Scary Roblox Games to Play with Horror – Top 10

best scary Roblox games

If you are a real gamer, you should know about the Roblox platform, which is a place where you can access games of all genres. Roblox offers you adorable games, adventurous games and also fighting games. But when it comes to games of different concepts, how can we forget scary Roblox games? Well, Roblox has numerous scary games where you can feel the same horrible feeling when you watch a horror movie or something like that, so here in this guide, we are about to share the top ten scary Roblox games

Since Roblox is a large platform with a bigger community and many games, you will find it hard to get the top scary Roblox games. But this guide includes the ten best scary Roblox games where you can play at your heart’s content and feel the horror. As you are also a horror game lover, enjoy this guide and see the top ten scary games you can play in Roblox. With these Roblox horror games, you can experience the real horror feeling. 

Dead Silence

Dead Silence is the number one scariest game you can find on Roblox, which gives you the most frightening vibes throughout the gameplay. With this game, you become an investigator who tries to find evidence on the disappearance of Mary S. During the investigation; you will go through the creepiest experiences where you find yourself harder to tolerate. This gameplay will make it harder for you to close your eyes even in the daytime, as it is so creepy. So, get ready to play Dead Silence and be scared. 

Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers is another title in the list of the best scary Roblox games you can play and have breathtaking experiences. As in the first game, here also you become an investigator. But this time, it is somewhat different because you are a paranormal investigator trapped in an unknown house by an unknown being. While you play the game, always calm yourself down, as the scary sounds you hear will always make you anxious about what will happen next. 

There is an end goal you should achieve in this game which is finding disks. When you find disks, be prepared to face entities because every disc contains entities that might harm you. So, when you enter this Finders Keepers Roblox game, you should be prepared to face the most dangerous things. 

The Haunted Imperial hotel

The Haunted Imperial Hotel is a hotel which there are lots of rumors about. But these rumors are not normal; they are creepy and give you horror vibes. This Imperial Hotel is an abandoned hotel that many people think is the door to hell, as it was once full of demonic rituals.

Due to the collapse of this hotel, this hotel was closed; though it is closed, you come to this haunted hotel as an explorer who explores the remaining rituals of this hotel. During this exploration, you will face unexpected mysteries and also make sure to dodge traps and enemies that might try to stop your exploration. 

The Mimic

Among the list of scary Roblox games to play, how can we ignore The Mimic, which is a Roblox game that terrifies you throughout the whole gameplay? This is an adventurous horror game with different chapters to complete. In each book, you will play as different characters and go through a mysterious world, uncovering truths about various things. 

You will hear scary noises out of nowhere which makes you feel terrified, and here you can play alone or play with friends as you like. So, if you can’t resist the fright alone, you can take a friend with you. 


The Rake REMASTERED is also an awesome game that must be included in this list of the top scary Roblox games to play with horror. Here you live in the same area where the Rake lives and the Rake comes out at night to hunt down victims. You must survive the nights with the Rake by somehow finding the methods to run and hide from it. How many nights will you be able to survive against this giant creepy monster? 

The Maze

You know what a maze is, right? Then, let’s start the game explanation. Here the game locks you in an underground maze where you should try to escape from it somehow. Though you are locked in this maze, and somehow you have to get out of it, the only thing you have for your help is a camera and a flashlight. 

Here you can play this game with your friends, which makes the journey to escape much easier. But be cautious about your path, as many creatures try to hunt you down without letting you escape the maze. 

The Asylum

In this game, you become an explorer, where you enter and explore an abandoned asylum. The game is divided into chapters that allow you to explore the abandoned asylum in the first chapter. In the second chapter, you will go through another building near the abandoned asylum. Wanna know what awaits you there? Start playing this game right now if you dare to take the challenge. 

Zombie Attack

A gameplay where you can team up with your friends to kill zombies as much as possible is the Zombie Attack. This also can be considered one of the best scary Roblox games you can play to feel the scariest moments in your life. You and your friends take the weapons and shoot down most of the zombie waves you can. So do you think you are powerful enough to take down zombie bosses too? Then get ready to play Zombie Attack, one of the top scary Roblox games

Murder Mystery 2

This is one of the top scary Roblox games filled with fun, excitement, survival and horror. This is somewhat similar to the Among Us game, so if you are a fan of it, you will like this game too. In this game, all the players are divided into three groups: the innocents, the murderer, and the sheriff. Innocents should expose the murderer and run and hide from the murderer to survive until the end of the game. 

The murderer is the player who tries to kill all the other players, but the murderer must be careful with the sheriff. Why should the murderer be protected from the sheriff? Because the sheriff works with innocents, he is the only one with a weapon to take down the murderer. Though the game is enjoyable, it happens in the horror and scary map where you feel scared during the gameplay. 

Insane Elevator!

This game says that there is a 99% chance that you will die without surviving through all the floors. Do you accept it or show us you can survive every floor? If you are one of a kind who is brave enough to take the challenge, get into the Insane Elevator! and show us that you are capable of surviving through all the floors. 

This is scary, but it is enjoyable at the same time. You will enter the elevator and go through various floors, but during the floors, you will meet the scariest characters you can find in various famous horror movies. If you feel like you can’t go in the elevator with serial killers all by yourselves, don’t forget to invite your friends to play it with you. 


The best scary Roblox games are included above, and now that you know which gives you the top horror feeling, you can start playing each as you wish. With these scary games published on Roblox, you can get the most unforgettable horror experiences. And also, you can experience jumpscares and horror-rich music throughout all these gameplays, so before starting to play these, prepare yourself well to face the scariest moments in your life.

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