speed Run 4 All Dimensions
  • Normal Dimension – this is the first dimension you can get for free and the easiest dimension you can play here. 
  • Moon Dimension – in this dimension, you see the surface as of the moon, and you will face different challenges. You will unlock this mode with the help of the code called MOON. This is the easiest dimension to unlock in this game. 
  • Birchock Dimension – this dimension you can obtain by purchasing a random dimension for one thousand and two hundred gems from the Dimensions menu in this game. 
  • Chromium Dimension – this dimension is somewhat harder than other dimensions, and you can obtain them by purchasing a random dimension for one thousand and two hundred gems in this game. 
  • Peach Desert Dimension – this dimension gets the color of a peach which is very attractive. Some of these levels are buffed, making them very beneficial for you. You can shop this dimension from the in-game menu or obtain it after completing the game. 
  • Cosmic Dimension – this is similar to the Chromium dimension in this game. The surroundings are dark, so this will be a harder dimension for you to conquer. 
  • Cybernaut Dimension – this comes with the cyber theme that marks the surroundings as dark. Because of this dark appearance, you will get into trouble while completing these levels. But you will feel somewhat relieved thanks to the bright blue platforms. 

Final Destiny Speed Run 4

Okay, here is the most exciting thing about this game: the final destiny. This is the final level of the game. Even though many players have reached it, only a few have passed it because it is the most complex level in this game. Once you reach the final level, remember you are already a winner, whether you pass the final destiny or not. 

Final Destiny Speed Run 4

Even though this is the hardest level, if you have a victory mindset and are determined to win, you can actually do it. The level is full of challenges with floating platforms on fire etc. Once you win this, you have completed the whole gameplay. 


With all the tips and guidelines mentioned above, nothing can fail you, and you will always reach victory. Besides these tips, learn about Roblox Speed Run 4 all codes to get more free stuff. You can upgrade your gameplay freely when you use the active Speed Run 4 codes. So beat the game, unlock new dimensions, and upgrade your player level to perform the best.

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