Roblox Grand Piece Online Beginner’s Guide – A Complete Walkthrough

Roblox Grand Piece Online

Have you heard of the One Piece anime? If you love it, you can start playing this Roblox Grand Piece Online game based on the One Piece theme. In this game, you can go through various islands, battle against different bosses and level up faster. In this beginner guide, we will give you a complete walkthrough of this gameplay, including the best tips you should follow in your initial game phase. 

Roblox Grand Piece Online

As you are new to the game without experience, you should not battle against bosses. But with this Roblox Grand Piece Online leveling guide, you will know that you need to grind on the beginner quests to level up faster in the starting island to reach the other islands available on the map. To know more incredible things about this game before you start to play it, go through this guide and then you will learn the most important things you should know as a beginner. 

Exciting Game Modes

Besides the main game story, there are more other alternative game modes that you can try out. The alternative game modes you can try here are dungeons, arena, and battle royale. Let us explain all these three game modes separately to give you a perfect understanding. 

Exciting Game Modes
  • Dungeons – this is another game mode which you can enjoy in this game. In this game mode, there are four maps that you can enter and face many different foes and boss enemies. 
  • Arena – this is a very competitive game mode where you can engage in intense battles against other real players. In this game mode, you can participate in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or even 4v4. 
  • Battle Royale – this is a game mode where more than thirty players are put on a strange island to be the last man standing. As it sounds, this game mode will be tough. 

The Four Possible Roblox Grand Piece Online Races for Your Character

There are four possible Roblox Grand Piece Online races, and one will be randomly added to your character. According to the race type added to your character, you can get different abilities for your character. But if you are born with a race that you do not want it to be, you can always reroll your race. The four types of Roblox Grand Piece Online races are as follows. 

The Four Possible Roblox Grand Piece Online Races for Your Character
  • Human – there is a 74% chance of obtaining this trait for your character, and this race has no special traits or abilities. 
  • Mink – only a 5% chance is there to obtain this race for your character. The special trait of this race is multiple body types. And this race has special skills such as the passive stun and additional stamina. 
  • Skypian – you have a 15% chance to obtain this race for your character. And the special trait of this race is Wings. 50% less fall damage is a special skill related to this race. 
  • Cyborg – this is the rarest race which is the hardest to obtain in this game as it has only a 1% chance to be applied to your character. The special trait of this race is multiple cybernetic modifications. This race has special skills such as 10% defense and damage boosts. 
  • Fishman – there is a 5% chance to apply this race in your character, and this race gives you multiple body types with different skin colors. 

Upgrade Your Fighting Style

This game has different fighting styles, essential for a perfect combat experience with all-the-way victories. With the knowledge of each fighting style, you can choose which fighting style you need to upgrade your character’s combat skills. 

  • Melee – this is the first fighting style you will be given in your beginner game phase. This fighting style has mainly two moves: gut and heavy. 
  • Demon Step – coco island is where you should obtain this fighting style. To obtain this fighting style, you need to achieve various requirements. This style has mainly six moves. 
  • Black Leg – you need to go to Baratie Island to obtain this fighting style. And this has mainly six moves. This fighting style is one of the best styles for beginners. 
  • Dragon Claw – this is a fighting style which you can obtain by reaching Dokkan Island. But there are specific requirements you have to achieve to unlock this style. 
  • Rokushiki – if you want to train this fighting style, go to the mysterious tower. Pair it with a devil fruit with more significant damage and less mobility to make this style more efficient. 
  • Fishman Karate – fishman island is where you need to reach to train this fighting style after achieving the requirements. And this is one of the best fighting styles for PvP game modes. 
  • Cyborg – go to the rose kingdom when you get the Cyborg race for your character, and then you can get this fighting style unlocked. 
  • Sword Style – there are two sword fighting styles in this game which you can unlock by reaching Sashi and Roca. 
  • Electro Style – You can obtain this fighting style through the island of Zou. And this style is better when dealing with boss enemies. 

Roblox Grand Piece Online How to Get Devil Fruits

Roblox Grand Piece Online How to get devil fruits? But before telling you the answer to this question, let us explain what these devil fruits are. These are special consumables which can be found within different locations in this gameplay that grant the consumer supernatural abilities. 

Roblox Grand Piece Online How to Get Devil Fruits

You can find three types of devil fruits in this game: Zoan, Paramecia, and Logia, and each have different specialities. There are many ways to obtain them, which are listed below in this Roblox Grand Piece Online leveling guide

  • After the server starts, these fruits will be spawned in different locations during different time intervals. You can put an effort and find them and pick them up. 
  • You can obtain these devil fruits from the dungeon or battle royale game mode here. 
  • Activating the battle pass is another way to get these devil fruits. 
  • Participating in various events and becoming one of the top three players will allow you to obtain these devil fruits. 


As we have given you the best tips and tricks useful for the game through this Roblox Grand Piece Online leveling guide, now you can start playing it perfectly with the help of the above tips. Choose any of the modes suitable for you and play the game going through various locations while unlocking abilities of different fruits, which can be found by putting in extreme effort.

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