Roblox RoVille A Guide with Tips to Live a Life as You Want

We live in a world with many boundaries, but in RoVille Roblox, you have no boundaries; you can live the life you want in this virtual world doing a preferable job you love or engaging in businesses or selling properties. How cool! This game lets you role-play in this big city while befriending new players you meet virtually. So, in this beginner guide, we will tell you some interesting facts about the game and the tips to live the life you want to spend being rich. 

Roblox Roville

In this guide, we will explain how to be rich here and build the house you want; there’s more here for you. So keep reading this ultimate beginner guide and satisfy yourself and start your gameplay in Roblox Roville after learning about it through this guide. Once you read this guide and finish it, you will be a player with a good understanding of the game, even if you are new here. 

Complete Goals for Aspiration Points

Aspiration points in this game are very important to buy exclusive items from the store. You can exchange aspiration points in the shop for different items when you gather aspiration points. Some items you can get through these aspiration points are some unique furniture items to your house, but how do you earn these aspiration points? 

Complete Goals for Aspiration Points

You can complete aspiration tasks or goals to earn aspiration points. There will be a set of aspiration goals that you need to complete within a day, and when you complete them, you can get more aspiration points for each goal you complete. And also, if you think the current set of aspiration goals is too tough for you, you can refresh goals once a day. 

How to Get Rich in Roville Roblox

This must be one of your major questions regarding this gameplay. Since you want to know about it so badly, we will let you know the methods you can follow to get rich in this game. There are three ways you can follow to get rich in this game. 

  • Jobs
  • Businesses
  • Marketplace


How to Get Rich in Roville Roblox  Jobs

One of the best methods to get rich in this game is engaging in a job. There are many jobs in this game where you can start your work. Among these jobs, some pay a significant amount of money for your work. Let us see these jobs and how much you can earn from them. 

  • Archeologist – four hundred dollars. 
  • Taxi Driver – two hundred and fifty dollars. 
  • Rocket Scientist – one hundred and twenty dollars. 
  • Office Worker – forty dollars. 
  • Hospital Nurse – forty dollars. 
  • Banker – sixteen dollars. 
  • Police clerk – twenty dollars. 
  • Teacher – sixteen dollars. 

Remember, you can get a job with a good salary if you graduate. As a graduate, you can attract the best job in Roville Roblox that pays the best salary in this game. Don’t worry; the graduation process is straightforward here. You only need to complete ten tests while attending school for ten days. Out of all the jobs mentioned above, what is the best job in RoVille Roblox, in your opinion? 


How to start a business in RoVille Roblox? Everyone wants to know about how because doing business gives you lots of money so that you can quickly get rich. Even though this is an excellent way to be rich, it is not as simple as you think. If you are a beginner to this game, this is somewhat impossible for you to achieve right after you enter the game. So, let us see how to start a business in this game. 

When starting a business, you need at least over ninety thousand dollars because you have to bear many expenses for the business you start. If we break down all the costs into separate pieces, here are the costs you must bear when starting a business. 

  • You need eighty thousand dollars to get a business license. A business license is mandatory to buy a new plot for your business. 
  • And other expenses you have to bear according to the business you start. For example, if you start a food stall, you have to spend money to buy food stalls, check-in counters, etc. 

You can choose from several business fields here, such as food, jewelry, clothing, electronics, etc. Even though you spend that much money to start a business alone, we cannot say you will profit from it. Sometimes you will have to suffer losses in the first days or weeks. But gradually, you can cover the cost you have spent on the business. 



The marketplace is another good place to earn money in this game. In the marketplace, you can sell the buildings you own. Doing that will let you earn more money here, and this is a good way to be rich faster. So upload any properties you own in this game and be rich by selling them. 

Roblox Roville Houses

In the build mode, you can build your house as you wish. Here you can add doors, windows, fences, stairs, gates, different kinds of roofs, and furniture in various categories. Adding all of them, you can build a beautiful house for yourself. What are your RoVille house ideas when building a house? 

Roblox Roville Houses

Besides building a house, you can rent an apartment. But you must pay a certain amount daily when renting an apartment. According to the apartment you rent, the cost per day will change. More luxurious apartments cost more, while the less luxurious apartments cost less. 

Build a Healthy Citizen

Like in the real world, you will feel hunger, thirst, tired in this virtual world. So to build a healthy citizen, you must take care of all your needs even in this virtual city. Especially when you work, you get more exhausted here. So you need to feed yourself with food. You can cook various foods, such as tacos, pasta, and steak, according to your cooking level. 

Build a Healthy Citizen

And you can quench your thirst by feeding yourself some lemon juice, a glass of milk, or water. And also, when you feel dusty or tired, you should take a shower and change clothes and take a nap. You can build a healthy citizen in this game when you care more about your needs. 


Since you know what you need to do to succeed in this game, you can directly enter the gameplay. And also, follow some more Roblox Roville codes, which lets you get more free stuff. Are you ready to live as you want while building your dream home and doing different jobs? Then start playing this game and have fun throughout. 

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