Roblox Pixel Piece Map – All Locations and Items Guide

Roblox Pixel Piece is an adventurous world where you will accomplish tough challenges that make you travel through different seas. In this world, you can go on raids and dungeons in search of pixel fruits or to complete quests. To be better in this game, you need to understand the game well. So one of the most significant things you need to know to gain a good insight into the game is the Roblox Pixel Piece map, including all its locations and items you can gain from each location. 

Roblox Pixel Piece map

Speaking of the Roblox Pixel Piece map, there are many locations which are like islands in the sea of this pixel world. And each of these islands comes with specific landscapes, enemies, quests, and items you can obtain. So in this guide, we will explain all the locations in the Roblox Pixel Piece map, including the items you can get from each. And also, we like to remind you to target the best pixel fruits in the Roblox Pixel Piece tier list for a perfect game with superpowers even though you are just a Roblox Pixel Piece beginner

Pixel Piece Island

This is also known as the starter island, the map where you will start the gameplay. And this location has no specific player level because the players starting from level one will be spawned on this map. You will note that this island is very simple with no much bigger buildings, but only consists of smaller ones. 

Pixel Piece Island

The main enemies you will encounter on this map are the bandits of level one. And also, you can sometimes encounter a boss enemy called Sophia at level ten on this starter island. The items which are purchasable in this starter island are as follows. 

  • Classic cutlass
  • Classic katana
  • Pixel town pose
  • Log pose of shells town
  • Rowboat

Shells Town

This is the next location of this Roblox Pixel Piece map which you can reach after completing all the quests you are given in the starter island. Unlike the pixel piece island, which is the starter, you need to be level fifteen or above to reach this island. Otherwise, it is a prohibited area for you. Describing the appearance of this town, this is one of the largest locations mentioned in the Roblox Pixel Piece map, consisting of many buildings. 

The enemies you will encounter in the shells town are level fifteen marines and level thirty plus sword marines equipped with cutlasses. And the boss of this location is more than level forty named Morgan. Let us see what items you can obtain from this town, one of the largest towns in the pixel world. 

  • Baratie log pose
  • Metal jaw
  • Log pose for orange town
  • Axe hand
  • Cutlass
  • Katana
  • Caravel 

Orange Town

After you successfully conquer the previous town, the shells town, the orange town is the next town you can enter. You must be at least above level thirty-five to enter this island. The enemies you encounter here are more powerful when compared to the enemies in both previous towns. 

Orange Town

You will meet clown pirates above level fifty-five, Kabaji with sixty-five plus levels, and the boss enemy captain, puggy, of level seventy-five. The items you can purchase on this island are listed below. 

  • Kaba scarf
  • Clown nose
  • Cutlass kaba
  • Log pose of Syrup village
  • Puggy scarf
  • Puggy knives
  • Cutlass charlie

Syrup Village

Syrup Village

When you reach more than level seventy in this game, and after completing all the quests in the orange town, you can enter the syrup village. This village includes many simple buildings. Like in all other towns, you will meet different enemies here too. Some enemies you will meet here are Nuro bandits and Nuro pirates, and all of them are above level eighty-five. You can get the following items through this village. 

  • Log pose for shark park
  • Nuro claws

Shark Park

Shark Park

The next island you will meet in this Roblox Pixel Piece map is shark park, and the entry qualification for this location is in more than one hundred and ten player level in the game. The major enemies you have to face in this shark park location are orling enemies, which are in levels above one hundred and twenty. Let us see the items you can purchase in this town. 

  • Log pose for Logue town
  • Shark town pose
  • Shark katana

Vaill Island

This is another Roblox Pixel Piece map location you can enter after reaching player level seventy or higher. And this is the location where the boss enemy called Ancient Gorilla spawns. And also, you must visit this island if you want to obtain Busoshoku Haki, a special form that increases the attacking power of the physical attacks launched by your character. The log pose for this island can be purchased through Charlotte Island. 


This is very different from all the other islands you can see on this pixel world’s Roblox Pixel Piece map. This is an island boat which takes the shape of the boat. If you want to learn the Black Leg, which is a fighting style, you should come to this island as this is where you can find NPC Sandro, who teaches you the Black Leg fighting style. The items you can buy from this island are, 

  • Baratie pose

Central Port

This is a special island that players of any level can reach with no restrictions. If you ever visit this island, you can see many fruit shop owners there. Because of this, the central port island is quite popular. Let us see some items you can purchase through this island from the list below. 

Central Port
  • Central pose
  • Beast pose
  • Fruit potions
  • Arena pose
  • Reset potions

Beast Island

Have you heard of a beast called Seabeast? This sea beast spawns every twenty-five minutes on this beast island. There are no available quests, and there are no entry-level requirements. You can just enter the island if you wish. 

Beast Island

And there is nothing you can purchase on this island. The sea beast is a boss you can find in this game, and this sea beast gives you different sea beast teeth that you can exchange for weapons. 

Charlotte Island

If you want to go through ruins, you can enter Charlotte Island, which is full of ruins. The only thing which is purchasable on this island on the Roblox Pixel Piece map is, 

  • Vaill pose


You are now in a state where you can start the Roblox Pixel Piece game immediately. It is because you now understand the Roblox Pixel Piece map and its locations, including what items you can get from them. Since you have such a great idea about the game, there is nothing you need to worry about. You can start playing the game right after reading this guide, and then you will still be the best one.

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