Runestrike Beginner Tips and Guide

In the realm of Runestrike, you will encounter mortal champions battles. There you have to master the strong runes. You will have to overthrow the ancient gods in the world of Runestrike. As an online game based on the strategies of turn base, you will get an overwhelming experience through Runestrike. There will be quick play offers to the players with some in-depth approach. Most of the strategy will base on uncomplicated gaming mechanics and here are the Runestrike Beginner Tips and Guide.

Runestrike Beginner Tips and Guide

When you play in the world of Runestrike, you will encounter battles between the mortal champions. As mentioned, these battles will be against the ancient gods. You already have the chance of downloading the game: Runestrike in your preferred app stores. Then you can create decks while leveling up the champions. There will be enjoyable single-player games and PvP games.  The choice is yours.

Now, you have got a clear and brief idea of the background of Runestrike. But, when you begin the game, you need to understand the gaming basics of Runestrike properly. There will be some essential mechanics to read. So, today, we will be discussing the beginner guides for better gameplay in the world of Runestrike.

Important notes on Runestrike Beginner Tips and Guide

Before going to the guide and the tips, there are some game features in Runestrike where players need to know. When you play Runestrike, you can create a collection. That will base on the cards which you have beautifully designed. That can be either the familiar Giant or the legendary Jupiter. When you stun the champions and the pretty world on the map, an exciting fact will happen. You will see a visual treat for the players in Runestrike with that.

The second important point is to study the compelling story of the ancient God. That will deal in the titanic clash. You will get to know about the veil which has divided the mortal from immortal tears open. There will be rains that dwell from heaven. That will encompass all the skills of attacking and other divine abilities, and it will arise the champion to unlock new skills and powers. That will be the Path to earn more rewards.

Now let us begin the beginners guide for Runestrike. Through this, we are providing you the best tricks with tips. So, join us till the end and let us move to the guide.

Deck in Runestrike CCCG game

In this game, all the players have the opportunity to create a deck. To make that, they can use champions from different worlds. All of them need to have the card that they have collected and fight. There will be 24 cards in every deck. All of them are playable. They can use it in a combination also, and the mixture is minions and spells. They will be from the world of champions. There will be neutral realm cards that are useful on creating the deck.

Here, Minions will consider as invocable creations of the game. Every minion will have a cost and health. In-game, they are known as Mana and HP, respectively. They also have abilities. The other type of card in Runestrike is Spells. They have cost and skills. Not health. The main types of Decks that you can find in Runestrike and their duty is as follows.

  • The deck named Aggro will push the damage to the side of the enemy in a short time.
  • The deck named Combo will look for solid interactions with several cards. That will be the path to victory.
  • The deck named Control can bear the board with the use of defensive minions. That will use AOE and Spell cards to kill minions.
  • The deck named Midrange is a mixture of Aggro and Control-styled decks. They will be the hosts to the minions who are in the 4-8 mana range.
  • The deck named miracle is much equal to the combo deck. The main aim of that is to have heavy card cycling.
  • The deck named stall reduces the void damage and running out of cards to enemies. It has more similar characteristics to the control deck.
  • The deck named Spellsapm will carry the spell cards. Sometimes that will take some minions also.
  • The deck named Tempo will spend all the ManaMana.  That will be in an effective way in every turn. It will be perfect to consider that as your ManaMana. Suppose you see opponents play a six-cost minion. Then it will replace that with four cost minions. What it means is, the player will get the Tempo of 2 men. You can use that for the players to develop a minion in the game.
  • The deck named Highlander has been made up with a single copy of every card.
  • The deck named OTK is a one-turn kill. It can cause large-scale damage bursting, and that can kill an opponent in one turn. It will be much similar to the Combo deck.

In the game, you will identify ManaMana as the leading resource. So, every card will have a cost on ManaMana when they are in the play. When the cards are sent to a player to use them with the Spells, or a minion dies, they will avoid them. That will happen when the cards are discarded.

Deck in Runestrike CCCG game

Magic realms in the game

In Runestrike, you will see some magic. When the conduct of God is for war, and the land of mortals turns into their magic, all the champions will get an extraordinary chance. That is to learn the six different realms of magic. Namely, they are Order, Chaos, Nature, Myth, Light, Shadow, and the neutral card as follows.

  • The magic card named Order is the inspiration of courage. It will secure minions and the controls in the war field.
  • The magic card named Chaos will be the force of fire. That will make more violence and reign the destructions on the foes.
  • The magic card named Nature will be the world of flora and fauna. It will keep them healthy also. But, there will be domination throughout all the creatures. So, there will be a difficult situation to kill them.
  • The magic card named Myth, is the world of Wizards and spells. Using that, the players can make spells all the time which are highly effective.
  • The magic card named Light will be the world of reincarnation. There will be healing powers and angles. The primary duty of that will be healing minions and rebuking those who are in a potential threat.
  • The magic card named Shadow, will be the magic of the dark armies. They are undead or demons. You will find them as the most dangerous creatures who can draw powers from death and deception in the game.
  • There will be a universal card. The name of that is the neutral card.

