Select the Best Fruits with Pixel Piece Fruit Tier List – January 2024

No one believes that there is anyone out there who does not know about One Piece anime, popular among many weebs. Since every one of you knows what it is, how can you not know this Roblox Pixel Piece pirate adventure game inspired by the One Piece anime? Regarding the Pixel Piece game, the main thing is collecting fruits that grant specific skills. Since there are many fruits, you will never know which fruits are the best and which are the worst without a help of a Pixel Piece Fruit tier list, so here we come for you with the best Pixel Piece Fruit tier list

Pixel Piece Fruit tier list

Many fruits come with different rarities and abilities. According to the rarity they belong to, we can guess how powerful they are. For example, the highest rarity here is mythical, so we can say that the mythical fruits are mostly the best ones. But there are some twists as all these fruits have different skills. So here in this Pixel Piece Fruit tier list, we have categorized all the fruits into various tiers taking their abilities into account. Are you ready to know which are the best ones? Then go for this Pixel Piece Fruit tier list and read it carefully. 

Pixel Piece Fruit Tier List

In this Pixel Piece Fruit tier list, you can see the fruits in the pixel piece are categorized into different tiers S, A, B and C. Tier S includes the best fruits you must have in your gameplay. And these fruits are in the top tier, and they have the best skills you wish to have in Pixel Piece fruits. These so-called S-tier fruits are the best fruits among all other fruits. 

Then we shift to tier A, which also includes the better fruits, but they are not much better than the tier S Pixel Piece fruits. After the tier S fruits, tier A consists of the second-best fruits. Tier B includes the Pixel Piece fruits, which are decent but not too good. The tier B fruits are weaker than those in tier S and A. 

Finally, we move to tier C in the Pixel Piece Fruit tier list, which includes the lowest powerful Pixel Piece fruits. The tier C fruits are the weakest, so they are unsuitable for your gameplay’s advanced levels. Therefore, try to obtain the top tier S or A fruits mentioned in this Pixel Piece Fruit tier list

Tier Name RarityTypeDescriptionSkills
Tier SMera-MeraMythicalLogiaThis fruit is also known as Flame-Flame.You need two thousand Robux or ninety thousand Beli to obtain this fruit. Throws a fireball toward the enemy.Flies using flames.Throws the flames into the air to damage the enemies. Uses a flame pillar to attack the enemies. 
Hie-HieMythicalLogiaThis pixel fruit, also known as Ice-Ice, allows the user to control, use and transform into the ice. This fruit costs you ninety-five thousand Beli or three thousand Robux. Uses a giant hammer made of ice to defeat enemies. Uses a massive spear of ice to deal with enemies. Summons walls around the character that are made of ice to freeze and damage the enemies. 
Tier AMoku-MokuMythicalLogiaThis fruit is also known as Smoke-Smoke fruit, which lets users control smoke as they wish. You need ninety-five thousand Beli to obtain this fruit for your gameplay. Uses smoke to fly up.Uses smoke snakes to deal with enemies. Defeats the enemies using powerful smoke blows. Creates a smoke storm to confuse enemies and kill them perfectly. 
Bomu-BomuRareParameciaThis fruit lets the user explode any part of their body, transferring the user into a human bomb. You need nine thousand Beli or seven hundred Robux to buy this Pixel fruit. Shoots small bombs to create explosions, killing the enemies. The user becomes the bomb and creates massive destruction by exploding. 
Paw-PawMythicalParameciaThis is a fruit that grants the players the ability to repel all the things that they get in contact with. It costs three thousand Robux or one hundred and twenty thousand Beli to purchase this fruit. Creates a paw and, using it, damages the closer enemies while knocking them backwards. Makes a big paw and holds it up, dealing massive damage to the enemies in the range. Teleportation skills through one snap. Sends a red paw to heal the user while dealing small amounts of damage to the enemies. 
Tier BSpin-SpinUncommonParamecia This fruit grants the user the ability to spin any part of their body. You need five hundred Robux or seven thousand Beli to purchase this Pixel fruit. Spins and goes around dealing damage to the enemies that the user gets in contact with. Spins and moves forward in a straight path dealing damage to the enemies it contacts. Spins the legs and flies up.
Cry-CryRareParameciaThis fruit grants the user healing skills, but you need at least five hundred Robux or five thousand Beli to purchase this fruit. Shoots tear at the enemies closer to the user to steal life from them. Shoots tears toward allies, giving them HP. Creates a shield to counter enemy attacks. 
Tier CSuke-SukeCommonParameciaThis is also known as the Invisible-Invisible fruit. With this fruit, the users and their teammates can be invisible for a specific time. This fruit only costs five hundred Robux or two thousand five hundred Beli. Users can become invisible to the enemies and all allies in the team. All the allies can be made invisible with this fruit. 
Kilo-KiloCommonParamecia This fruit can change your body weight without affecting your size. You need twelve thousand Beli or seven hundred Robux to buy this fruit. Creates massive shockwaves to send blows to the enemies. Creates a vast, deadly blow by increasing the user’s body weight. Increases the weight of the user’s fist to punch the enemies dealing mass damage. 
Smooth-SmoothCommonParameciaThis fruit makes the floor smooth and lets the players slide on the ground. This fruit only costs five hundred Beli or fifty Robux, which is cheap. Allows the users to skate on the floor. With the smooth floor, you can use it to push the enemies away or damage them. 


You have already understood the best fruits for your game from the Pixel Piece Fruit tier list. But as you can see, the best is always the most expensive. If you are a Pixel Piece beginner, acquiring the best ones will take some time. But hang on until you achieve your goal. In this Pixel Piece Fruit tier list, we have clarified which fruits grant you the best skills and which are the best in every aspect. Although they all have some cons, the tier S fruits are the best while the tier A fruits are the second best.

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