Save Your World with Into the Breach Tips – A Beginner’s Guide

Into the Breach is a game exclusive for all the Netflix members like you. This is a strategy game where the fights might happen as turn-based, and here, you have to defend the world from the attacks of aliens. To save the world from the threats of aliens, you must have the best team, including the top-performing pilots and mechs. As this is a strategy game, you need to know the best strategies and a good idea of the game to save the world well. So let this beginner guide help you in saving the world with these amazing Into the Breach tips and tricks.

Into the Breach

Defending the cities and their structures is the main thing you should do in this game. When doing it, you need to be strategic enough to analyze the attacks of the alien foes to come up with options to counter all the attacks of them. As you are just a beginner to this gameplay, you know nothing about the game to perform well. But now that you have this beginner guide with tips, you can save your world and have the top victories. 

Choose the Squad

When you first enter a mission, you can choose the squad for you. In the squad, you can choose a pilot. There are different pilots in this game for you to choose from, but at the beginning of the game, only one pilot is available. You can unlock more pilots when you go through the game, completing different missions. 

Each pilot has a specific trait which is their special skill. When choosing a pilot for yourself after unlocking more pilots, you need to consider their special traits, and then you can choose the best one for yourself. There is no need to use the same pilot for your squad; when you unlock better ones, add them to your gameplay for the best victories. As we said, choose the pilots with the most beneficial traits for your gameplay. 

Besides the pilots, there are mechs you can add to your squad. Mechs come in three categories: combat mech, cannon mech, and artillery mech. Let us see brief explanations of each of them separately. 

Choose the Squad
  • Combat Mech – these are the mechs that are specialized in close-ranged combat that attack the enemies on the adjacent tiles to them. And also, these mechs are better at punching enemies back. 
  • Cannon Mech – these are the mechs that can shoot projectiles in a straight line and hit the first object it encounters. To have the best aiming to the enemy objects, you need to position them well by being wise. 
  • Artillery Mech – these are the mechs that can push back the enemies into another behind tile by the projectiles they use. And these mechs are better at dealing with distant enemy objects while shooting over other objects. 

Into the Breach Difficulty Range

This game has different difficulty levels that you can use for you when you play it. According to the difficulty level you choose in your gameplay, you will experience different missions with different difficulties. Here you can choose a different difficulty range, such as easy, normal, hard, and unfair. 

Into the Breach Difficulty Range

The easy is the best difficulty range you can choose in your beginner game phase. And then the normal is somewhat tougher than the easy, but this is a better difficulty range you can choose when you have some experience in this game. The hard and the unfair are not suitable difficulty ranges for you when you are still in the beginner phase. So choose the best-suited difficulty range for your gameplay in your beginner phase and proceed. 

And also, in the difficulty setup option, you can choose to have advanced enemies to face, advanced missions to complete, advanced equipment such as weapons and pilots for your gameplay, and advanced pilot abilities. These are optional; if you like, you can choose them, but you can ignore them if you don’t like them. 

Combat in Into the Breach Gameplay

The combat in this Into the Breach game happens as turn-based. Each Into the Breach gameplay battle has a specific number of turns, and you need to complete the battles in the given turns to achieve victory. In each combat, a power grid delivers the power to your mechs. But when a building is damaged, the power grid will be reduced. If the power grid becomes zero, you will lose the match. 

Combat in Into the Breach Gameplay

Every enemy attack is forewarned in this game, and you can tap on the enemies to see their details to prepare to face them perfectly. When your turn comes, you can tap on any of your mechs and drag them into any position in the battleground. Tap on the weapon to be used and then tap on the enemy to get attacked by the mech you choose. When you are done attacking, you can end your turn and let the enemies have their turn. 

Complete Missions and Bonus Objectives

Completing missions and bonus objectives is essential in this game. When you complete the given mission in the gameplay along with the bonus objectives, you can always be victorious. Always focus on achieving the main mission in your Into the Breach gameplay first.

Complete Missions and Bonus Objectives

Then you can focus on achieving bonus objectives that let you earn additional resources after you win the battles. While winning the battles, you must complete missions and bonus objectives to have other awesome benefits for your gameplay. 


Into the Breach gameplay beginner tips and tricks are now over. Still, now that you have learned the top useful tricks and strategies for your game, you can protect the world by defending all the cities in different timelines and destroying the foes. Why are you still waiting? Just go to the gameplay and try these strategies to earn victories.

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