Roblox My Hero Mania – Everything You Need to Know

Are you ready to overcome challenges to defeat evil and be the strongest person in the Roblox My Hero Mania? Then you should use this guide as your helper as this guide includes the best tips and guidelines every beginner should know when playing this game for the first time. Strength matters in this game the most, so in this guide, we will help you to understand how to improve your strength and quirk masteries to become the best in the gameplay. So keep reading this Roblox My Hero Mania beginner guide. 

Roblox My Hero Mania

To become the best hero in this game, remember that farming on quests is essential, as it is the only way to level up faster. Besides that, you can follow many other tips to become stronger quickly in this Roblox My Hero Mania game. So get ready to read this guide, level up faster, and become stronger. 

Roblox My Hero Mania Quirks

Here in this game, your goal is to be a powerful hero; you need special abilities. These special abilities are known as quirks. Quirks can be obtained by using the spins you have. As the quirks come with different rarities, so are the spins. 

Roblox My Hero Mania Quirks

The rarities of quirks are common, rare, epic and legendary. To obtain quirks of various rarities, you need spins of various rarities. According to each quirk’s rarity and the spins you use to get the quirks, different drop rates are given. So are you ready to check what they are? When you have common spins, the drop rates for different rarities of quirks are as follows.

  • Common – 55%
  • Rare – 34%
  • Epic – 10%
  • Legendary – 1%

Using rare spins, you can only obtain rare spins and using epic spins, you have the 100% drop rate to get only the epic quirks. And to obtain legendary quirks, you need legendary spins. If you do not have these spins, you can buy them using in-game currency or Robux. Now let us see the quirks belonging to each rarity in this game. 

  • Common – invisibility, super strength, shock absorption, ice, super regeneration. 
  • Rare – air cannon, engine, zero gravity.
  • Epic – electrification, dark shadow, explosion, permeation, phoenix. 
  • Legendary – overhaul, cremation, hot and cold, hell flame, fierce wings. 

Go to NPCs and Accept Quests

When you begin the game, you will start your game from level one. So you need to improve yourself before entering into tougher challenges in this game. The best way to strengthen yourself here is to accept quests by reaching different Non Playable Characters. There are many NPCS spread in this Roblox My Hero Mania world that you can reach and accept quests. 

Go to NPCs and Accept Quests

Some NPCs have tough quests requiring higher levels, but some are suitable for beginners like you. So reach out to NPCs, check on their quests, and if you are eligible to accept the quests, do it, and you will be able to level up faster by completing the quests. 

Farming EXP on beginner-level quests is one of the best ways to level up faster in this game when you are a beginner player. Before taking into challenging quests, remember to level up faster in this game with the help of beginner quests. 

Improve the Stats

You will obtain stat points every time you level up in the game by acquiring enough EXP by completing quests. These stat points help you to improve the stats of your character. When you have stat points, you have the complete freedom to use them to improve various attributes of your character as you wish. First, let us see the stats your character comes with. 

Improve the Stats
  • Strength 
  • Energy 
  • Defense
  • Speed

Here you can divide and allocate the stat points you have gathered in this gameplay as you wish for the above stats. When you allocate more stat points to the strength attribute, your character can deal massive damage to the thugs and other foes during the combat sessions. With energy stat improvement, your character will not get exhausted very soon. If you want to quick up your character more, you should allocate some stat points to the Speed stat. 

Your character’s defensive abilities will increase when you enhance the defense stat. As each stat is essential, you should choose which stats to promote by adding more points. Remember, your character will be built according to how you allocate stat points for various attributes. So follow a specific build you need to build your character on and allocate stat points as it is. 

Raids in Roblox My Hero Mania

Raids are a better way to earn the best weapons in this Roblox My Hero Mania game that you can use, and there are many raids in which you can take part. Each raid has a specific level requirement, and according to the raid you take part in, there are various weapons you can obtain as rewards, along with more currency and EXP. The raids you can get here are, 

Raids in Roblox My Hero Mania
  • Backstreet Raid – this raid needs a player level twenty-plus to enter, and the rewards you can obtain here are a sharp dagger and an ice blade. 
  • USJ Raid (Hero)- this raid requires level sixty plus to enter, and you can get a gauntlet and musclehead gauntlet with this raid. 
  • USJ Raid (Villain) – this raid requires level sixty plus to participate in, and the Katana and Mighty Gauntlet are the weapons available. 
  • Greenku Bossfight – you can participate in this raid only if you acquire level hundred. And you can get a rewind horn with this raid. 
  • Revamp Bossfight – this raid requires a level hundred or more to participate, and you can get Revamp Plague Mask with this raid. 
  • Katsugo Bossfight – you need to surpass level hundred and twenty in this game to take part in this raid, and the reward is an explosion gauntlet. 


The above are the best tips in this Roblox My Hero Mania game which lets you quickly become stronger. As mentioned in this guide, make sure to obtain the top quirks and master the quirks you obtain while being leveled up in this game. And also, check on the Roblox My Hero Mania codes which are rich enough to give you free spins to earn top-level quirks.

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