Run Solitaire Grand Harvest on PC with LDPlayer

Welcome to Solitaire Grand Harvest, where the classic solitaire experience meets the joys of farming. As you delve into this world, you’ll not only be playing the beloved tripeaks solitaire but also nurturing your very own farm.

Solitaire Grand Harvest on PC

The landscape of Solitaire Grand Harvest is both serene and challenging. Amidst the lush fields and crops, lies the intricate web of solitaire cards waiting for you to unravel. Your mission? To play, harvest, and grow, all while enjoying the timeless game of solitaire.


Solitaire Grand Harvest offers a unique blend of solitaire and farming. As you play through the solitaire levels, you’ll also be tasked with harvesting crops from your fields. Each successful solitaire game leads to bountiful harvests, and with each crop, you reap additional bonuses and rewards.

Solitaire Grand Harvest on PC

But the challenges don’t end there. As you progress, you’ll encounter special features like the Golden Glade, where even more bonuses await. And with your trusty sidekicks, Sam the solitaire dog and Hoppy the frog, there’s always a surprise around the corner.

Stunning Visuals and Engaging Activities

Solitaire Grand Harvest on PC

With LDPlayer’s enhancement, the vibrant graphics of Solitaire Grand Harvest come alive, offering a visually delightful experience. The game’s sound effects and melodies further immerse you into the world of solitaire and farming.

How to Play Solitaire Grand Harvest on PC 

To embark on your Solitaire Grand Harvest journey on PC, LDPlayer is your go-to platform. Here’s how to dive in:

1. Download the LDPlayer emulator, available in both 64-bit and 32-bit versions.

2. Once installed, open the LD Store or Google Play Store within the emulator and search for Solitaire Grand Harvest.

3. Download and install the game.

4. After installation, find the game on the emulator’s homepage and click on its icon to launch.

5. And there you have it! You’re all set to enjoy Solitaire Grand Harvest on your PC.

So, are you ready to combine the joys of solitaire with the satisfaction of farming? Dive into Solitaire Grand Harvest and experience a game like no other!

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