Roblox Super Bomb Survival – Beginner Tips to Survive

Will you be able to survive under a sky raining explosives continually? You can’t decide it without trying, right? Then you have to play this Super Bomb Survival Roblox game which is a survival game under a sky raining explosives. Many random challenges are there for you to face. Work together with other players to survive as much as possible without dying over the explosives falling into the play area. Let us learn what survival tips and strategies to follow through this guide.  

Super Bomb Survival Roblox

This game is super challenging and likely a game that all beginners will give up on soon. But now that you have this guide full of awesome tips, you can survive and win. Are you ready to try your luck to survive among these explosive challenges? Then, get ready to read this guide and learn what you should do primarily to win. 

Challenges to Win

When you look at the menu of this game, you can see an option called Challenges. There are daily challenges in this section that you can take part in and accomplish. And also, there are VIP daily challenges for the players who have bought the VIP pass in this game. For every challenge you complete, you can get more gems that act like a premium currency in this game that are hard to obtain freely. 

Challenges to Win

As these challenges are daily, you must complete them before the time runs out. You can get gems for your gameplay once you complete them before the time runs out. Most often, these daily challenges are easy; if you think they are tough, it is because you are a starter in this game. While completing challenges, you should somehow obtain more gameplay gems. 

Roblox Super Bomb Survival All Skills

Skills are something you can equip for your character here, and these skills give special abilities to your character once they are equipped. With the help of skills, surviving until the end of the round will become easy for you and all other beginner players. The skills can be obtained by completing specific achievements or purchasing them from the in-game shop. There are over sixty Roblox Super Bomb Survival all skills you can buy for your character. You can equip skills according to the play style you want to follow. 

Roblox Super Bomb Survival All Skills

Remember that you only can use one skill per round, no matter how many skills you have. But you can change skills in use in between the rounds. These special abilities come with a cooldown time to prevent users from spamming. The skills come in three categories, movement, offense, and defense. You can buy skills of any category through the shop in this game. 

You will get a skill randomly once you try to purchase one from any category. Most of these skills help you to survive the bombs, help the other players to survive, or you can use the skills to defeat the other players. 

Roblox Super Bomb Survival All Badges

Our next explanation is Super Bomb Survival all badges. You get badges when you achieve specific tasks in this game. When you achieve the tasks given in the game, you get Super Bomb Survival all badges. And when you get badges, you sometimes get gems. Having more badges in your gameplay shows how capable and experienced you are. 

Therefore make sure to complete several tasks and get more badges. There are seventy badges, and you can earn all of them by completing the relevant task to earn each badge. Some of the badges you can earn here are, 

Roblox Super Bomb Survival All Badges
  • Hardcore Hierophant – you need a hundred wins in the hardcore mode to get this badge.
  • Explosive Rookie – you should continually play this game for one hour to get this badge. 
  • Icebreaker – you should rescue a player trapped in the ice crystal for this badge. 
  • Prize-Winning Gardener – you should get a hundred skill points using the heart flower skill. 
  • Randomized! – you should win a round in this game with a loadout of the randomizer. 

Stay out of the Bomb Explosion Range

You will encounter dozens of challenges when you start the gameplay. The main challenge is to survive the bomb explosions, as many bombs are falling into the play area. Once you enter the game, you cannot stand steady in one place as bombs are falling from above everywhere. You have to go everywhere without getting caught by the bomb explosions. 

Stay out of the Bomb Explosion Range

If you get caught in a blast, your health will reduce, and you will die once your total health is zero. Therefore instead of being in one place for a longer time, keep moving everywhere without getting caught. And also, when it is necessary, you need to use your Super Bomb Survival skills at the most appropriate times. 

Maps to Play

Maps are the layouts you will play in this game, and these play areas differ from each other. These map areas will be chosen randomly, or you can buy a map from the in-game shop to be automatically selected for the next round. All these layouts are destructive and challenging for you to survive. 

Maps to Play

A total of one hundred and thirty-two maps are included in this game. Most of these maps have lava layers; therefore, make sure you will not get in contact with lava that destroys your health status. You can earn badges in this game by winning matches on specific maps. Some maps included are basic tunnels, blox fort, engine gulch, peach valley, tricky Temple, booty isles, desolate desert, hillside factory, ice Cavern, etc. 


Regardless of the challenging situations in this game, you should try to win. As a beginner, you will find it is not easy to survive until the end of a round. But what we have provided here will actually help you to win matches. All you need is a little effort to survive with these strategies and some updates on the Super Bomb Survival codes.

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