Soccer Manager 2024 Gameplay Walkthrough, Guide, Tips and Tricks – A Complete Beginner Guide

soccer 2024 manager

Soccer Manager 2024 is one of the football mobile games with an immersive experience and fun; this game allows you to connect and take control of your favorite football club and lead to win, so this will be a more enjoyable game for players who love football. Whether you are a newbie to this gameplay or want to enhance your skills to start this ultimate mobile game, this is the best place for you as we provide tricks and tips for all beginners.

Soccer Manager 2024

First, let us give you a small introduction about the game, as this is a mobile football game, and you are the manager of the team of Soccer Manager 2024, so your decisions affect the success of the team, and you have to give good training to your players. So, to give proper managerial advice, you should be aware of the new tricks, tips and strategies. Now, let’s go through this guide to embark on an unforgettable experience.

Selection Of the Club

Since you are a newbie to this game, choosing a club is the crucial part of this gameplay because everything starts with this step. You have the opportunity to select any club according to your preferences; that means if you want to start with a top-tier team, you can start with that type of club, or if you want to start with a lower-division team, you can start from that type. 

Selection Of the Club

With our experience, we recommend beginners start with a team that consists of a solid foundation and moderate resources because it’s helpful for growth and balancing both manageability and challenge. As well as you can receive opportunities to enhance your managerial skills from clubs in mid-tier leagues.

Every time you should look for football clubs with stable finances and a strong squad. Some clubs give you excellent starting points, so when you select a football club in the beginning, pay attention to that. Selection of the starting club sets the team’s success and maintains the best managerial journey in Soccer Manager 2024.

Familiarize Yourself With the Main Menu Options

If you are starting to play this game, you must familiarize yourself with the options in the main menu because you should have the knowledge to use them to give a tough competition. The home screen is the central hub, and you can see a number of team overviews, results, and upcoming match addition, you can manage player transfers to scout, sign or sell players to squads according to your budget. 

Another tip is you have to practice using the options you have received and set up your team formation, playing style, and also playing roles so you can make adjustments for team strengths as well as weaknesses. Manage your main menu wisely because it is the center of the gameplay.

Team Building

Since you’re a beginner, from the start-up you can build your team with good performance. In Soccer Manager 2024, you have been given some options to use to make the team very powerful, and you know you have the opportunity to choose any club that suits your playstyle. Then you can select players by considering skills, strengths and performance, and before making changes, paying attention to those is a must. 

Team Building

Another thing is you are able to do experiments with players’ roles, playing styles, and formations. And another main thing is training. You have to invest the time period to plan the development of the players through different training sessions and make fast, correct decisions during matches.

Pre-match Preparations

If you are a beginner to Soccer Manager 2024, preparing before diving into matches is very important. First, you have to review the squad’s fitness; then, you have to focus on key players and other players, whether they are in good condition or want any resting time and more.

Pre-match Preparations

You can select a formation as your preferred playing style, skills, performance, and strength of your squad. Also, you can position your key players at the right places according to your preferred strategies; It may be positioned-based, high pressing or counter-attacking. So in this gameplay, the main role is the manager, so he should adjust every player’s role to get more goals during matches.

Newbies to Soccer Manager 2024 should wisely select the players according to their fitness form and high performance in their starting lineup because the position and roles lead to building a balanced team. So you have to optimize your team with the best players and instruct players at what time they should get free kicks, penalties, corner kicks, shots and more. After selecting your players, you can motivate them to achieve more goals and manage their morale by providing good instruction and feedback during playtime and training time.

Budget Management

Budget management plays a major role in creating a successful team in Soccer Manager 2024. Because if you are the manager of the team, you have to take every step considering all the facts that need to be fulfilled. As the manager, you should distribute your budget wisely by prioritizing player wages as they are special, and you can allocate funds to scouting and youth development.

Another thing is you can do transfers by considering the transfer fee and wage demands; remember not to overspend, as well as you can sell players by analyzing their performance and market demand to increase profits. Another way to enhance your financial budget is to generate additional income through sponsorships and merchandising. 

In addition, you can utilize loans to provide valuable experience for all players in your team, and it will be very successful if you can develop youth systems at a lower cost. Furthermore, you must conduct regular financial tracks to identify your income and expenditures, and then you will be able to manage your future budget properly.

Scouting Network

To obtain success within a short period by playing Soccer Manager 2024, you must understand the scouting network because it is vital and allows you to discover new players with superior skills and talents worldwide. So you can set scouts in different areas to collect details about players, and you should consider the player’s age, potential attributes, and more. 

Short- and long-term goals are considered during scouting, so make the most of your scouting efforts by attending matches, engaging in negotiations, and reviewing the scout reports properly. So beginners, keep in mind if you want to be a successful manager of your team, keep attention to a scouting network in the gameplay.


If you are a beginner to Soccer Manager 2024, you should have good knowledge about the tips and tricks that you can use to be successful. As you are the manager, you have a big responsibility to balance everything from basic things to advanced ones. For that, this beginner guide will give you good guidance.

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