Roblox Project Slayers Guide to the Adventure – Top Tips

Roblox Project Slayers

Many Roblox games are on the Roblox platform inspired by the popular anime called Demon Slayer. Though there are many games, the Roblox Project Slayers will be the best still.In this game, you begin an adventure by making a difficult decision that determines your destiny. You either help humanity or go against it. Whatever route you take, you must overcome obstacles. The best Project Slayers tips you’ll ever need are in this guide, so read on for them.

Roblox Project Slayers

The Roblox Project Slayers game includes adventurous activities like fights with boss enemies. But before trying to defeat bosses, you should make yourself stronger. How to level up faster and make yourself stronger in this game? Since you need to know about them and have great gameplay, you can use this guide as your helper in your path, becoming an aid to humanity or the destroyer of humanity. Read this guide, and have a wonderful adventure. 

Spin the Wheel Daily

Spin the Wheel Daily

The game developers have added this daily spinner to the gameplay to let players like you obtain free rewards. You can spin the wheel and earn rewards with the free spins you obtain daily. And there are some times you get nothing while spinning the wheel. Even if it comes with such a risk, you should spin the wheel daily and try your luck, as what you will get will depend on your luck. 

You can obtain rewards by spinning the wheel: clan spins, art spins, random items, or Wen. There is a chance you will get any of these items or get nothing. Try your luck spinning the wheel daily with the free spins you receive during the gameplay. 

AFK Rewards to Earn

AFK Rewards to Earn

Yes, we know that the players are very excited about this, which is the AFK reward system. In this AFK reward system, you can earn rewards for doing nothing special in this game. So how to earn these special AFK rewards in this game? Just go to the AFK chamber and be there, and then you get rewards for the time you spend in the AFK chamber. 

If you have the Roblox premium, you can double the AFK rewards earned by being in the AFK chamber. What AFK rewards can you earn by being in the AFK chamber? You will obtain Demon Art Spins, Daily Spins, and Clan Spins here. 

Questing Is Important to Level Up

Everyone dreams of leveling up faster when playing a game, so when you play this Roblox game, you will feel the urge to level up faster and become stronger. In that case, we love to suggest you start questing. According to the developers, you should farm EXP on the first two quests to reach level twelve, and after that, you can find a trainer for yourself to be better at fights. 

Questing Is Important to Level Up

Therefore until then, we love to remind you to complete the first two quests multiple times and level up faster. Since quests help you to level up faster in the beginner phase of the game, make sure to farm EXP on quests when you begin the game as a new player to get a good progression. 

Roblox Project Slayers How to Become a Demon?

This is a question many of the players who play this game want an answer to. So in this guide, we are here to give you a perfect answer to your question about Roblox Project Slayers how to become a demon

Roblox Project Slayers How to Become a Demon

First, you should reach level fifteen to become a demon in this game. The easiest way to reach level fifteen is to complete quests that different NPCs will assign to you. And then you need to find Muzan, the leader of the demons that have the power to turn humans into demons. 

You will be given a task to do by the Muzan, and when you finish it, you will receive his blood as reward. But finding Muzan is not easy because he will spawn at night in different locations on the map. If you are capable enough to locate him and find him, you can get a quest from him, complete the quest and receive his blood as the reward and use the blood to turn yourself into a demon. 

What is the task that Muzan will assign to you? He asks you to gather five Blue Lily flowers and bring them to Muzan with a doctor called Higoshima. You will get the promised reward once you finish the task. But remember, even if you drink the blood, the chance of you turning into a demon is only 25%. If you don’t become a demon even after completing the task, you should again find Muzan, complete the same task, earn the prize, and consume it until you become a demon. 

The Roblox Project Slayers Best Breathing

Different breathing styles in this Roblox game help you increase your character’s damage output. These breathing styles will be essential in this game, especially if you choose a hybrid or human as your character class. The breathing styles which you will see in this game are as follows. 

The Roblox Project Slayers Best Breathing
  • Snow Breathing
  • Flame Breathing
  • Beast Breathing
  • Sound Breathing
  • Thunder Breathing
  • Wind Breathing
  • Mist Breathing
  • Sun Breathing
  • Water Breathing
  • Insect Breathing

Out of all these breathing styles, what will be the Roblox Project Slayers best breathing styles? The best breathing styles will undoubtedly be the thunder, beast, wind, and flame breathing styles. 


Here we have mentioned all the best tips and tricks which you should focus on using to have a perfect adventure throughout the whole gameplay. With these top tricks, no one will ever be capable enough to defeat you because you know how to create an ideal flow within this game. Since you know the tips and tricks for this game, now we suggest you look for the active Roblox Project Slayers codes 2023. With the Roblox Project Slayers codes 2023, active at the moment, you can earn the best stuff you can have in your gameplay for free. 

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