Sausage Man Tips to Win the Class Modes

Sausage Man! A new Battle Royale game mode by XD Entertainment is entertaining. It is a fashionable cartoon game that combines elements of other battle royale games, but it also has its own unique twist. The game is silly and entertaining. We created Sausage Man tips to win the class modes to help you get the most enjoyment out of the game because, like every game, having a good tip or two and some previous knowledge makes playing a game more fun.

As a Sausage, you will be able to use a portable helicopter to fly about and shoot laser weapons. In addition to the battle, there are other enjoyable activities such as singing, double jumping to reach structures, and utilizing a grapple gun to go long distances or scale high locations. 

When anyone gets shot, they will turn them into tiny little crying Sausage Men; You can pick them up and go if you are in a hurry. Let’s see what you can do to better yourself in this game.

Optimize the Auto pick-up.

When you play Sausage Man, you want to pick up the ammo type you would use the most, not the other garbage, and sniper rifles need so little compared to other guns; pistols are the bane of any battle royal game, they are garbage, and you don’t want to spend your backpack space for pistol ammo.

So what you do is go to settings and then go to auto pick up settings, then change the auto pick up limits for guns and ammo you want. This way, you don’t have to clean your backpack all the time. But sometimes, you may change your mind and want to change the play style faster; with the LDPlayer Operation record, you can make a script for all that. 

It is pretty simple; all you have to do is press F8 and do what you do with the setting and stop when you want to apply them; you can execute it, and LDPlyer will do it for you faster and better. Optimizing your pick-up is crucial because, in some situations, you will not have the time to pick up the item you want manually.

Take advantage of Training Ground.

Training ground has every weapon and item available in the Sausage Man. So you can use this to get to know them and go to the battle with a good understanding of what to use and what not to use. And this is an excellent opportunity to adjust the sensitivity of your aim this way; you can find the optimal speed and settings without getting killed several times.

Be Selective About Where You Land.

You should pick a remote landing spot to get into the battle with some advantage. This way, you can find some decent gear and better some bots to kill. If you jump into a crowded place, you will be looking for items until the last second of the match or, worse, get killed faster than you land.

This is one strategy to follow; as soon as the airbus starts traveling, look at the map and pick the place far away and jump early, so you can land faster and pick a place with some buildings. While traveling in the air, make sure not to travel in a direction other players do, or you will be fighting with bats and pistols rather than looting items.

Another strategy is to wait till the last second and fly to the most distant place you can, but make sure you have a few good clusters of building out there before you make this decision so you have an alternative place to land if someone else has the same idea. 

Hord the Grappling Huks.

Grappling husks are a godsend while moving. You can get to any place in the game using them, do not throw them away for any reason; in default settings, you can only pick up three, but our advice is to change that to at least a ten. They can help you to get on trees or can help you to run away from dangerous situations. Making a habit of using them can improve your gameplay more than any other equipment in the Sausage Man. 

Improve Your Covering and Fire With LDPlayer

Yes, it is the truth players who know how to utilize covers to their advantage live longer and have a higher chance of making it to the last spot. When you rush, you are exposing yourself to the other players. While you run on the open field, they can shoot you from a safe distance while maintaining a good cover, so this puts you at a disadvantage because they can see you, but you can’t.

While searching for loot, always try to loot inside of houses so you will not get picked from far away while you are distracted with loot.

If you have to move through an open field, always try to move around where it has a lot of trees; while choosing an outfit, pick green color clothes so you will be harder to spot from a long distance. While engaging the enemy, find a tree, building, or rock to get behind; never open yourself up to the enemies.

With the LDPlayer Keyboard Mapping Feature and Macro Commands to combine aim with sight and lean at the same time, to do this, first go to settings and enable lean and peak and create a two key to lean left and right with scope aim. You can find the instructions here

Be a Team Player

When playing Squad, most of the randos go on their own; you should never do this because you can be outnumbered easily In Sausage Man without even knowing it. Then you beg for others to save you. Don’t do that; if you want to play solo, do queue solo, or better, there is a solo mode just to do that. 

The game has come a long way since its release. Naturally, there are some experienced players; if you are a beginner, you will be able to learn a thing or two from them, and loot-wise, you will be able to gather and share items like scopes or guns. They might help you gear up faster than you would on your own, so do not pass this opportunity and take its advantage while being a team player.

Learn to Take the Motion Into Account While Shooting

This is just not for the Sausage Man; it is valid for all the shooter games out there. The best way to avoid getting shot at is either getting to a cover or jumping and constantly moving, so to counter this, you have to learn how they move to shoot a few times and see how they move and shoot, understand where they might the move to next usually.


Even if they jump around, they will be moving in a straight line. Shooting the place they might land next rather than where they are currently in increases the odds of landing your next shot. You will have to practice this on your own, but after a while, if you train for this, you will be able to do it without even thinking about it.

Selecting a Gun

This is obvious but always keep two different guns on you. One for close to mid-range and one for long-range; having a low recoil gun for mid-range with a mid-range scope can help you land a bunch of bullets easily on your enemies. For example, QBZ, M416, M16A4, and SCAR_L will serve you greatly. 

Don’t Ignore The Question Mark in a White Circle on Map

If you notice the message “The mystery object has emerged.” while playing, check for the mark on the map and, if it is close by, don’t ignore it. If you go there, you can find some superb vehicles and weapons, such as the baby dragon you saw on the shooting range or the motor robot. If you were wondering how to get the motor robot, this is how you get it.

ConclusionFollow these tips given in this Sausage Man tips to win the class modes; you will be able to improve your gameplay. With that, we are going to end this tips guide. We will see you with another guide.

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