Sky Warriors Beginner Guide and Walkthrough

Sky Warriors is the new Airplane combat game to become an ace pilot. It is your time to experience some thrilling the realistic aerial battles, and here you have the chance to engage with enemies in 3D dogfights of adrenaline-packed. You are going to experience a real PVP multiplayer game battle. Play the game with real players and friends and enjoy the adventures of realistic and modern fighter planes. It’s time for you to fly the advanced yet best war machine around the world.

Sky Warriors

So today’ our main insight goes with Sky Warriors gameplay and their features. Here, you will learn about the game features, ranking, their missions, and so on. Without wasting any second in here, let’s move on to the game guide.

Introduction to Sky Warriors

Sky Warriors is an air combat game for mobiles, and it has two game modes in it. One is Skirmish, and the other one will be Payload. So here, we will cover up each mode, and there are two currencies used in Sky Warriors features as follows.


There are two currencies we can see in the game as follows.

  • Coins – this will be the standard currency to the game, and we can use it to purchase upgrades with available aircraft for next.
  • Diamonds – diamonds are the second currency in the game, and it is a rare premium one. Players can use it on purchasing any of the unlocked aircraft at their ranks. Diamonds help buy premium weapons, and they will perform better than the usual weapons you see at the game. These premium weapons are also helpful in accelerating the chest and upgrades opening.

Sources for the coins vary. They will become from daily missions and completed matches. When you win more, you can earn more coins than defeat. In-game shops, loot boxes, and ranking ups are the other sources of taking coins.


Players are gaining experience pints when they are completing their battles. When you own a higher rank, you will own more advanced aircraft with standard and premium currency rewards. The ranks of the game are as follows.

  • Airman
  • Airman Basic
  • Airman First Class
  • Brigadier General
  • Captain
  • Colonel
  • Commander in Chief
  • Deputy-General of Joint Forces
  • General
  • General of the Air Force
  • High Commander of the Joint Forces
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Lieutenant General
  • Lieutenant-1
  • Lieutenant-2
  • Major
  • Major General
  • Master Sergeant
  • Senior Airman
  • Staff Sergeant

Each of these rank-ups is refilling the fuel gauge of ours entirely and will offer more diamonds.

Daily Missions of Sky Warriors

Daily missions will appear on the game screen, and they will be reset every 24 hours with their offer rewards. Every day, players are determined with four daily missions, and once they complete them, they can earn more diamonds, coins, and points on achieving new loot boxes.

Daily Missions of Sky Warriors

Loot Boxes

There are five loot box types: silver, bronze, diamond, platinum, and gold. Each of those boxes offers the players high rewards, and players can acquire them by winning their matches and completing daily missions. Players will only have a chance of holding four loot crates at the same time.

Loot boxes are included with diamonds, coins, and many power-ups with weapons that you can use in the game. They are also included with missile variants and missile flares. Usually, Bronze loot boxes have one power-up of repair parts, one power-up of a quick repair, 1686 coins, and a tracking missile.

Loot boxes will require diamonds to open, or you will have to wait for a time. The time you need to wait will vary according to the crate, and when there are more valuable crates, it will take longer to open. Following is a showcase of what contents are there with loot boxes and their opening times.

  • Bronze will be opened in two hours with 12 diamonds. There are three randomized items and 1000 to 3000 coins in here.
  • Silver will be opened in four hours with 21 diamonds. There are five items of randomized and 3000 to 5000 coins with 2 to 3 diamonds in here.
  • Gold will be opened in eight hours with 37 diamonds. There are ten items of randomized and 8000 to 13000 coins with 8 to 15 diamonds in here.
  • Platinum will be opened in twelve hours with 53 diamonds. There are 15 items of randomized and 16000 to 31000 coins with 15 to 29 diamonds in here.
  • Diamond will be opened on twenty-four hours. There are 100 items of randomized and 33000 to 65000 coins with 30 to 60 diamonds in here.
Loot Boxes


There are global leaderboards in Sky Warriors for all the players. And in addition to that, players will be divided into three leagues called gold, bronze, and silver. Each of these leagues offers a bonus with a game-winning, and the default league offer on bronze is 500 coins. And silver, on the other hand, will deliver 2300 with 3800 coins in gold as offers.

There will also be some scoreboards on each nation with leaderboards for the squadrons. Those are player-made clans, and they will compete against for each other to have a top score.


And this ends our Sky Warriors beginner’s guide and goes through each step to have fantastic gameplay with Sky Warriors. Take your chance and do your best with the game. If you prefer more controls to the game with advanced features, you can also use LDPlayer to play the game.

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