Champion work procedure

In Runestrike, champions are the most important thing. All the players need champions to create a deck. Champions can introduce as a reflection of the life and abilities of all the players in the game. Suppose a champion is reduced to zero, then the players will lose the game. In Runestrike, you will see four attacking powers in all the champions. They have a hundred HP and three blood abilities.

That will depend on the cost. With the players’ level up, all the champions get a chance to unlock the other two abilities with time. It is essential to win something to level up the champions in Runestrike.. That is the matches. Then you can earn more rewards. To see the rewards, you can follow this procedure. First, go to the icon named button. Then select the hero that you want to see. Then you will find the rewards icon.

For newbies, it is recommended to aim at unlocking Oggma and Ramses at the initial stages of the game. Aggro can play with Oggma to make an excellent composition. Ramses can manage the defend while attacking.

Champion work procedure

Works at arena

When you play Runestrike, you have the freedom to select the gaming mode that you wish to play. There are two modes. Namely, Solo arena and versus. When you choose versus mode, all the players get a chance to play against the real enemies. It will offer RP, aka rank points, to you. When you defeat, the players will lose the RP points.

To look at the tanks, you can follow to the helmet, which is on both sides of the champion on the versus mode. To get the fight mode for the AI bot, you can click on the red button. That will appear on the right-handed upper side corner of your screen.

If you select Solo arena mode, you have to play against seven AI decks. They have to make a champion selection after coming to the game. That will use in the real attempt of the game. To get solo arena rewards, the players will need a maximum amount of gold. That is 150 essences and 200 golds. That will base on the number of matches that the player has won in Runestrike.

Works at arena

Completion of the daily missions

This is the task where you can obtain glory by completion. On this road to glory, all the players can obtain rewards. That will happen at the beginning of every new season. When you win, you can get 20XP. The enrolment of a mission in a day will be three. That will give 50 POGs with the task success.

Other than the daily missions, there will be rewards for the recruitments. What it means by recruitment is sending an invitation to the friends. That will be the blue recruit button which will appear towards the downside of the friend’s bar. With the completion of five recruitments, you can get exclusive rewards. Namely, they are Majus Skin, 200 emeralds, 300 emeralds, 400 emeralds, and 500 emeralds, respectively.

To become eligible for this, the players have to finish the Olympus Campaign Trial. You can see that on the first difficulty of the game.

Using game resources

In Runestrike, you will see five different types of resources. Each of the resources has a significant purpose of doing. Now, let us have a good look at these resources and they’re main uses them.

  • You will find gold as the primary resource, and it will cost 200. People can purchase cards packs and Campaigns.
  • When you spend 2000 shards, the purple players can purchase Champions.
  • The blue one will be the essence. That will use by the craft cards.
  • Three types of XP points are here at the game. The small one with 100 XP and the medium one with 250 XP. The large one holds 500 XP. When you use these potions, the champions can get the XP.
  • Using real money, you can buy Emeralds cards. The players with champions can buy it with bundles, champions, and cosmetics. There will be champion’s skins and cards backs also.

To earn these resources, the players can use different ways. If you use Campaigns, there will be shards, essences, and cards. In the Path of glory, you will find Gold, Shards, XP potions, and essence, and if you select arena, you will find gold and essence.

Card packs and their rarity

It will be essential to get an idea about the card packs and the rarity of each card pack. When you play Runestrike, you will see three main types of card packs. Namely, they are the Core packs, the Real packs, and the Seasons pack. The details of them are as follows.

  • You will see the Core packs in brown color. It is a group which consist of all the cards. But there will be no seasons in the Core packs, and you can use these cards only to unlock by leveling up Champions. It can also use in Campaigns.
  • There will be a specific realm in the Realm packs. They have a high drop rate, and you will see a shorter mercy timer there relative to the Core packs. In the Realm packs, you will find six cards. There will be one rare warranty also.
  • The latest pack is the Seasons pack. That has been designed recently. In these new cards, there will be each season.

The rarities of the cards as mentioned above are as follows.

  • You have to identify a black gem in the Basic cards.
  • You have to identify a white gem in the Common cards.
  • In the Rare card, there will be a blue gem.
  • In the Epic card, there will be a purple gem. It has a 20% chance for the core pack.
  • In the Legendary card, there will be an orange gem. It has a 5% chance for the core pack. It will support the same protection also.

When you play Runestrike, you will find a bonus point also. That is, the players have the opportunity of crafting when they have enough amount of the essence. That will exclude the unlocked and the season packs cards.


Runestrike is a funny game which has oriented on turn-based strategies. The unique feature of Runestrike is the decks that you can create in the game. But, in both gaming modes of Runestrike, the players get a chance to evaluate their abilities in both ways. That will happen with the support of the worldwide players of Runestrike. As a newbie, you can follow the tips structured here and play a good game in Runestrike.

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