Roblox Slap Battles – Best Ways to Win with Slapping

slap enemies and pave your way to winning. In this game, there are gloves with different abilities and skills that you can use to slap opponents. Having the best gloves gives you the best winning chance. In this guide, we will explain some of the common and most important things a beginner should know before playing it. 

Roblox Slap Battles

There is no time to rest here; every player is busy slapping people with their gloves, so you’ve also got to slap people with the gloves you have. Don’t stand still. Otherwise, people will slap you, and you will be eliminated. Every time you slap players, you earn slaps which are the most important factor in unlocking new gloves. Through this guide, Let us see what a player should know to win the Slap Battles

Slap Battles Game Modes

Here in this game, there are many game modes that you can take part in and have fun with; with the knowledge of all these game modes, you can have the best gaming experience by choosing the best mode to start your gameplay. The game modes you can experience here are as follows. 

Slap Battles Game Modes
  • Killstreak Only Game mode – this is one of the best game modes in this game, and the dark red portal is the one you should enter to start this game mode. When you enter this mode, Slap Battles all gloves will be removed, but you will be automatically equipped with the killstreak gloves. 
  • Slap Royale Battle Mode – this is a game mode in which you can unlock after you perform a thousand slaps in the regular mode battles. Initially, this mode didn’t require an entry qualification, but now you will only qualify for this game if you perform a thousand slaps in regular game modes. 
  • Normal Arena – this is the standard mode in this game, where you can enter through the red portal of the game lobby. In this normal arena, there are many locations where you get spawned. And this is the best mode to start your gameplay as a beginner. 
  • Default Only Arena – this is the second arena in this game, and you can enter this game mode through the blue portal in the lobby. No other gloves are accepted except the default glove in this game mode. You should use the default glove out of all the battles in this game to enter this arena. 
  • No OneShot Gloves Server – this is another game mode in this game. Here, this game bans one-shot gloves that instantly kill the players when they get slapped, such as killstreak, reaper etc. 

Slap Battles All Gloves

You know that in this game, gloves are the main weapon to deal with enemies. Gloves are the main weapon you use to slap enemies and eliminate them to win the matches. When you have more slaps, you can unlock more new gloves. Each kind of glove has different abilities useful during the game to deal with the opponent players. Let us see the types of gloves available for you in this game. 

Slap Battles All Gloves
  • Regular gloves – these are the gloves you can obtain with a certain number of slaps in your gameplay. 
  • Gamepass gloves – these are a set of gloves which are obtainable only through buying the game pass. 
  • Badge-required gloves – these gloves can only be obtained through specific badges. 
  • Hidden gloves – these are gloves hidden somewhere in the map you play on, and you need to find these gloves wherever they are hidden. 
  • Slap royale gloves – these gloves are exclusive to be used in the slap royale gameplay. 
  • Seasonal gloves – you can obtain these gloves only through different seasons. 

In all these categories, there are many gloves available. Since you have some questions regarding gloves, hear us out, and we will help you sort out all your questions. 

How to Get Error Glove in Slap Battles

Getting the error glove is easy; all you need to do is obtain at least twenty thousand slaps by slapping the opponent players. After getting twenty thousand slaps, you should go to the lobby and look at the left area to the normal arena portal. You can see a Moai statue there, and if you look behind the statue, you will get your error glove. 

How to Get Tycoon Glove in Slap Battles

This is one tough task to perform during the gameplay. To obtain the tycoon glove, you should go to one of the floating islands available in the normal arena. And then, you should stand on one of the moving plates for ten minutes. Be on guard and maintain a good defense until you finish the ten-minute duration. And then, you have successfully earned the tycoon glove. 

How to Get Glitch Glove in Slap Battles

Getting the glitch glove in this game forces you to follow a series of steps. But here in this guide, we will cover the answer you need. Once you follow the steps mentioned here, getting the glitch glove is simple. 

The first step to getting the glitch glove is to possess the error glove. We have explained how to get error glove in Slap Battles. After getting the error glove following the above steps, you should find a phase or jet orb. Once you find one of these orbs, you should use your error glove on the orb you find and combine them to get the glitch glove in this game. 

How to Get Glitch Glove in Slap Battles

Slap Battles All Badges

The badges represent the achievements in this game, and when you achieve specific achievements, you get badges. Most of these badges offer various rewards; the main reward is gloves. There are conditions you should accomplish to get these badges. Let us see the badges available in this game for you to earn. 

  • Regular badges – these are the badges you can earn quickly, but these badges offer you nothing. 
  • Glove-rewarding badges – when it comes to this category of badges, you can earn gloves by accomplishing these badges. 
  • Scavenger hunt badges – you can see some badges scattered around the map, and they are called scavenger hunt badges. After finding them, you should click on them and then you will obtain them. 

Now that you know many things related to badges, we are here to answer some questions regarding the badges in this game. You can get the answer to your question through this guide regarding obtaining different badges. 

How to Get Bob Badge in Slap Battles

This is quite a long process, but let us tell you how to earn it. First, you need to summon the bob; for that, you need to buy a Replica glove for four thousand slaps. And then, you should equip the Replica glove and enter the normal arena. Then the bob will appear once you use the Replica glove. After that, you should get closer to the bob and let it touch you, and then you will get the bob badge for your gameplay. 


Here we have come to the end of the guide; even so, you have learned more things you should know before you enter the game. Now that you know much more about this game, start playing this game on any device you prefer and have the best gameplay experience by slapping people using different gloves. Every glove has unique abilities, so you should use the top ones for the top slaps.

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